Stratford upon Avon

I have these pictures for a while now, but with work and other commitments I kept postponing showing them. Stratford upon Avon is well known because is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Hubby and I didn’t study Shakespeare at school, but I read a couple of his plays as a teenager. I also read Lord Byron, Keats and my mother is found of Rudyard Kipling.
Earlier this month we’ve been to Birmingham and after a day working, I wanted to visit Starford upon Avon.

01 stratford upon avon
We started with Shakespeare’s birthplace. He lived here from birth until he was old enough to marry. He also spent the first five years of family life here with his wife, Anne Hathaway.

02 Stratford upon avon
Opposite the house is a Christmas shop that looked like it was from a fairy tale. It’s a shame it was closed, but we arrived in Straford at 6.30pm.

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Cirquec, burlesque bar in Manchester

Last week hubby and I have been invited to Cirquec, a new champagne burlesque bar in Manchester with shows each Saturday. I liked the idea, so Saturday evening we made the trip to Manchester. Cirquec is a few minutes drive from the city centre, but in a less busy area and on road parking wasn’t a problem.

01 Me

We arrived half an hour before the show and we were able to have a look upstairs and we heard about their plans for the future. The venue is a Victorian building and the original features are still there. I loved that, I think it adds to the charm.

08 Cirquec burlesque Manchester
This is the VIP Lounge on the upper floor. On the ground floor it was busy, so I didn’t take pictures of the venue. The design is similar, with bespoke furniture and beautiful decor.

02 Cirquec burlesque Manchester
Hubby got champagne for us and I enjoyed it very much. It is a french champagne and it can be found exclusively there.

We sat at one of the tables and had a nice time chatting. Steph, the hostess, came to greet us before the show started and I liked that. She is bubbly and everybody loved talking with her.

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Lyme House

I have to say this will be another heavy pictured post. Hubby and I went to Lyme House last year on Valentine’s Day for the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice (where we both walked in our regency clothes without a jacket at 5 degrees). On a warmer day we went again to visit the house and properly see the gardens.

01 Lyme House and Park

02 Lyme House and Park
We started with the house. The Entrance Hall looks beautiful and grand. I was very found of the tapestry, made in the 1620s.

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New cashmere poncho

I don’t post my outfits as often as I want to because I forget to take pictures. Yesterday I’ve been to Wirral with work, but remembered to ask hubby to take a few pictures. I’ve bought my first cashmere poncho in February and I used it so many times that it was only justified to get more, which I did, a couple of weeks ago. Purple is my favourite colour, I couldn’t resist. The other one is light, cream and grey and it is a little different, with buttons.

01 New cashmere poncho

02 New cashmere poncho

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Rock Houses

I heard about Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses a couple of years ago, but didn’t have the chance to see them until now. They are now part of the National Trust properties, located in South Staffordshire. A fact that I find fascinating is that until the 1950s people lived there. Also, Tolkien lived nearby and it’s possible he got his inspiration for the Hobbit from them.

01 Rock Houses

Is uncertain how old the caves are. The sandstone was excavated so people could live there and modified during the years, so any previous excavations didn’t leave a mark. The first formal record of the Rock Houses of Kinver Edge was in a book from 1777.

Inside the main chamber there are lots of information panels with pictures of the people who used to live there. There are stories about their life there. Before going there, I thought it will be dark and not very comfortable. But, after reading about them and seeing how they lived, I changed my mind. The houses have charm and there was a sense of community between them. They grew veggies, fruits and flowers, bringing life and colours outside. The views are wonderful too.

It’s a fascinating place and I would love to visit it again.

02 Houses that inspired the hobbit

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Heritage Open Day in Chester

Last weekend we’ve been to Chester for the Heritage Open Days. I like this annually event a lot, as I can see more things in one day and there are special guided tours and special days on locations that are not usually open to the public or advertised as tourist attractions.

01 Heritage Open Days in Chester
Bishop Lloyd’s House on Chester rows. It was an open day and there also was a guided tour. We took advantage to learn more about these beautiful Tudor buildings. They were built on medieval undercrofts. In the 17th century two houses were converted into one and this is how the palace was born.

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