40 Before 40

40 before 40

This weekend was my birthday, a time to think of how many things I’ve done so far and also a good reason to make a bucket list with things I want to do. As I saw a few of this type of lists, I wanted one: 40 before 40. I will have 7 years to finish the list.

40 before 40 list

After carefully considerations, this is my list:

1. Run in a 5k race in under 40 min. I did at Women’s Running Race Series 2017, 5k in 37 minutes.

2. Complete an yearly book challenge. 52 Books in 2017.

3. Go on a long hike, of at least 10 miles.

4. Grow edible flowers. I did, I have pansy. I used them to decorate Lime pie and Tiramisu.

5. Learn how to use my camera better (this will mean less work for hubby).

6. Volunteer to an event or with a charity. I’ve started volunteering in August at a stately home, then I’ve participated in Victorian Christmas.

7. Try a new sport.

8. Read 3 classic books I don’t actually want to read.

9. Buy a caravan or at least make a trip with a rented caravan. Done. We bought a caravan and we went on our first cavaranning holiday.

10. Feed a wild animal (at a Safari park/zoo).

11. Sew a dress/skirt from scratch. I did, mentioned about it here. Picture here.

12. Visit 10 new cities/towns in England, 10 in Wales and 10 in Scotland.
1. Southminster
2. Keswick: Osprey & Puzzling Place
3. Penrith
4. Carlisle. A couple of times in the city and we saw Carlisle Castle
5. Coventry
6. Frodsham
7. Knutsford
8. Malpas
9. St Albans
1. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
1. Edinburgh. A few more places near Edinburgh, but didn’t stay too long in a city/town to consider visiting them.

13. Improve my Photoshop skills. Done.

14. Do something I’m scared of. I did, I went on the Treetop walkway at Kew Gardens, it was very scary for me.

15. Take a narrowboat day-trip or a short holiday.

16. Keep a Good Things jar for at least 2 years.

17. Have a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

18. Visit Buckingham and Kensington Palace. I’ve been to Kensington Palace.

19. Renew my wedding vows.

20. Go puffin watching.

21. Go 24 hours without technology. I did use the GPS and the camera, but I’ve avoided all other types of technology.

22. Do a pub trail.

23. Attend a murder mystery dinner.

24. Complete a 30 days working out challenge without missing a day. Done. I did a 30 days push-ups challenge. I also did a smoothie challenge, started with 30 days, but it’s still going on after 90.

25. Try to learn to ride the bike.

26. Go to the Ferrari museum.

27. Buy a collectible with Michael Schumacher. – Hubby bought the 1998 car for me for Christmas. It was exactly the collectible I was thinking of, as it was the first year I watched the F1 races and became a Michael Schumacher fan.

28. Go to a F1 GP.

29. Make my own cheese (I have a kit for halloumi, but didn’t use it).

30. Complete a 365 day photo challenge. I did, in 2016.

31. Be vegan for a week. See how it went.

32. Go to Northern Ireland for a Game of Thrones trail.

33. Do an unassisted pull up.

34. Do more than 200 push-ups in a workout (now I can do more than 100). On 1st June 2016 I did 200 push-ups in 11 minutes and 1 second.

35. Stay for a night in a castle.

36. Go on a road trip of at least a thousand miles (hubby drives, so it’s like cheating for this one).

37. Spend a new year celebration in Edinburgh at Hogmanay.

38. Kayak on the rivers.

39. Go horseback riding.

40. Buy a membership somewhere (beside the annual membership that I have with National Trust and English Heritage). I did. Now we are members of National Art Pass too.

Some of them I made them before, like volunteering and horseback riding. I wanted to make a 40 before 40 list that is reasonable and realistic.

Do you have a bucket list similar to my 40 before 40?

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    1. You can make a 30 before 30 list. I think having a list and put it on the blog gives a little extra push to make those things happen. xx

  1. Good list! I haven’t made an official list although I did make a list of things to do before I’m 30 – it was unofficial and I don’t think I achieved it! Life got in the way! 😉 Which GP would you like to attend?
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