Why I blog?

I started my blog a couple of weeks after I moved to the UK. It was something that I planned before coming here as I already had 2 blogs at that time, one for the dog and one with recipes. I wanted an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends so I’ve started the blog. After pondering, I decided to write in English because it would be accessible for the new friends and acquaintances in the UK and almost all my friends are fluent in English anyway.


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5 Good things

It was a busy week with a few good things and new ideas. I have a few ideas for work, for blogging (see 2.), for the house.


1. Spring weather. It’s sunny and it gets warm and I love our walks with the dog and the way the grass looks in the garden. The flowers are bigger and brighter and we talk about the garden.

2. 2 Big decisions about blogging. I’m thinking of these two things for a while now and I finally decided that I should do them. I want to redesign the blog, nothing major, just to change a few bits and pieces and have a special place for ads, as I want to swap ads with other bloggers (if you fancy that, send me an email).
The second decision is that I’m going to have another blog. I had a cooking blog in the past, this is how I’ve started, but it’s not good anymore. I’ve changed the way I cook and the way I see food. As I want to share a lot of recipes, I feel I have to have a different space, so it wouldn’t take over the lifestyle one. I also thought of some new post ideas that I would like to write.

3. Hubby’s celebrations on Palm Sunday. It was hubby’s name day so we had lots of cake (a little too much maybe), special meal and a very relaxing day. It was bliss.

4. Vettel’s win in Malaysian GP. That was a great race, as Suzi said, I had to peel myself off the ceiling (love this saying, it’s so funny).
Listening to the German and Italian anthems, seeing a Ferrari driver on the first step of the podium brought back so many memories. It was a very emotional day, remembering the joy of being a Schumacher fan. I loved the interviews too, Vettel’s memories of Schumacher were moving.
I’m also glad that Vettel won because Mercedes became complacent, they are talking about Rosberg fighting with Hamilton for the title when he is now on the 3rd place of the championship. They both did a rather poor job in Q3 by holding back their teammate and Hamilton qualified on pole by chance, as Vettel was so close. Toto said this should be a wake up call and I hope it’s true.
I have to mention Verstappen too, what a driver! It’s unbelievable that at 17 he has so much speed and know how to fight wheel to wheel. Loved it! I think he is a much better driver than others on the grid (well… Rosberg).

5. Long talks. I love having long talks with hubby about all sorts of subjects, from aliens to religion. We both enjoy the talks a lot and we can spend hours talking, especially if we don’t necessarily completely agree with the other.

Lymm, a picturesque village

Yesterday I wanted a quite walk, but I didn’t fancy a rather cold woodland walk. So, I searched on google and found Lymm, a small village in Cheshire, just 30 minutes from us.

Lymm picturesque small village in Cheshire

There is a Canal with a couple of pubs and terraces near the water to add to the charm, that surely will make us visit the village again in the summer. There is also a cafe-boat, not sure if it’s permanent, but it was charming too.

We parked on a side road and went in the village centre. We’ve discovered that through that wood we can make a circular trail. We’ll have to go prepared, thicker clothing and wellies or at least my off-road trainers. I don’t think it comes as a surprise, I was in heels and a sleeveless top with a thin jacket.

We walked and enjoyed the nice weather, the squirrels and ducks, the dogs with waggy tails and smiling people. It was exactly what I needed after a couple of very busy days. And I must admit that having cake helps too.

Lymm picturesque village in Cheshire

Lymm small village in Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire ducks on canal

Lymm picturesque small village Cheshire

Lymm old village Cheshire

old small english street Lymm village Cheshire

Narrow boats on Bridgewater Canal Lymm

Pub in Lymm village Cheshire with terrace near the Bridgewater Canal

Cross Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Ducks in Lymm village Cheshire

Duck in Lymm village Cheshire

Old cottages in historic english Lymm village Cheshire

Wildlife Squirrels in Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Old Lymm village Cheshire

Historic Lymm village Cheshire

Yellow flower in Lymm village Cheshire

picturesque and old Lymm village Cheshire

picturesque, old, historic Lymm village Cheshire

Bakery in Lymm village centre Cheshire

Bakery in Lymm bakery coffee shop village Cheshire

We’ve stopped at the Coffee shop in the centre for a treat. I wanted a dessert, hubby wanted another one and in the end, we’ve cut them in half. He had the better deal, as my choice was considered better by both of us.

