National Wedding Show

I’ve asked hubby to take pictures so I can show them to my mother and I’ll blog about them as I loved trying on wedding dresses.

We are married, but we are going to do a Vows Renewal. Although, technically it will be a wedding as we’ve got married twice and we never said any vows. In Romania the couples have to get a civil wedding before going to church. At the civil wedding we were asked if we want to get married and said yes. We’ve got the marriage license and that was it, I wore a white 2 piece suit, not very romantic I may add. The wedding ceremony at the orthodox church is different than the one at a church of England or catholic church… again, no vows. I think we should say a vow, a promise to each other.

We’ve been to the National Wedding Show at the NEC to have a look. I had no idea how much is a wedding cake, how much is an invitation, a cake topper and so on. It was a very productive day, we have some ideas and the most important one is that it will take a lot of time to plan everything exactly as we wanted.

01 National wedding show
I had a ballgown at our wedding, slightly bigger and all white. Considering that, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that rushed in when I stepped in front of the mirror. I had no idea I can feel like that after all this years of being married. It made me even more convinced that we should get married again. Hubby was a little emotional too.

02 National wedding show
Not exactly my favourite dress. It was strange, I loved it when I looked at it, I loved it when I saw it again on the hanger… didn’t like it at all on me. The A-line style is not for me.

03 National wedding show
I tried a dress on sale. It was a lovely dress, but I wouldn’t like to buy a dress of the shelf. I would like to make small changes or at least being sure it will fit very good.

04 National wedding show
The 4th dress I’ve tried on had a lovely cleavage (not sure it’s called a cleavage as there was some lace on top). As it was a size smaller, it was quite uncomfortable.

05 National wedding show
The last one was the type of dress I planned to try on before leaving home. I think this style is much more appropriate for a wedding in my 30s. I loved the way it felt, the way it looked.

My first thought when I saw myself in the mirror was: “Wow, I am beautiful”. I’m not terribly modest, that’s one thing, but this should be any bride’s thought when she is looking in the mirror.

06 National wedding show
Adding a veil, as my assistant insisted, made a huge difference. It transformed a beautiful dress in a beautiful wedding dress.

07 National wedding show
I tried it with a longer veil, to see how it looks and I think it’s better with a shorter one.

08 National wedding show
The veil had beautiful details.

I still ponder if I would like to go for a mermaid dress of a ballgown. I love both of this designs for different reasons. I always felt a wedding dress should look like a ballgown, very traditional of me. At the same time I’m thinking I looked great in the mermaid style. It will be a very hard decision to make.

A few pictures from the catwalk. Enjoy.

09 National wedding show

10 National wedding show

11 National wedding show

Chinese New Year in Liverpool

Heavy rain didn’t stop us and a lot of other people to head up to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year celebrations. There was the ‘Taste of China’ street market, the parade and other activities at Black-E. It was quite crowded even if it rained and it was cold. Enjoy the pictures.

01 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

02 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

03 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

04 Chinese New Year in Liverpool
Soaked, but enjoying the parade.

05 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

06 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

07 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

08 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

09 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

10 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

11 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

12 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

13 Chinese New Year in Liverpool
The parade makes its way to the Bombed Out Church and went back to the Chinese Arch.

14 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

15 Chinese New Year in Liverpool

16 Chinese New Year in Liverpool
The crackers were very loud and smoky.

Good things

This week there were a few good things as always, but I kept postponing writing the post because I was busy writing other things and working and thought I might skip it this week. Then I remembered that the weekly “good things” post is on the goals for 2015 and it’s February… so here is the blog. I’m sure in a few weeks, when I’ll read this post again, I’m going to be happy I wrote it. Good things that happened this week:

7 good things

1. We’ve started to do things in the house. There were a lot of small things we didn’t have time to finish, with the Christmas time and a very busy period at work. This week hubby did a couple of them and now the list is shorter. Also, finishing something gave us a sense of accomplishment and that feels so good.

2. Taste the world. I blogged about this new challenge and I have to put it on the good things list also. I get so excited over cooking and food that a friend said I should be a Chef if fancy another carrier change.

3. Chinese new year parade. We are going to the Chinese new year parade in Liverpool. To celebrate, I’m going to cook Chinese, as I did it a couple of years ago, in 2013. Last year we were away and we’ve missed it. We wanted to go to Manchester too, but it rained and my knees hurt.

4. My hubby and my dog. I’m happy I mention them often, as we live together and it’s quite important to enjoy our company 😀 The dog makes funny things and licks my nose, can’t be upset with that kind of affection, can I? Also, hubby was very careful with me this lasts days while I had some health issues (the knee problems mentioned earlier, nothing major, just a stupid thing from my part).

5. I’ve applied for a library card. It should arrive in a few days and I can’t wait to go at the new William Brown Library and Museum. I’ll ask hubby to take some pictures when I’ll go to read books, the building looks lovely.

6. Espresso machine. The espresso machine I received for Christmas is perfect, I love the taste of the coffee, is so much better than the coffee from a coffee maker. I drink a couple of mugs of coffee every morning, I also drink a couple of mugs of tea after lunch and Chai was my favourite this week.

7. Business cards. I ordered business cards for me, as a blogger. It was very exciting to make them… actually hubby made them, but I was standing near his laptop, watching everything with an eagle eye…
Now I can only hope they will arrive in time. So far we didn’t have major issues with the printing company and we are ordering from them once in a while.

Outfit of the day: 4th day at the fair

For the 4th day I wanted a little more edge and I think this was my favourite outfit for this fair. I love this TM Lewin shirt, it’s very comfy and I can wear cufflinks, that’s quite unusual. I am considering buying another shirt with cufflinks, I like it that much. Then I’ll have to buy more cufflinks and then more shirts, obviously.

02 Outfit

01 Outfit

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Pancake Day

Hubby loves Pancake Day, we ate all sort of pancakes all day. I must admit I’m excited to cook different types of pancakes and crepes. In this picture there is a selection of what we had yesterday.

02 Beetroot pancakes
beetroot pancakes, served with grated Cheddar and cream cheese

We’ve started with this lovely pink pancakes (should’ve made them for Valentine’s Day). They were so fluffy.
I made the cream cheese with full fat soft cheese mixed by hand with chilli oil, a drop of milk, a teaspoon of clotted cream and a pinch of smoked paprika. It was delicious, even my not-so-in-love-with-beetroot-hubby said he would like to eat them again.

Next there were some grape juice pancakes with a funny-looking colour, so no picture. It was good and I’m going to try with different kind of juices, like orange juice. Or I’ll just add some food colouring, although I avoid colouring as much as I can. I had a couple with raspberry jam and hubby preferred them with honey.

03 Crepes
crepes with mushrooms and grated Cheddar

For lunch we had simple crepes. The mushrooms are chopped, tossed in a pan with chilli and almond butter. They were amazing, I really love this recipe. Delicious!

04 Mushrooms with almond butter

For dessert I had half of crepe with honey and almond butter from hubby. It was a little too sweet for me. That was for lunch. At that point I thought I’m going to make some more pancakes for dinner. I was thinking of onion and pepper pancakes with grilled courgettes in olive oil on top. But we were full, so I’ll make this recipe another time.

05 Crepes with tahini and sundried tomatoes
Instead we had this yummy crepes, filled with tahini and sundried tomatoes, chopped. On top I’ve sprinkled some oil from the tomatoes and a spoon of tahini. They were amazing, the tahini complemented the tomatoes very good. It was a winner.

Hope everybody had a lovely pancake day. Leave me a link in the comment section if you want to share interesting recipes you had.