Boxing day @ Bodies revealed

On boxing day I had a list of clothes that I wanted to buy, hubby was dreaming of a big discount on cameras… we both got nothing. The discount was around £40-50 for a £1000+ camera… that’s not a sale! So, it was pointless to buy it yesterday.

I had the same luck… there were just a few items size 8 and I didn’t like them… skinny jeans or jeans with a lot of details. The nice winter dresses were size 10 🙁

In the end I saw a lovely shirt with a big belt and when I tried it I was looking like I was 6 months pregnant. I had some laughs with hubby and left the store.

We thought the Bodies revealed exhibition was until 23rd January, we were wrong, it is until 2nd January. So we went to see it yesterday, to be sure we’ll not miss it. It was amazing!!!

The exhibition consists of real human bodies, prepared through polymer preservation that allows the specimen to last for decades. It started with the skeleton and after that we saw the muscles and the systems: circulatory, digestive, reproductive and so on.

The only part of the exhibition that was a little disturbing was with fetuses, from 14 weeks to 7 months. It was incredible to see how a real fetus looks at different stages of development. The 14 weeks fetus was the most incredible for me, it looked like a real kid. I already knew this, but seeing it made a huge difference.

The damaged liver from alcohol, drug consumption and a bad diet was amazing. I saw many pictures, but to see a real one it’s so socking. The longs damaged by smoking were shocking too. The difference between a normal liver and a bad one is huge, as the same with lungs.

I’m very happy we saw the exhibition, it was great!

Christmas gifts

Today we took advantage of the warm day and we went for a walk in Port Sunlight. I decided to wear some of my Christmas gifts: my new M&S shoes and skirt and the South jacket.

The jacket has fleece inside, but it fit’s and looks very light. I’m very happy with it. The skirt is Marks & Spencer. Comfy to wear and cute, the perfect combination. cg_01


I just love the shoes! They are very comfy and versatile. I like the stitch detail and the small bow in the front. The height is perfect, I can walk in them for miles.

We also visited Lady Lever Art Gallery. It’s smaller that Walker, but warm. Next year I’ll go again to take a guided tour, the story of the family seams interesting.





Port Sunlight Village Museum. We didn’t visit it. In January the museum is closed for renovation, so we’ll see it after that.

Xmas tree. The making of…

Hubby and I had long discussions regarding which xmas tree is best for us. These were generated by the lack of the perfect solution for both of us: a real one with a root big enough to keep the tree alive and plant it in the small back yard.

Last year I killed a real tree, very small but cute. This haunted me until I saw a label on a tree in ASDA which stated that the roots are too small and the tree is unlikely to last after Christmas or if it would be replanted. At least, it wasn’t my fault… it was doomed from the start.

Hubby decided to take the matters into his own hands, so he bought a lovely artificial tree, with white thingies at the end of the branches and pine cones. It looks great. We put purple baubles, no tinsel and just some white lights. We love it like this.

Setting up the tree was harder than I thought at the beginning. The trees we had were simpler, the branches were glued together and easy to assemble. This one has a lot of sections and the branches must be put in their designated slots, grouped by colours and letters.

The 2nd time will be a piece of cake, but it was strange to see all the branches scattered on the floor.xttm_01


Festus was so excited… A bunch of branches with small balls on them!!! What’s not to like!! He had big trees before. At his 1st Christmas, he managed to put down the tree a few times in 2-3 days. I think he has really nice memories from that Christmas.

For the 2nd Christmas he had a job: guarding the tree from the nasty cat that was trying to play with the “balls”. So everything was great for me. The tree was up and dog&cat free due to Festus’s guarding.

Last year the tree was to small to be taken into consideration and this year he hoped he could finally play with it. But I’m a bad mum and I don’t let him play with the tree.


I volunteer with Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels and this week I was at the fundraising from New Ferry CO-OP. It was a lovely experience and I had the pleasure to meet a few very nice ladies.

The council wants to close the kennels and the dog warden and move it very far, in Liverpool. So, please sign here the petition to stop the closing of the kennels. Every signature counts!

The people from the neighborhood were very supportive and generous. I was impressed to see how many dog lovers are there and how not-dog lovers reacted too. The closure of the kennels affects everybody.

These days, at the fundraising, were a good reminder why I moved here last year and, funny, this happened a few days before I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary of moving to UK.

Hubby took a picture when he visited me yesterday at the fundraising. He was very busy in L’pool and he stopped just for a second.mfobck_01

Remembrance day

Today I’ll wear my poppies because I want to commemorate the fallen heroes that made it possible for me to live in a free country and come here from another free country. So, today, I’ll commemorate British and Romanian alike.

Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day is commemorated since the end of World War I and is a memorial day for the soldiers that died protecting their country. The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem “In Flanders Fields”. These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour an appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in the war.

We went in Liverpool to assist at the Remembrance Day Service. It was very nice, different from what I was expecting.

After the service we walked in the center, enjoying the nice weather. Hubby took a few pictures, as usual.



I’m 30!!!!

Yeee!! Yesterday I turned 30! I’m happy because for many reasons 30 is much better than 20!

10 years ago I was going to the University and staying with my mother. I had to study things I liked, but, even so, it was an obligation. I had no clue what a balance diet can do for me or that I had to workout to feel great. I was a volunteer and I loved it, but I was surrounded by people in need… due to my volunteer work and the nature of my studies. And… I just met a handsome tall man.

Now, I’m married to that man, I’m living in UK, I have a great job and hobbies, a great dog and many things have changed. I wouldn’t trade my place now for what I had 10 years ago. So far the journey to 30 was nice, beautiful and sometimes bumpy, but I’m here now and I am enjoying what I’ve accomplished so far.

Now…let’s see some pictures from yesterday. We were in Wales for a day-trip. I took some pictures in the car, on the way there. 30_01


Thru the mountain or under the river, tunnels everywhere.


We parked far from the Castle, but in a remote area, so Festus could sleep while we’re visiting Conwy Castle.









A lot of sheep, but this is normal for Wales, no?


Muffin mania begins!! 😀




Knight shop! Isn’t that great?! It was full of interesting stuff, luckily it was my birthday and not hubby’s 😀

We planned to go to Snowdonia, but the GPS failed us (again, we really need another one). The weather wasn’t good for walking in the forest, so it wasn’t a huge thing we didn’t arrive there.

We took A5 to Chester and we stopped near Llyn Ogwen lake.

We wanted to go on top of the mountain, but we had to stop. The stones were wet and Festus was running up and down, we were afraid he would brake his bones or mine 🙂


We found a forest and we let him play with some branches, as usual. More pictures on his blog. After that we visited Chester, just the city centre and it was so nice. I really love it, we have to go back soon 🙂

update: My birthday cake, I forgot about it 🙂