Cake at Lymm village Cheshire

Cake Lymm village bakery Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

Lymm village Cheshire

The village is lovely, peaceful and charming. I received a free magazine and I saw that there is a Duck race in April and, if it’s a nice weather, we’ll go. It looks like it’s very funny, probably more suitable for kids, but I’m not that picky.

I love small villages and I’ll have to search for a new one quite soon as hubby agrees that it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon. If you have any suggestions of villages to visit, please leave me a comment.

Festus, the sleeping dog

I avoid blogging about my dog because this subject can be boring for non-dog owners, but the way he is sleeping is too cute not to be mentioned. After our usual morning walk, he must sleep, so he can be prepared for a new walk in the evening.

I’ve posted a couple of months ago pictures of one of his favourites way to sleep, with the head at 90 degrees. That’s a very comfy way to sleep if you are dog, obviously. If he is tired, he will sleep with one leg on the wall and if he is very very tired he will have both legs on the wall. I can easily say he was very very tired today.

01 rottweiler sleeping

02 rottweiler sleeping

03 rottweiler sleeping

I should have been Victorian

I’ve started reading historic&regency romantic novels in my early teens (no added pressure for future boyfriends, obviously 🙂 ). I’ve read hundreds of books, but I found myself attracted to the historic ones more. When I moved to the UK, I was quite knowledgeable of the way the British aristocracy had to behave in the 19th century. From what I’ve discovered while being here, I liked it even more and more. I think I’ve seen around 10 documentaries about the Victorian era last year and I admire the way so many Victorians were, innovative and driven.

Queen Victoria statue in Manchester city centre
picture from a trip to Manchester

Well, all those regency romantic novels had their impact in my development in an adult, as much as reading Sci-Fi or other type of novels would have. For example, my idea of a perfect family life would be quite familiar to the Victorians.

The dresses are another characteristic that I admire from that period. They were so feminine, even without a large cleavage, comparing to the Georgian period. We dressed up for a Pride and prejudice event last year and hubby liked it too.

I like a lot the sidesaddle horseback riding, it looks royal, with the riding dress so pretty on a side. There still are some classes of sidesaddle horseback riding. As I can’t ride in the standard way, it’s better to start with something easier.

The Victorian buildings have so much character and beautiful embellishments. The fireplaces, with all the handmade tiles and lots of colours, the wallpaper, the decorations, all is charming. Not only the houses had that extra charm, but the public buildings too, like the train stations, city halls.

I’ve been to a Victorian Christmas weekend at Speke and I was smitten with all the decorations, extravagant and beautiful at the same time. A lot of the Christmas traditions have their roots in that period, mostly in the way Queen Victoria and Prince Albert celebrated Christmas. The Christmas cards, mince pies we all love (the old recipe, from 13th century had meat in it, it was modified and made it a dessert) and even the Christmas tree, all are Victorian.

Another thing I like is how involved the Victorian nobility (and new entrepreneurs) was in the welfare of the working class and not only by implementing reforms. New cities were built, with concern about the lifestyle of the workers, like Port Sunlight, that is one of my favourite places in the UK.
Birkenhead Park was the first public founded park for working class people, to have a place where to enjoy more healthy activities and less drinking in the pub.

In the late Victorian period Octavia Hill and her friends started the National Trust. The initial purpose of NT was to make accessible the countryside for working class people, by preserving it from future development. RSPB was founded in the same period, late 19th century and The Vegetarian Society in 1847.

10 Good things

I missed the post for last Sunday, as I was busy and I kept postponing the post until today.

