Colourful Smoothie Challenge

I bought a food processor with a big blender and I planned to drink smoothies every day. Well, it’s been over a month and didn’t drink enough smoothies as I wanted. I use the food processor a lot though, but for other things. Until now, when I saw Charissa’s Smoothie Challenge. Nothing gets me more motivated as a challenge.


The challenge is easy: make a smoothie every day in June, take a picture and post it on twitter with the hashtag #colourfulsmoothie and drink it.

I will post updates every 10 days with pictures of the smoothies, just to give me an extra boost. Accountability is very important for me. I told about it, I said I’ll blog about it… and now I “have” to drink the smoothies 🙂

Please join in and share your smoothies.

At Windsor with Festus

We’ve been to London last week with business. We’ve decided to make the journey into a longer trip. After London we stopped at Windsor and in another wonderful location I’m going to blog about these days.

I saw Windsor Castle last year and I wanted to stop again. The lawn seemed the perfect place to take some pictures with the dog and for a short walk. The short walk turned into a hour and 10 minutes walk, as it was sunny and warm and we had to take a lot of pictures. The horse statues were too nice to miss too.

01 Festus at Windsor

02 Festus at Windsor

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10 Good things

I still struggle to make the Good things post more often as I’m busy and I have other things to share. For example, at the moment there are a few posts in the making. Also my work is keeping me busy.


1. Event in Manchester. I’ve been to an event for bloggers last week, in Manchester. It was my second event and I enjoyed it a lot. More events will follow, is so exciting.

2. Twitter. I have a little over 170 followers on twitter and I couldn’t be more happier. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I only started using twitter 3 months ago. Never used it before, so it took a few days to get the grips with it, especially as I had other things to do.

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Three Queens in One Magnificent City

Yesterday was the first time all three Queens, Cunard ships, met on the Mersey. All of them were on different cruises when they stopped in Liverpool. I was eager to go to see the ships as I knew about the event from last year.
There was a very special reason for the even: it is the 175th anniversary for Cunard.

We arrived at a little over 12 and it was crowded, you’ll see in the pictures that I had to climb a wall to be able to see anything.

01 Three Queens in One Magnificent City
This is Queen Elisabeth. The ship is the newest liner and it was named by Her Majesty the Queen in 2010.

02 Three Queens in One Magnificent City

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London on a sunny day

Hubby had to be in London, so we’ve made a trip out of it. Our first stop was at the meeting, after that we found a good car park near a tube station, anything under £10 for a few hours is very cheap.

01 London on a sunny day
Here hubby took a picture, when we left the car park. We’ve got on the tube and off we were, on the Jubilee line to Westminster.

We arrived in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a tourist city. We saw the London Eye, the Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. We’ve seen the landmarks before, but in a hurry. Also, we wanted to look at the shops next, so it was the perfect place to start with. I hope that some day we’ll have the time to properly visit them, but we’ll have to take one tourist attraction at a time.

02 London on a sunny day

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Blogger Meet-Up

This week I’ve attended my second event for bloggers and it was so exciting. It was organized by The Press Tent at a delightful location, The Escalator, in Manchester.
Loved the event, a glass of prosecco to start with, lots of bloggers, lots of brands with so many interesting things and the cocktails were so good, especially the ginger one. On top of that, a great goodie bag to take home.

01 Blogger Meet-Up

We had a chance to mingle and talk with the brands that were attending. I liked that there were many brands present and I could talk directly with them. I had a chance to talk with amazing bloggers, some links further in the post.

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Fitness update – P90X3, first block

I don’t usually write about my workouts, but I want to change that and make a monthly update. In February I managed to get a knee injury, unrelated with the workouts. I had to wait a couple of months to recover and now I’m back on track.

I’ve started P90X3 on 17th April and so far it was great. P90X3 is a BeachBody program made by Tony Horton. The workouts are only 30 minutes and most of them have a few more minutes of cool-down. The entire program is 90 days and there is an workout for each day. The schedule is divided into 3 Blocks of 4 weeks each, hence the monthly updates.
Every block has 3 weeks of intensive workouts consisting from a mixture of strength training 3 times a week, cardio 2 times, yoga and stretching one each. The last week is for recovery, where the workouts are easier, more stretching, yoga and Pilates.

fitness update

I finished the first block a few days ago and I’m pleased to say that I’ve missed only 4 workouts and 3 of them are yoga, which I can catch up in the next weeks. I think is pretty clear I don’t fancy yoga. But I do it anyway because it improves flexibility and it helped me with my issues. I had problems with the knees since I was doing karate as a teenager and with the lower back since birth.

After the first week I’ve noticed a big increase in the number of push ups I was able to do. One of the exercises is a combination of push ups and pull ups and is my favourite workout. In the first week I was able to do 85 push ups and that was quite a low number for me, but in the 2nd week I did 111 and a staggering 127 in the last week. Is true that in the last week I wanted more push ups and less pull ups. For pull ups I’m still using assistance, still a work in progress.

I feel a slight improvement with every workout, I can do a couple of reps more, I can go lower in a squat, I can use a bigger weight. I write on the worksheets as much info as I can, to help me keep track of what I’m doing. If in the first week I mention “hard”, I’m very happy if in the 2nd or 3rd week it becomes “easier” or I don’t need to add anything more.