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From the last good things update, England is out of UEFA, but Wales is still there and I hope they win against Portugal. They have a real chance of getting into the finals. I wasn’t keen on football, but I liked watching this competition. I watched the matches played by Romania, England and the last matches from the quarter-finals.
During this time we had our wedding anniversary (we have 2 wedding anniversaries because we got married twice, 2 months apart), we’ve been to a Bar launch party and I’m going to blog about it. I will also blog about the NT property we’ve visited a couple of days ago. In July we are thinking of having a slightly longer holiday (1 week, but that is long for us) and I’m wondering if we should head up north, to Scotland. We’ll have a look online to see what are our options and we’ll decide these days.


1. Learning how to ride the bike. I don’t know yet, but I hope I’m getting there. Considering we picked a “secluded spot”, it was quite busy with people walking or ridding their bikes. It was lovely to see so many people telling me I will learn how to ride. I considered steadying wheels, but they don’t look good. I will keep trying to learn on a rented bike until I’m sure I can actually ride and only after that we’ll buy bikes.


2. Poppy field. I spotted this poppy field while we were driving and I thought the poppies look lovely. Hubby found a place to park the car and took some pictures to remember them. I think they are considered a weed and the farmer that has this field maybe is not so happy about them.

3. New bedspread from Ikea. I went to Ikea yesterday to buy jars as in June I was busy making lots of jars of jam (14 jars and we don’t even eat that much jam). I found a bedspread on sale and I got one, it has a vintage feel to it.

4. 4 types of mint. Hubby likes mint tea and I love having herbs in the garden, so we make a good team when it comes to growing food. We have mint in the garden, but when we saw pineapple mint, spearmint and apple mint, we wanted more. So we bought a plant of each to add to the herb garden. I will use leaves to make flavoured water and hubby will definitely use fresh mint to add flavour to his green teas.

5. Working on my food blog, CookStyle. I managed to add some pages and sort out the way the posts are accessed. It took me a while to figure out how I want it to look and then a lot of work to make it. Now I will resume posting my recipes.

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  1. SOOOO intrigued by all the types of mint you mentioned- wow, PINEAPPLE mint!!!
    The poppy field is BEAUTIFUL- I love it!!! So pretty.
    Yay for riding a bike.I only learnt to ride in 2009 when my now-husband taught me!!!x
    Kezzie recently posted…What is it? #48My Profile

  2. Good luck with learning how to ride a bike. I still remember the first time I rode my bike without stabilisers on and how good it felt.

    We have a few poppies in our garden, but unfortunately they’ve started to take over so I’ve had to pull them out.
    Holly recently posted…Monthly Review | June 2016My Profile

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