Purple summer dress

I love purple! It’s my favourite colour and I love this dress too, great for summer. It’s my first Superdry dress and so far I’m very happy with it, it’s very comfy. I’ll have to check their website from now on.
purple summer dress

purple summer dress photo shoot

photo shoot

I had no idea why the trees were dressed up like this. I looked it up online and I saw that this is called yarn bombing and it’s a type of graffiti. Sounds very interesting and it’s true the street looked lovely with a splash of colours.

purple butterfly ring

purple summer dress 2

purple summer dress 3
Let’s go!

Giants in Liverpool, Sunday

The last day of the event was shorter, only a few hours in the morning. The grandma and little girl left Liverpool by sailing on Mersey. It was too crowded and we had no other choice but to stand still and wait for them to embark.
giants spectacular event liverpool

giants spectacular event liverpool 2

giants spectacular event liverpool 3

giants spectacular event liverpool 4

Echo is the local newspaper, obviously very involved in the advertising of the event.
giants spectacular event liverpool 5

giants spectacular event liverpool 6

giants spectacular event liverpool 7

giants spectacular event liverpool 8

giants spectacular event liverpool 9

After the ships passed by us, we ran onto the dock to see them on the Mersey.
giants spectacular event liverpool 10

giants spectacular event liverpool 11

giants spectacular event liverpool 12

giants spectacular event liverpool 13

giants spectacular event liverpool 14

giants spectacular event liverpool 15

giants spectacular event liverpool 16

Great event! We had a lot of fun running after the Giants, taking pictures and enjoying the general excitement. I was impressed they were able to make an even more human-like Giant, with lots of details, like the texture of the skin.
I saw a lot of nice people, who were enjoying themselves, laughing and dancing without any inhibitions. I’ve seen a dad was giving a crash-course in photographing with a DSLR to his 6 year old son, to be able to catch a photo of Xolo. I’ve seen a sweet girl crying because she wasn’t able to touch the dog.

Giants in Liverpool, Saturday

As we had to work during the morning, we’ve decided to go to the docks in the afternoon. We arrived around 5.30pm on the docks and it was very crowded. Hubby left me on the docks and went to find a parking space and, obviously, after that we couldn’t find each other, with the Giant’s route blocking a lot of streets. In the local newspaper they estimated that on Friday there were 300,000 people, so on Saturday I think it was twice as many. It felt more crowded.

giants spectacular saturday liverpool

I was on the other side of the barriers, somewhere 😀

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 3

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 4

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 5

The girl is looking at the grandma. The giants look so real, mainly because they are made to act as humans. It’s amazing.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 6

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 7

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 8

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 9

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 10

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 11

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 12

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 13

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 14

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 15

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 16

I called hubby when I saw the bride and asked him where he was. When he told me he is near a hotel I which was seeing it in front of me, I asked him if he can see the bride and then we realized… We were on opposite sides, both on the same place, without setting up a point of meeting, it just happened. Isn’t that romantic?
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 17

People around me didn’t understand why I was waving at the other side and why hubby took a few pictures of me. It was funny.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 18

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 19

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 20

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 21

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 22

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 23

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 24

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 25

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 26

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 27

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 28

Nothing special regarding the police, it’s the way they behave all the time. They are helpful, answering a lot of questions, joking, and helping people who were sick due to high temperatures on Friday. But it’s not only that, they were very polite too, staying on the pavement, where possible, so people could see better.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 29

This docks aren’t open to the public, so it was a treat to see them. At the end of the post, I’ve added a few pictures from the less known side of Liverpool.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 30

I didn’t think it’s possible that the giants interact. The grandma and the little girl danced, really great.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 31

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 32

giants spectacular saturday liverpool 33

The little girl was jumping on her bed, it was funny. I didn’t have enough time to process the movies I’ve taken with the phone, I will do that next week and make a new post with the movies.
giants spectacular saturday liverpool 34


liverpool 2

liverpool 3

liverpool 4

liverpool 5

This is Wallasey Town Hall, in the Wirral, seen from the docks. It’s a lovely building.
wallasey town hall

Giants in Liverpool, Friday

Yesterday we’ve been all day to the event, with a short break at lunch time, while the giants were sleeping.

