Why I blog?

I started my blog a couple of weeks after I moved to the UK. It was something that I planned before coming here as I already had 2 blogs at that time, one for the dog and one with recipes. I wanted an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends so I’ve […]

5 Good things

It was a busy week with a few good things and new ideas. I have a few ideas for work, for blogging (see 2.), for the house. 1. Spring weather. It’s sunny and it gets warm and I love our walks with the dog and the way the grass looks in the garden. The flowers […]

Lymm, a picturesque village

Yesterday I wanted a quite walk, but I didn’t fancy a rather cold woodland walk. So, I searched on google and found Lymm, a small village in Cheshire, just 30 minutes from us. There is a Canal with a couple of pubs and terraces near the water to add to the charm, that surely will […]

Festus, the sleeping dog

I avoid blogging about my dog because this subject can be boring for non-dog owners, but the way he is sleeping is too cute not to be mentioned. After our usual morning walk, he must sleep, so he can be prepared for a new walk in the evening. I’ve posted a couple of months ago […]

I should have been Victorian

I’ve started reading historic&regency romantic novels in my early teens (no added pressure for future boyfriends, obviously 🙂 ). I’ve read hundreds of books, but I found myself attracted to the historic ones more. When I moved to the UK, I was quite knowledgeable of the way the British aristocracy had to behave in the […]

10 Good things

I missed the post for last Sunday, as I was busy and I kept postponing the post until today. Last week and this week had some awful parts, I found out about a few bad things that are affecting me and will affect me in the future. The worst part is that at the moment […]

Solar eclipse

We’ve talked a lot about the eclipse, I wanted to go to Scotland to see it better, hubby was reluctant as it wasn’t a total eclipse. In the end, it was too far for a day trip, so we’ve remained at home and hoped we’ll have a clear sky in Liverpool. Enjoy! You might also […]