Museums in Cambridge

I visited two museums in Cambridge, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. I’ve been fascinated by fossils for years. I also like archaeology, so I was eager to see them. Both have free entry and are close to each other.

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is a small museum comparing to the ones in London. Even so, it has an impressive history that started in 1728. It is the oldest museum in Cambridge.

01 Archaeological museum
As I said, I love fossils. I always thought that the amount of details imprinted in the rock is amazing.

02 Archaeological museum

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5 Good things

It’s a very busy time for us with a trip to London one of these days. On top of that I have a lot of work-related stuff to do and there are some home-related things to do as well. Among other good things, I made a small list for my series:

1. Autumn. I love autumn, maybe as much as I love winter, spring and summer. Autumn means pumpkins and Halloween and hubby’s birthday and my birthday. The nature changes, the days are shorter and colder and that is a good reason so snuggle up on the sofa watching TV with hubby. I’m not particularly bothered by rain and it might come as a shock for non-Brits, but in UK it doesn’t rain that often… certainly not as often as it’s perceived from the other countries.

jo malone samples are on my list of good things
2. Jo Malone. I received this sample at a Christmas press day (I will blog about it in a couple of days) and it smells amazing. It’s from their Blackberry & Bay range, the cologne and the body creme.

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Made .com review

I’ve been at the launch of Made .com new furniture showroom in Liverpool earlier this month. In the goodie bag I was surprise to see I received a £50 gift voucher. I was delighted to have a look on the website to see what I will get. There were so many nice things that I fancied that the decision what to take was harder than I thought.

01 Made .com review
I got this Cable Hand Knitted Throw for £39. I’m smitten with knitted throws and I wanted to get one last year, but as there were so many things to do last year I never got to buy one.

I like it a lot, it’s well made, it’s comfy and it looks great. The throw is 127cm by 152cm, a perfect size, not too big and not too small. I also like the colour, it brings a patch of colour in the living room.

02 Made .com review
I paid for the shipping myself. The shipping was separate for the throw and the towels and the packages came separate. I think that was a little odd, but it didn’t matter much. The parcels arrived with Royal Mail quite fast and I received them at the same time.

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Pick the pumpkin and Halloween ideas

Hubby and I went to pick the pumpkin from a local farm. As I thought, the pumpkins were overpriced, but we were on the field looking for them, so it was worth the extra pound. We also bought some fresh veggies and eggs at a very good price and fresh and local, things I care about. I made a list with Halloween ideas thanks to the lovely ladies that joined in my linky and I had some ideas too.

01 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
I took a wheelbarrow although I was sure I didn’t actually need one.

02 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
The farm was nicely decorated with hay-bails as minions and a big pumpkin. As it’s visible in the background, the car park was full in a weekday.

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Jump In

This week is the Manchester Science Festival and I was invited to the Jump In event. It’s an adult only ball pool and it’s as amazing as it sounds. It was created by the Design agency Pearlfisher to highlight the power of play in everyday adult life.
If you are in Manchester or even at a 1-2 hours drive, go to Museum of Science and Industry, it will be amazing! The tickets are only £5 per person and it’s open until 1st November.

01 Jump In
This is me in a pool with 81,000 white balls. It was fun and exciting and the first time I’ve been in a ball pool.

02 Jump In
I followed the white balls to get to the Experiment Gallery at the first floor.

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A day in Cambridge

After a day in Oxford, I wanted to go to Cambridge too. It’s beautiful. I wanted to see Trinity College, obviously, I loved the movie The Theory of Everything and I watched a few documentaries with Stephen Hawking, like Brave New World and Grand Design.

01 Cambridge

02 Cambridge

Cambridge has a different feel to Oxford, I can’t explain why. I preferred it, while hubby prefers Oxford. There were hundreds if not thousands of tourist and I wasn’t expecting that considering it is October.

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