Last week and this week had some awful parts, I found out about a few bad things that are affecting me and will affect me in the future. The worst part is that at the moment I can’t do anything about it. I have to wait for the opportunity to come to solve the issues. This is a moment when I can even say I need the good things post as I feel the need to focus on the positives. The list includes things from both weeks.


1. F1 season. After a long wait, the new 2015 season started this weekend. As true fans, we got up at 4.45am to see the race in real time. We’ve also seen the highlights on BBC, just to be sure we didn’t “miss” anything.
I’m very happy that Hamilton won the race, he did a great job. I’m also happy that Vettel was on the podium 3rd place as it reminded me the “good old days”, when one of Ferrari’s strategy was to overtake at the pit stops. The interviews were funny, as Arnold Schwarzenegger was delightful.
Button finished last, but at least he finished the race and I hope they will solve the teething issues with the new Honda engine. Last year I was hoping he will have a seat at McLaren and hoped he will at least score points. Even thou he showed that he is a great driver by keeping his position in front of Perez for ages, the car was not good enough.

2. Crufts on TV. On demand is great, missed the shows when they were on TV. Managed to see them and it was lovely. I hope I’ll be able to visit it next year. Hubby loved fly ball, but that’s impossible to do with our chunky dog. I liked agility and Best of Group & Best in Show.
I’ve also been to Dog Shows as participant, with Festus and it was nerve wracking, I was a terrible mess. I’ve been to Dog Shows as a visitor and I wanted to pet them, but they were show dogs and it wasn’t appropriate to disturb them. But at Crufts there is a Discovery Dogs section and that’s what made us eager to attend next year. Also, I would love to see the ultimate doggy related items, pools, leads, beds.

3. The Beatles Story. I got free tickets and we’ve visited the museums on Monday. It was lovely, loved everything about it. The blog about the visit.

4. Starcraft. Hubby loves Starcraft and, at Uni, we’ve started playing. Now I love it too and we play as a team against the computer. How nerdy is that?

5. Caravan. Finally hubby agreed to have a look at caravans. I want one and he was reluctant, as we’ve never been caravanning. Now all we have to do is to save some money to buy one.

6. Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. I love celebrating everything that we can. If I can make a day better with small things, why not take advantage and dwell on things like… I’m not a mother or I’m not Irish.
I feel my dog is as much as a kid as he can be, so this should be enough to make me a mother. For the Irish part I can’t really say anything besides I like Guinness.

7. New grass trimmer. We had to buy a grass trimmer and cut the grass! That’s the sign that the summer is coming. From what I heard, cutting the grass should make it thicker. If not, next month I’ll throw some special seeds. Those will not be eaten by birds (not harmful for birds, I’ve asked) and will make the lawn perfect.

8. Searching for outdoor furniture. The bistro set that we had was too small (yey! bigger garden, more space for furniture) and we recycled it this week. Now I have to look for comfy chairs and the perfect table. I want be able to work from the garden as much as I can. I love being outside and I hope I’ll be able to do that.

9. Small furry pets at Pets at Home. Every time we go to buy something considered vital by hubby and not by me, I insist to have a look at Pets at Home. The rats, mice, gerbils, bunnies and guinea pigs are so funny and sweet. They always make us smile.

10. The eclipse. It was such a nice weather, warm, lovely. Loved it.

Solar eclipse

We’ve talked a lot about the eclipse, I wanted to go to Scotland to see it better, hubby was reluctant as it wasn’t a total eclipse. In the end, it was too far for a day trip, so we’ve remained at home and hoped we’ll have a clear sky in Liverpool.


1 Solar eclipse Liverpool 2015

2 Solar eclipse Liverpool 2015

3 Solar eclipse Liverpool 2015

4 Solar eclipse 2015

5 Solar eclipse Liverpool

6 Solar eclipse 2015

7 Solar eclipse 2015

8 Solar eclipse Liverpool 2015

9 Solar eclipse Liverpool 2015