My Christmas

I love Christmas, for me it’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with hubby and the dog. For the last years I blogged about Christmas and I want to blog again this year.

01 My Christmas
I finally convinced hubby that he needs a Christmas jumper as I already bought one. Last year we had only festive socks, but this year we were better prepared for the celebrations.

11 My Christmas
On my food blog I talked about the food I cooked. It took less than 5 hours to get everything ready: 5 starters, bread, pie and beetroot puree, soup, main with lots of side dishes (roasted potatoes, carrots, sprouts, pea salad and grapefruit jelly) and jus. For dessert I’ve made mince pies and fruit cake. I also got some Christmas puddings and hubby made panna cotta and those delicious looking cups filled with rum and chocolate ganache.

I’m going to talk about presents, as I received amazing ones this year and I couldn’t be happier with them.

02 My Christmas
When I opened this one I was ecstatic. It’s Michael Schumacher’s car from 1998! By chance I saw half of the race from Magny Cours and I was amazed by the speed of the cars, the excitement of the race and how fast they were changing the tyres. MS won that race. I was thinking I have to cheer for someone and the German was incredible. The next one was at Silverstone and I saw it from the beginning, MS won that one too. In that moment I’ve became a Michael Schumacher fan. I signed up in a small fan club, I had my pets named after him and his family. This gift means so much to me, it will be displayed in the living room.

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My 2015 by month

In 2012 and 2014 I made a collage of pictures taken that year. This year I want to look at my 2015 in greater detail, so I made a monthly collage.

01 January
January was a lovely month for me. The pull-up bar was up in the living room and I can say the same about the decal “Life is short, eat dessert first” on the kitchen wall. Hubby and I went on a coffee-date, well we do go on coffee dates, but I blogged about that one because I want to remember them. We’ve also been at Greens in Manchester and to The Small Animal Show in Harrogate. It’s likely we will go to the animal show next year too, getting to see all the cute animals and pet them is too lovely to miss.

02 February
February is a busy time for me every year. This year was fab, we’ve spent a week in a lovely cottage while away with work. We had a trip to London together and not alone as I used to go. It was Valentine’s Day and I even got to try some wedding dresses for our vows renewal at a Wedding Fair.

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Merry Christmas

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all my readers!


I’m sure that you, my readers, are busy with the Christmas celebrations, but I want to thank you for your time and support this year with this card.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I achieved all my goals in 2015

I achieved all my goals in 2015. In fact I achieved them a couple of months ago. So, this is the recap.

1. Keep the Good Things Jar. I want to fill a jar with notes of small good things that happened, things that I’ll forget in a few months and I’ll put them in the jar. At the end of the year, I’m going to read them. It’s not my first jar, but I hope will be better than last one. I usually forget to add the notes.
Done. This is the jar, although it’s not exactly as filled as I would have liked, but it’s a big jar and it happened that I forgot to write some notes.

2. Good things. I want to start a weekly post on my blog, entitled: Good things this week. I read a few similar posts on other blogs and it sounds great to be able to remember small good things after a long period, especially when it’s very likely that I would forget them. It will be like an online version of Good Things Jar. I don’t want to feel like I’ve set a target, 5 or 10, because I would feel I have to reach that number. This will help me remember the good stuff even if I forget to put notes in the good things jar.
Done. I managed to write 28 posts. This means 2+ per month. It wasn’t realistic to write weekly for a lot of reasons. So, for next year, I’ll continue with the series, but without any targets.

3. Run in a race. Probably a 10k, don’t think I can go higher than 10k. Signing up for a race will push me to do something that I don’t like: running. While I love exercising and lifting weights is what I enjoy most, when it comes to cardio, I can’t avoid it enough. I hope that signing up for a run will trigger my very competitive side and will give me the motivation I need to start running as a training.
Last year I went for a run only once (this is how much I love running). I could run 4.2km in 31 minutes, so it’s not that bad.

Done. I couldn’t run a 10k as I had a knee injury in February and 10k would have been to much. But I ran a 5k race: Run or Dye. It was fun, I loved it.


4. Try a new sport. I just hope I have time. Kayaking is on the top of the list, last year we’ve bought a kayak and life jackets for us and for the dog. I also would like to try horseback riding, fencing and archery… well if I can do all of them, I can say I’m on the path to become a Knight.
Done. I tried 2 sports, kayaking and shooting. I enjoyed both a lot and I would like to do them again.

5. Write more. I don’t write as often as I would like, so I want to write more. Not every day, but more than last year.
Done. I wrote over 200 posts this year. I would like to continue in the same way next year, if I have the time.

Knowsley Safari Park in December

I’ve been to Knowsley Safari Park a few times in 2013 and 2014. The park is only 15 minutes away from home and it’s a wonderful place. I had to chose only a few pictures from more than 300 we took at the park.

01 Knowsley Safari Park in December

02 Knowsley Safari Park in December

I thought it will not be very exciting this time of year as it’s winter (well, there are 14-15 degrees, but it’s still considered winter). I was wrong, the place is wonderful. I love the camels, they look so pretty with their winter coat on. During summer they shed and they don’t look as nice as this time of year (they look scruffy).

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Christmas traditions

As you might know, this month I wrote a series, starting with Vegetarian Christmas, a delicious selection of 10 recipes from different bloggers. The second post was The Best Christmas Gift, where I shared the story of my best gift, my dog Festus and a few wonderful stories shared by fellow bloggers. My series will finish with Christmas traditions.

Christmas traditions

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My home decorated for Christmas

I finished decorating the house a couple of days ago, but only today I asked hubby to take some pictures. So, here is my home, decorated for Christmas.

01 My home decorated for Christmas
Hubby and I bought this tree a few years ago and we are still using it. I like it a lot, it looks like in the first year and between holidays is stored in the attic. I’ve added some tinsel on the fireplace for decor. As hubby took the pictures an hour ago, I had to close the blinds. If you read my blog, you might remember my dilemma with blinds or curtains? Well, last month we finally decided to get blackout blinds from Ikea, one of the options we were considering at that time. So that problem is solved now and I’m happy with it.

03 My home decorated for Christmas
I got a glass bowl that I want to decorate every month or so. I want to make it in accordance with current celebrations or season. So now I just filled it with a piece of tinsel, a branch and a bauble. I think it looks cute.

02 My home decorated for Christmas

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