Run or Dye

On Saturday I had my first 5k race. I received an invitation for a Run or Dye event and I loved that opportunity. As I decided to run now, it was impossible for me to fund raise for a charity in a short time.

01 Run or Dye

I arrived an hour before the race at Cholmondeley Castle, in Cheshire. Hubby took pictures with the phone and it was better, as the dyes can get into the camera and for sure that’s not a good thing. Also, it’s not allowed to take pictures with a DSLR as they have professional pictures for sale after the show. I didn’t buy any as I think they are overpriced at £7.

There were a few stalls there with doughnuts, coffee and a Run or Dye stall with t-shirts, headbands and bags of dye.

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Cheshire County Show, part 1

I’ve been to a county show for the first time and I loved it. Going to Cheshire County Show was such a great experience that I couldn’t make a smaller selection of pictures (60 in total), so I’ve decided to split the post in 2 parts. The first part is all about the animals, as they are the focus at this type of fairs. Tomorrow I’ll post about the stalls and interesting activities, including the horses.

Cheshire Agricultural Society was founded in 1838 having as an objective to encourage better farming methods thru competitions. The competitions are the same today as they were at the beginning. If you want to read more about the history of the Show, have a look on their website.

01 Cheshire county show

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Morning walk

I like taking pictures on our morning walk, to have a reminder of the nice things we are seeing each day. Have a look at the one from last year, while we were living in another city, in Wirral.

01 Morning walk
This is my favourite flower, I stop to look at the roses on our way to the park. There was another big purple rose, beautiful, but I didn’t take a picture and now it doesn’t look good anymore.

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Colourful Smoothie Challenge, next 10 days

In the first Colourful Smoothie Challenge update I set some goals for the next 10 days and it didn’t go as planned. I wanted to make 5 savoury but I did only 2 as I’m not very keen on them. At least, they are more colourful for this update.

11 Blueberries and banana
Day 11: Blueberries and banana

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Africa Oye

Africa Oye is an African festival in Liverpool, at Sefton Park. I found out about it from a friend and decided to go. Yesterday morning was cold and it rained, so I prepared myself with wellies, waterproof jacket and we headed to Sefton. The sun came up and I had to ditch the jacket and the wellies kept me too warm. The festival is free and it is very entertaining; it’s still on today.

01 Africa Oye Liverpool festival 2015

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