Road trip in White Peak

A few days ago we’ve been on a road trip for hubby’s name day (he is named after a saint and on that saint’s day is his name day). I wanted to use the guide I bought from TK Maxx a few weeks ago and hubby likes driving and exploring new places, so a road […]

Rufford Old Hall

At only 30 minutes from us is the beautiful Rufford Old Hall, part of National Trust. Alongside Little Moreton Hall and Speke Hall is the 3rd charming Tudor building in this area. I think Tudor buildings are my favourite. The black old timber frames and beams, quirky and crooked with white paint makes them beautiful. […]

Feeding birds in Sefton Park

Feeding birds is one of my favourite pass times. I like feeding birds and squirrels and swans and pigeons because I find it very relaxing. When I was living in Wirral I used to go quite often to Birkenhead Park, it was only 15-20 minutes from us and the wildlife was always eager to eat. […]


On our day trip to Lake District we’ve been to Wray Castle and the lovely Townend, a farmhouse. You might also like Holiday Birmingham Shoryu Ramen Coventry The Queen’s Head Frodsham

5 Good things

It’s been only 10 days from my last good things update and I have a new and exciting list. Yesterday I was very busy and I think this will go on for another couple of weeks. I will try to keep posting at least 3 times a week, hopefully more. 1. Veeno Liverpool opening night. […]

Blinds or curtains

In a couple of weeks it will be our first home anniversary. We bought the house as a project and most of the renovations were finished quite fast, we had our Christmas tree up in November. But, there are small things that are not done yet and I’m afraid we still need to decide what […]

Museum of London

Hubby and I went to Museum of London at the beginning of the month, but I was busy with other things and I kept postponing it. I made a small selection from the exhibits seen at the museum, as there are so many interesting artifacts on display. You might also like June Sensational Butterflies at […]