Powis Castle

Medieval castle with gorgeous gardens makes the perfect spot to spend a beautiful day. Powis Castle is in Wales, an hour an a half from our home, an easy option for a short day trip. The Castle is beautiful. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I have pictures only from the courtyard and […]

My husband and I

My husband and I are made for each other. We’ve met 12 years ago (I feel old!) in a train (another story to come) and we’ve been together ever since. We do have a lot of things in common and we both have similar passions, but we couldn’t be more different at the same time. […]

Soon-to-be lawn

We have grass! Only a few days ago I was posting a picture with our back garden, here. We’ve sowed the seeds on the 12th and yesterday our garden looked like this: So far I’m very happy with the lawn, looks very good. Hopefully the rest of the seeds will soon start to germinate. You […]

My boy’s birthday

My boy turned 5 yesterday. We’ve celebrated with a new toy, a special lunch and cake. Enjoy the pictures. If you fancy seeing even more pictures, take a look at his blog. His special lunch 😀 You might also like Christmas and boxing day Women’s Day Easter The Best Christmas Gift What we did on […]

Refurbishing the house

After a very long, daunting process of buying a house, the next step should be simple: a few small changes and moving in. Well, for us a few small changes got bigger and bigger. The garden was transformed from a paved yard with lots of thorny roses on the sides into a great piece of […]

My silly dog

Having a dog with a very high prey-drive is challenging at times (with all the cats and squirrels and foxes). But at the same time, this makes him incredible amusing to watch while he is playing. More pictures and movies of him, here. Having a “salad” as a snack after play. He actually eats some […]


Last Sunday I went for the day in London for a trade show. For this trip I’ve decided to wear a knitted Asos dress and have a shawl in case it will get chilli. Didn’t had to wear it. You might also like Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red British Museum Wellington Arch Tea […]