Band 8 IELTS Academic

Band 8 IELTS Academic

I pondered a couple of days on the title of this post. I was pondering between How to Get Band 8 IELTS Academic or How I got Band 8 at IELTS Academic (sounded a bit like I was bragging). In the end, I’ve decided on the shorter version of Band 8 IELTS Academic because I […]

McManus Museum in Dundee


This is the last post from my holiday in Scotland. I would have published it sooner, but I had other things to talk about as well. It’s a bit sad, because I loved looking through the pictures and remembering the places I’ve been to. I talked about V&A Dundee before, so check that blog post […]

Car, dog cage, dog in the background

Changing the Tires

Changing the tires can be annoying and a bit dangerous if you are on the motorway or on A-roads, but if you have the dog with you in the boot, things get even more complicated. Since we got Festus, nearly 10 years ago, we hoped we’ll never have a tire blowing up while he is […]

Women's Series

Women’s Series

Women’s Series is a new race series, in which all the racers are women. It’s a different kind of racing, as all the cars are the same. For every race, the drivers changed the cars between them and the mechanics as well. In this way, neither of them had an advantage. When we saw that […]


Stirling. Pictures Only

Stirling castle Near Stirling: Doune Castle and Inchmahome Priory. You might also like Glasgow Lallybroch St. Giles’ Cathedral Gladstone’s Land Glencoe National Nature Reserve. Pictures only

Passiflora, from a side

Passiflora update

I’ve made a Passiflora update last year, showing its development in the last years. It is grown from seed, a gift from my mother, sent by post from Romania. Comparing to this time last year (the pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago), it is amazingly huge. This is how big it is this year. […]

Double Fantasy

Double Fantasy

Double Fantasy is a special exhibition at Liverpool Museum. I mentioned before that we’ve visited it after having lunch at Castle Street Townhouse last week. The exhibition is free to visit and very interesting, I would recommend it. The items on display are placed in chronological order and it starts with how they met, at […]

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle was on my list of places to visit for a long time. I wanted to make the most of our visit, so we’ve joined a guided tour. That was a fabulous idea, as we’ve learned a few things, while having fun. Our guide was hilarious, doing a bit of acting and impersonating, with […]

Castle Street Townhouse. Decor

Castle Street Townhouse

I was invited to sample the new lunch menu at the Castle Street Townhouse* in Liverpool. Obviously, I was delighted about this and I arranged a lunch date for me and my husband. After having lunch, we went to see the Double Fantasy exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool, about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. […]

Doune Castle

Doune Castle

Doune Castle is a medieval stronghold, close to Stirling, central Scotland. Its name might not be recognized, but the interior of the castle is known by movie fans all over the world. Doune Castle made its appearance in two well known series: Outlander and The Games of Thrones. I hope you like some of the […]