Meal plan - Monday

Meal plan. Updated

I made a meal plan to mark National Vegetarian Week. This is an update on how well the plan worked. I respected the plan almost 100%, so I’m pretty pleased with this. As I took the pictures of the food at different times of the day, the light differs, which was also interesting to see. […]

LightNight at home

LightNight at home

I wasn’t sure if I should talk about LightNight at home. I loved going to LightNight each year, but, as we are still in a sort of a lockdown, they organized it online. It sounded lovely, but, in fact, it was not much to see online. The main museums in Liverpool didn’t do anything, at […]


Meet Dexter

The sponsorship pack arrived a few days ago and, so, I’m happy to present Dexter to you. Dexter is a cross breed pig which loves going for walks in his harness. He was welcomed at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in December 2017. His owner could no longer care for him. Today he is very happy at […]

Meal plan

Meal plan

I wanted to share something else today, but as tomorrow starts National Vegetarian Week here in the UK, I will share my Meal plan for next week instead. At the end of the week, I will update (maybe re-publish) this post with comments and pictures of the food I made. Before now I shared a […]

My TBR Pile #2

My TBR Pile #2

I enjoyed writing the first post with books I’m looking forward to read, so here is My TBR Pile #2. From the first list, which contained 18 books I read most of them, see the update at the end of this post. I published that post on 5th March, so this is a round-up of […]

Face masks

Face Masks

When I made it my goal this year, exactly like last year, to sew more, I did not imagine that I will share my tips on how to make face masks at home. At the moment there isn’t a recommendation in England to wear face coverings, as it is in other countries and in other […]


April 2020

April, what a strange month. If you are from UK, surely you’ve heard of Captain Tom Moore and his fundraising for NHS. I made a small donation this morning and wished him a Happy 100 birthday! I imagine he will raise £30 million by the end of the day. What an amazing achievement. I was […]

33 Random Questions

33 Random Questions

I saw these 33 random questions on Kezzie’s blog, as she got them from Hazel. So here are their answers: Kezzie & Hazel. It’s been a while since I made this kind of post and with not a lot of things to do these days, as we are in lockdown, I thought it would be […]

the Rose giveaway

The Rose giveaway

While I was reading The Rose by Brent Elliott I thought I should host a lovely giveaway with a beautiful theme, so today I’m posting about the Rose giveaway. It consists of a set of three wonderful items, The Rose by Brent Elliott (courtesy of Welbeck publishing), British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream from The Body […]