At Windsor with Festus

We’ve been to London last week with business. We’ve decided to make the journey into a longer trip. After London we stopped at Windsor and in another wonderful location I’m going to blog about these days. I saw Windsor Castle last year and I wanted to stop again. The lawn seemed the perfect place to […]

100 places in UK in 6 years

100 places in UK in 6 years

Today marks the 6th anniversary of me arriving in UK. I thought how I’m going to celebrate this occasion, so I made a map with pins of where I’ve been to, hence 100 places in UK in 6 years. 100 is a round number, but his happened only by chance. I wanted to visit two […]

The Labyrinth Challenge

The Labyrinth Challenge

Last weekend my husband and I went to Haydock Park Racecourse for The Labyrinth Challenge*. There are 7 more events this year, from Edinburgh to Windsor, so make sure you have a look on the thelabyrinthchallenge website if you fancy taking the challenge. The Labyrinth Challenge is the world’s longest, continuous inflatable obstacle course. There […]

Shakespeare's New Place

Shakespeare’s New Place and Shakespeare’s Grave

After going to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, my husband and I went to see Shakespeare’s New Place and Shakespeare’s Grave. For the Birthplace, the New Place and Hall’s Croft a special ticket can be bought that will cover all three attractions, at the moment is just shy of £17 for adults. Shakespeare’s New Place is the house […]

Rex Whistler

Rex Whistler was a British artist born in 1905. He had an amazing talent, but he died in the Second World War, at only 39. He was commissioned at the age of 23 to paint a mural at Tate Gallery restaurant, quite impressive I might add. He also painted a few murals. The most renowned […]

My 2015 by month

In 2012 and 2014 I made a collage of pictures taken that year. This year I want to look at my 2015 in greater detail, so I made a monthly collage. January was a lovely month for me. The pull-up bar was up in the living room and I can say the same about the […]

Favourite place in UK, linky

In a few days I will celebrate the 4th anniversary of moving to UK. It’s a thing I do… I celebrate anything I can remember to celebrate. So, this year I want to talk about my favourite place in UK and to host a linky where bloggers can share their favourite places. I like a […]