The girl looked the same as last time, but it wasn’t any less impressive.
giants liverpool event 2014

I love the dog! It is life-like, it moves his head, eyelids, nose, drools, wags his tail and so on.
giants liverpool event 2014  2

giants liverpool event 2014 3

giants liverpool event 2014 4

There were more than 30 degrees yesterday, very hot for most people at the event. We weren’t bothered as we are used to higher temperatures, but a few girls around were sick and the paramedics had to intervene. Some of the parents made their kids stay on the tarmac in their shade and it was a great idea. This kid fell asleep while he was waiting for grandma. So cute!
giants liverpool event 2014 5

giants liverpool event 2014 6

giants liverpool event 2014 7

giants liverpool event 2014 8

giants liverpool event 2014 9

Jean-Luc Courcoult, writer and director at Royal de luxe. He was the one who write the story about the girl and grandma and the one from 2 years ago, Sea Odyssey.
giants liverpool event 2014 10

giants liverpool event 2014 11

giants liverpool event 2014 12

giants liverpool event 2014 13

Grandma had an exploding safe! It was a nice touch and very appreciated by the crowds.
giants liverpool event 2014 14

giants liverpool event 2014 15

giants liverpool event 2014 16

giants liverpool event 2014 17

giants liverpool event 2014 18

giants liverpool event 2014 19

We weren’t the only ones running at the event, I have a picture to prove it.
giants liverpool event 2014 20

In the back of the Cathedral, jogging at a steady pace, so we could have a better location.
giants liverpool event 2014 21

giants liverpool event 2014 22

Love this picture!! They enjoyed a sip of red wine during the event! It’s quite motivational, something like: don’t forget to enjoy your work. Maybe I should follow their example and have a drink while I’m working 😀
giants liverpool event 2014 23

giants liverpool event 2014 24

giants liverpool event 2014 25

giants liverpool event 2014 26

Loved to see people so excited about the event.
giants liverpool event 2014 27

The little girl was having an ice cream, great idea considering the temperatures. She was moving her head and could even lick the ice cream!
giants liverpool event 2014 28

The amount of things Xolo was able to do was impressive. They have so much control and paid such attention to details, amazing!
giants liverpool event 2014 29

giants liverpool event 2014 30

giants liverpool event 2014 31

giants liverpool event 2014 32

Here is the street close to where we lived when I moved to UK.
giants liverpool event 2014 33

giants liverpool event 2014 34

giants liverpool event 2014 35

He was coming towards us.
giants liverpool event 2014 36

And I touched him!! One of those hands is mine. I was so happy I was able to do that.
giants liverpool event 2014 37

As you can see, the dog was naughty.
giants liverpool event 2014 38

But he got a toy in the process.
giants liverpool event 2014 39

The sign was on Xolo’s car.
giants liverpool event 2014 40

giants liverpool event 2014 41

giants liverpool event 2014 42

Giant Grandma

This weekend it’s a great event in Liverpool, Giant Spectacular. Two years ago we’ve been to another similar event, Sea Odyssey, made to commemorate the centenary of Titanic’s shipwreck. It was so impressive last time, in 3 days around 800,000 people attended the event.

This event is about the commemoration of the beginning of WWI. We’ve been at St. George’s Hall to see the grandma sleeping, very crowded, as I’ve expected.
giant grandma liverpool

giant grandma liverpool 2

giant grandma liverpool st georges hall

giant grandma liverpool st. george hall

giants liverpool

st george hall

Herbs in the window sill

With the exception of the rosemary, which was bought from a National Trust garden, all of them are grown from seeds. The chillies are huge and they started to produce flowers and chilli. In the right pot I have hot chilli, sage and chilli. In the left one I have rosemary, dill and chives.

Last year the chives grew too much and it wasn’t nice. Now we are harvesting weekly and it looks great!
herb garden at home 2

The rosemary it’s getting bigger and bigger. We harvest it and from the dill too. I love adding some fresh herbs in salads or on top of baked potatoes.
herb garden at home 3

herb garden at home