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Packwood House

Packwood House is a beautiful and quirky Tudor house in the Midlands, part of the National Trust. Built in the 16th century, it has the period charm.

01 Packwood House

02 Packwood House
It was the first time I’ve seen a wall solar clock, very interesting.

03 Packwood House
Isn’t this a beautiful door? Looks fairy-like, a little magical.

The interior of the house is beautiful, lots of wood, as any other Tudor house.

04 Packwood House

05 Packwood House

06 Packwood House
What a lovely view.

07 Packwood House

08 Packwood House

09 Packwood House
I was admiring the stained glass when hubby acted as a paparazzi.

10 Packwood House

11 Packwood House
Hubby also saw the small locks in the fireplace mantel. The lady told us that it was the place where they used to store spices to let them dry. If the spices were expensive, they would be locked.

12 Packwood House
When the upper floor was removed, 3 of the 4 beams were cut and carved into faces of statues from other important buildings. It’s quite unique and I’ve never seen something similar in any other Tudor houses.

13 Packwood House

14 Packwood House

15 Packwood House
This is the door that hubby opened. The lady from NT didn’t have enough force to unlock the door, which was a little jammed. Hubby jumped to the opportunity and I was jealous, I wanted to try to open this heavy wooden old door with a huge iron key.

16 Packwood House

17 Packwood House

18 Packwood House

19 Packwood House
This is the door that hubby opened.

20 Packwood House
Another wall solar clock, the 3rd one that we saw.

21 Packwood House
In the kitchen garden we saw a mole deterrent. Looks quite rustic, but funny.

22 Packwood House
Scones with clotted cream and jam, our usual treat. I had a brownie too, but no pictures of that one… we were too greedy to wait.

23 Packwood House

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