Yesterday we went to Chester. We had a few spare hours and we walked in the city center, a delight as always.

We’ve tried to have a meal outside, but hubby thought it was too cold and we moved inside. The food was great, nachos and burrito, it’s something I’ll make at home when I have more time.c_01

These are the remaining walls of the tower from a Roman fortress.

The Roman amphitheater, discovered in the 30s, by chance.

There were plans to build a road across the monument. But after a national campaign to save the amphitheater, the Ministry of Transport vetoed the scheme. As usual, I’m happy to see people so involved in their culture and history and, at the same, doing what they can to preserve it.



Pride and Prejudice

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” At Lyme Park this winter was celebrated the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. We’ve been yesterday, in the last weekend of the celebrations.



The original costumes from the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice, 1995.



This way I would have looked 200 years ago. Yesterday, unlike today when it’s sunny, it was cold (5 degrees) and windy and raining. But that didn’t stop us to take advantage of the costumes and take the tour of the garden like that.


The statue loaned by an American television company for this year’s event.




Hubby was dressed for the occasion too. We both enjoyed it very much. I loved my cap and bonnet, sadly the straw bonnets were for little girls, too small for me. Anyway, the fabric bonnet was lovely too. Hubby was pleased with his top hat and shirt&vest.



Yesterday I went on a day trip to London. I took the train, as time was an issue and I had to get back on the same day.

The reason for going there was to visit Pure London. I wasn’t impressed with Olympia, I had higher expectations from the venue. Maybe because the other fair that I’ve visited in London was at Somerset House. I’ve looked today and I saw Olympia is a Victorian building, but the additions made it not as nice at it was when it was built. Anyway, the venue is not that important.


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Spring fair

This week we’ve been at Spring fair, NEC. The fair was great, I’ve had the chance to talk with a lot of interesting people. We had a little chat with the organization that we are members of. I’ve placed an order with a new supplier and I had two new suppliers on my short list. Overall it was a great show and we can’t wait to go again next year.

On Friday we’ve arrived in Birmingham, we’ve got the same accommodation like last time, a self-catering cottage. We were already accustomed to the house, closest amenities and the trip to NEC.

Hubby took some pictures while I was preparing.

Last time, there was a drop off point, from where I could reach the entrance in 2 minutes. But, as Spring fair is so much bigger, there wasn’t a drop off point. So, I had to walk in heels from the parking lot on cold mornings, not very pleasant.


We’ve been with friends to the local pub from the village we had our accommodation. I am very found of this pub, as last year there were two lovely donkeys there. Here is a picture with one of them. We had a great meal and some drinks, but we forgot to ask about the donkeys, Marry and Eric.

Close up with the shoes, still on 4+ inch heels. Nothing can stop me wearing high heels. Also there is also the fact that is impossible for me to buy some flats that I like.

We’ve took a short walk in the Birmingham city center and we had a dinner on the canal. We’ve got a table near the window, so we’ve enjoyed the view while we were eating.


While we were busy, Festus had only one thing in his mind… how to get some rest. He had a very nice holiday, he had a chance to catch up with his sleep and enjoyed the country life.

On the last day, after we’ve finished packing, we’ve went to the pub to relax near the open fireplace for half of hour. This time we’ve remembered to ask about the donkeys, they are at a farm (a real farm, not “a farm”) and they we’ll be back in the summer. It was too cold to keep them there, as they had only a shelter and not a proper stable.