Boxing day @ Bodies revealed

On boxing day I had a list of clothes that I wanted to buy, hubby was dreaming of a big discount on cameras… we both got nothing. The discount was around £40-50 for a £1000+ camera… that’s not a sale! So, it was pointless to buy it yesterday. I had the same luck… there were […]

Christmas gifts

Today we took advantage of the warm day and we went for a walk in Port Sunlight. I decided to wear some of my Christmas gifts: my new M&S shoes and skirt and the South jacket. The jacket has fleece inside, but it fit’s and looks very light. I’m very happy with it. The skirt […]

Xmas tree. The making of…

Hubby and I had long discussions regarding which xmas tree is best for us. These were generated by the lack of the perfect solution for both of us: a real one with a root big enough to keep the tree alive and plant it in the small back yard. Last year I killed a real […]


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I volunteer with Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels and this week I was at the fundraising from New Ferry CO-OP. It was a lovely experience and I had the pleasure to meet a few very nice ladies. The council wants to close the kennels and the dog warden and move it very far, in Liverpool. […]

Remembrance day

Today I’ll wear my poppies because I want to commemorate the fallen heroes that made it possible for me to live in a free country and come here from another free country. So, today, I’ll commemorate British and Romanian alike. Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day is commemorated since the end of World War I and […]

I’m 30!!!!

Yeee!! Yesterday I turned 30! I’m happy because for many reasons 30 is much better than 20! 10 years ago I was going to the University and staying with my mother. I had to study things I liked, but, even so, it was an obligation. I had no clue what a balance diet can do […]

British Pudding Day

Yesterday was British Pudding Day, so we celebrated with a Sticky toffee pudding. It was so good! Isn’t it lovely to celebrate all the sweet-days? With such an excuse, indulging can only be guilt-free 🙂 Hubby loved the pudding even if he is not a big fan of dates. I must admit I thought 200 […]

Bonfire night

I’ve read about the tradition on 5th November on the bonfirenight website. It’s very interesting. Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603 and the Catholics hoped her successor will be more tolerant of their religion. He wasn’t, so 13 men tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, hoping they will kill the King and the […]

Graveyard cake

Our first graveyard cake. Made it a few days ago, but with Halloween in mind 🙂 You might also like What’s cooking part II Pancake day Easter menu What’s cooking What’s cooking #2