7 Books in May

In May I finished 7 books. But two of them were started the month before. This month, I’ve started reading the Tudor series by Philippa Gregory. Sadly, even now, historians don’t give enough credit to the amazing women from the history. Recently I was watching a TV show about Edinburgh castle and the historian said […]

3 Funny things people have asked me

I am asked funny things sometimes and I wanted to share 3 of those questions. When I hear a question like this I’m lost for words. How can I reply? 1. You put your food & snacks on the plates only for taking pictures? Hmmm… the obvious answer is no, I eat from plates like, […]


As the title says, this post is about goslings. Yesterday my husband and I went to Sefton Park and we spotted two cute goslings. I had some bird food and I fed them, after that we’ve sat near them and had a lovely relaxing time watching them. The goslings were so sweet, had some nibbles, […]

BlogOn MSI May 2017

BlogOn MSI May

A few days ago I’ve attended BlogOn MSI May Conference, the 3rd conference I’ve been to. It was held at the Science Museum in Manchester. If you want to have a look at the other two I’ve been to: BlogOn Conference and BlogOn Conference, September. I had a wonderful time and I already bought my […]

Paladone Party

I was invited to the Paladone Party in Manchester before the BlogOn MSI last weekend. I was so excited to get to the Village Hotel Ashton Moss, where the party was held. Paladone is a company I worked with before, they send me this cute chalkboard bundle a couple of months ago. I like their […]

LightNight Liverpool 2017

LightNight Liverpool 2017

LightNight Liverpool 2017, the 6th LightNight I go to. We had a wonderful time. You can check their website next year, if you fancy spending the Friday night in a different way. Our first stop was at the Liverpool Medical Institution, one of the oldest medical societies in the UK. It’s where we’ve extracted strawberry […]

Why I use Photoshop

With Blog On approaching, which is this weekend, I’ve been thinking of the technical side of blogging. So, I’ve decided to talk about Photoshop and why I’m using it. I’ve been using Photoshop for many years, after I learned the basics from my husband. I can’t say I know a lot, but what I know […]

Cookies and Muffins by Paul Hollywood

Cookies and Muffins by Paul Hollywood

I spotted the mixes made by Paul Hollywood in shops the other day. I’ve wondered if I should get them. I don’t use mixes because I don’t see the point for them. When we are away with the caravan, I would make my own mix, basically I weight in the flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa […]

Very Holiday Event

I’ve been invited, along with my husband, to the Very Holiday Event last weekend and I was so excited to attend the event. I blogged before about another very event, when they organized the Very Big Catwalk two years ago. The Very Holiday Event was a celebration of the new ranges for summer swimwear and […]

100 Questions in 10 words or less

This is the newest post in the series: 365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself This Year I mentioned in my first post. I was excited about it and I still love some of the questions, but some of them are daft. So, to make things a little harder, this month I will answer 100 […]