Powis Castle

Medieval castle with gorgeous gardens makes the perfect spot to spend a beautiful day. Powis Castle is in Wales, an hour an a half from our home, an easy option for a short day trip.
powis castle 01

The Castle is beautiful. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I have pictures only from the courtyard and the gardens. On the NT website there are some pictures with the interior.

powis castle 02

powis castle 03

powis castle 04

powis castle 05

powis castle 06

powis castle 07
Having a picnic on the lawn near a beautiful castle it’s so romantic, isn’t it?

powis castle 08

powis castle 09

powis castle 10
As we usually do when we go to NT properties, we had a cream tea.

powis castle 11
Hubby’s scone was assaulted by bees.

powis castle 12

powis castle 13

powis castle 14

powis castle 15

powis castle 16

powis castle 17

powis castle 18

powis castle 19

powis castle 20

powis castle 21

powis castle 22

powis castle 23

powis castle 24

powis castle 25

powis castle 26
There was a sign that the visitors are allowed to pick apples for a small donation, so I took advantage to pick one for my boy.

powis castle 27

My husband and I

My husband and I are made for each other. We’ve met 12 years ago (I feel old!) in a train (another story to come) and we’ve been together ever since.

We do have a lot of things in common and we both have similar passions, but we couldn’t be more different at the same time. I’ll better show you a few examples.

We both like the sea and would have a holiday at the seaside. We both don’t like sunbathing, so we have this in common.
Hubby would love a warm place, with a warm sea and he would swim and, after he would be bored of that, go for a scuba dive or something similar.
I would go for a swim in a pool and after that… for a walk on a beautiful place like South Stack Cliffs in Anglesey or Northern Scotland, Iceland or Antarctica (amazing landscapes, so beautiful, but a cruise there comes with a few thousand pounds price tag).

We both like trains (they have a special meaning, don’t they). While hubby is most impressed with the latest technology, I love steam power (not very eco-friendly, but so romantic). So, I would love an old train with a Flying Scotsman locomotive and hubby would rather choose Eurostar. If he would have to choose a steam train, he would go with Mallard 😛

We both like rooms and houses with a statement. We both don’t like a plain houses or the affordable range of new builds.
I prefer period houses (picture is from Attingham), with charm and character and beautiful embellishments, while hubby loves a modern house, a high end new build, with big windows. I would also love to live in a small cottage with exposed beams,  nice and cozy.

We both love nature and we like plants. While hubby loves the green ones and I do prefer the stronger colours. When I saw this 2 plants in Bodnant Garden I told hubby: this is us.

We both like scones, a thing we have in common. But, I like them with clotted cream, hubby likes them with whipped cream. After a few months or trying both ways to eat them, I like the Cornish style and hubby, obviously, prefers the Devon style.

And I could go on and on about things we both love and at the same time they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The best part is that we “have” to enjoy both sides 🙂

Refurbishing the house

After a very long, daunting process of buying a house, the next step should be simple: a few small changes and moving in.
Well, for us a few small changes got bigger and bigger. The garden was transformed from a paved yard with lots of thorny roses on the sides into a great piece of dirt with lawn seeds that will, hopefully, develop soon into a beautiful and dense grass. Not so pretty at the moment:

It’s been only 5 days, so we still have our hopes up.

We were thinking of changing the kitchen cabinets even before finalizing the contract. But hubby said we should change a perfectly good copper pipe with a new&shinny, slightly bigger one. He has a point, as we have to be sure we’ll have the right water pressure even if we turn on the washing machine and other appliances (if I can persuade hubby that our small kitchen it’s not to small for a dishwasher).

I can’t even try to explain hubby’s plans in the living room… with cables in the walls, not to be visible. Cables for speakers he plans to build up himself (probably in the next summer as I doubt he will have the time until then). Also, there are cables for TV, projector and a lot of other stuff that I really don’t understand.

All these changes take a lot of time (and money) and we have to move in 3 weeks as we’ve already gave notice to our landlord. The house is currently not liveable in. We are not scared that we’ll not finish in time… not scared at all…

Btw, the mailman told me today that he will miss us, isn’t that nice?!

My silly dog

Having a dog with a very high prey-drive is challenging at times (with all the cats and squirrels and foxes). But at the same time, this makes him incredible amusing to watch while he is playing. More pictures and movies of him, here.
dog 01

dog 02

dog 03

dog 04

dog 05

dog 06

dog 07

dog 08

dog 09
Having a “salad” as a snack after play. He actually eats some of the grass he is pulling out.

dog 10

dog 11
The sign from Dogs Trust is great and it also has a special meaning for me. We’ve got Festus 3 days before Christmas and hubby and I feel he is ours for life.