Wild geese

update! wild geese by night:


Today we went in St. Helens. Hubby and a friend had a meeting with Paul Sculthorpe, former Saints captain, at Saints Stadium. A picture taken at the stadium.

Meanwhile I went shopping in the town for a while. I got a nice compliment from a old gentleman: “you look like a flower, love”. It was very nice and this was the first time I actually enjoyed what I was told by a stranger on the street. It made my day much prettier.

After the meeting I managed to convince hubby to make a short trip to Knowsley, but when he turned back the car we saw a swarm of not-so-wild geese.

A dad and his kid were feeding the birds, so I had to do the same. We dropped the plans to go to Knowsley and went to Tesco to buy some bread (whole wheat, of course). After a small discussion about the number of breads… we got 2 and went back to feed them. As soon as I got out of the car the geese approached us with no hesitation.

I hopped the geese would came near me, but my expectations were too small.





The geese came very close and they had no problems steeling the bread from my hands and getting into a lot of fights. This is the 2nd time I’m so surprised birds can be so aggressive. The first time I saw some very “upset” penguins and now the geese.


As I said…they fought a lot. If one of them caught a piece of bread, another one or maybe two would pinch her.

One tried to get the breed from the wrapping and a few tried and succeeded to get some bread from my hand.











Another fight…

I really enjoyed feeding them. It’s a shame they are so far from us.

Formby sand dunes

We went at Formby – Sefton’s Natural Coast.

Laura mentioned it and today we went there. Here is the parking lot near the sand dunes.

It looks great, but it was a little windy and we didn’t stay too long. We liked the walk on the beach and the sand dunes are nice, so we will definitely go again, maybe with Festus. There is a very large beach with sand dunes near pine woods.

Laura mentioned in the morning here is water, but during the day the sea withdraws. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the sea because there were some mesh waters.



This dunes were near the parking lot. The sand was loose, but for a small photo-shoot it didn’t matter.


oops! but nothing happened 🙂

Me & Laura

This is a panoramic view of the sands & sea. Click to see a larger version. Enjoy!

In the woods there are 5 routes, but we didn’t try them today. Next time I’ll drag hubby on the “red squirrel walk” trying to get a glimpse of the lovely squirrels.

What’s cooking part II

I cook daily, so it’s natural I share my new and old recipes with you, especially when I’m so proud of my dishes.

Brussels sprouts in the oven. I really love them. I tried this recipe for the first time last month and this is the 5th time I’m making it, it’s very easy to make and it’s very savory. I put the washed sprouts in a tray with 2 spoons of oil and condiments and leave them in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

It’s a nice dish with different flavors, the exterior it’s crisp and the interior it’s moist and a little bitter.

The soon-to-be-famous dish from Laura & Mihai’s wedding: pasta with warm rocket and goat cheese. I liked it so much… I’ve done it twice. I left out the mushrooms because the 1st time I forgot and after that I thought it’s better this way. The caramelized the onion it’s mixed with the pasta and on top I put goat cheese and the rocket. I warmed the rocket in a pan for less then a minute.

Mashed beans with caramelized onion. This is a traditional Romanian dish. The beans are mashed with condiments, garlic and some oil. On top I put caramelized onions mixed with tomatoes and tomato puree and, of course, condiments.

Potato salad with soy in a red sauce. The regular potatoes and the sweet potato were covered in a sauce of butter and Rosemary. I fried the soy in a drop of oil in a non-sticking pan, after it was done I put tomato puree, a little olive oil (I used one from a can of olives in oil and it had a better flavor, more intense) and tarragon.

Tomato soup, it’s hubby’s favorite soup. Just plain soup with some basil and pasta.

Mini-pizzas. I made 2 different versions, as usual. The dough was for a diet: flour, baking powder, 1 spoon of oil and water. For hubby I put different kind of cheeses, mushrooms and olives.

For me I made a vegetarian quattro stagioni: spinach and cedar – mushrooms – brie and olives – goat cheese. It was lovely, I will try something similar again.



For desert: upside-down cake with apple. It’s easy to make and we enjoyed it very much. I greased the silicon tray with butter (1/2 a spoon) and I sprinkled sugar. I put the fruits on the sugar. Now I used apples, but it’s very good with different fruits: apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches, pears, seedless grapes. On top of the fruits I pour the dough made from 3 eggs, 1 cup of flour, 3/4 cups of sugar and 1/2 cups oil (or less). After I get it from the oven I flip it.



7 years

7 years ago, hubby (back then he was BF) asked me if I wanted to move with him. I love that period of our life, he was staying near Bucharest in the Physics University’s dorm-rooms and I was clandestine, the doorman knew, but she didn’t care. We were both in the last year of the University, he studied mathematics and computers in Bucharest and I was studding psychology in Constanta (at ~260 km). I used to make 5-6 hours by train to get there…everybody who tried the Romanian Railways and the “personal” knows how nice it is (personal it’s the cheapest option).

We started our life together having part-time jobs while doing research for the graduation thesis and studding for the final exams. We didn’t care it was cold, we didn’t mind we had to wait even 1 hour for a crowded bus, eating unhealthy food… but we had the youth on our side to helps us get over any difficulty.

Hubby had a strange roommate, who was always asking for a knife to cut a can of food… even in the middle of night while we were sleeping or he was asking for the time at very strange hours, like 3 am. That guy was talking about his wife & 3 children, subspace, Jews and his plans regarding selling some subspace… but it was fun. The neighbors from the next room were fun too. We went from time to time to a game room and played Counter Strike with them. One of the neighbors was very upset every time we went because I was the one who “killed” him most of the time.

That was in the past, but I remember with such a joy and warm feeling inside. Now we are living in another country, many things happened in this 7 years, but I’m glad he asked and I’m glad I said “yes”. So…yesterday we celebrated 7 years eating a heart-shaped cake and, by night, going to Limassol for belly dancing.


I had a perfect garlic mushrooms dish. I love them and hubby loved them too, he said he will get this dish next time. After that dish, I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and grilled haloumi. Hubby got his usual lamb kebab with tahini sauce. He managed to convince me to split a desert (even if I’m on a diet and I already ate cake), but I loved the chocolate cake… so all it’s forgiven.

I enjoyed very much the dance while hubby took pictures, as usual. I’m considering taking some belly dancing classes, even if I’m not so found of that music.





Me and my coffee…

P.S. I am a celebrating-freak, have lots of things we celebrate and we always do. If I remember the day of … (when one of many things that happened in our lives)… why not celebrate it? Celebrations mean… cake, a special day and a special dinner, presents (depending of the reason we are celebrating) and having fun. My dear readers… be prepared for many celebrations 🙂

Museum of Liverpool

Today we went to Museum of Liverpool with some friends.


I wanted a picture with Lion railway locomotive, but it was too crowded, so I got a picture with the kids train.

Hubby and I tried some Chinese clothes.

Overhead Railway motor coach, the only example that survived is on display. This coach is one of a batch built between 1892-1899 and it served until it closed in 1956 and was preserved by British Railways.

And the inside of the motor coach.

If you visit Museum of Liverpool you should try on the helmets, it’s so funny.

In the football section Laura discovered an exhibit from Romania, a bill from 2000. The description was funny: “biggest bill we ever paid: 1,5 million ‘things’ “.

Karaoke section… lots of fun…







The way life was in 1870 in 26 Court, Burlington Street, North Liverpool.