Moving together

Sunday we had the fair I wanted to talk about it, but 8 years ago we moved together. Here is our 7 year anniversary and the story, so I wouldn’t have to tell it again.

Yesterday morning was cloudy, so we thought we’ll have to postpone going to Liverpool. But after 12, the sun came so we decided to go, as planned, to the Wheel of Liverpool. We both loved the wheel. It was very windy and we could feel the capsule moving on top, but the view was amazing. mt_01


On top of Echo Arena. After we passed by it, we could feel the wind moving the capsule. The 1st time it wasn’t a very nice feeling, but on the 2nd revolution that feeling was gone.

The 2 cathedrals were very visible.

In the back the coast is vizible up to New Brighton, at Fort Perch Rock.







It was amazing! I loved this experience, maybe because I knew major points around me, the Wirral coast, the attractions in Liverpool.

The celebration continued at home with homemade chocolate cake, sparkling wine and a nice dinner.

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