40 before 40

This weekend was my birthday, a time to think of how many things I’ve done so far and also a good reason to make a bucket list with things I want to do. As I saw a few of this type of lists, I wanted one: 40 before 40. I will have 7 years to finish the list.

40 before 40 list

After carefully considerations, this is my list:

1. Run in a 5k race in under 40 min.

2. Complete an yearly book challenge.

3. Go on a long hike, of at least 10 miles.

4. Grow edible flowers. I did, I have pansy. I used them to decorate Lime pie and Tiramisu.

5. Learn how to use my camera better (this will mean less work for hubby).

6. Volunteer to an event or with a charity.

7. Try a new sport.

8. Read 3 classic books I don’t actually want to read.

9. Buy a caravan or at least make a trip with a rented caravan. Done. We bought a caravan and we went on our first cavaranning holiday.

10. Feed a wild animal (at a Safari park/zoo).

11. Sew a dress/skirt from scratch. I did, mentioned about it here. Picture here.

12. Visit 10 new cities in England, 10 in Wales and 10 in Scotland.

13. Improve my Photoshop skills.

14. Do something I’m scared of. I did, I went on the Treetop walkway at Kew Gardens, it was very scary for me.

15. Take a narrowboat day-trip or a short holiday.

16. Keep a Good Things jar for at least 2 years.

17. Have a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

18. Visit Buckingham and Kensington Palace. I’ve been to Kensington Palace.

19. Renew my wedding vows.

20. Go puffin watching.

21. Go 24 hours without technology.

22. Do a pub trail.

23. Attend a murder mystery dinner.

24. Complete a 30 days working out challenge without missing a day. Done. I did a 30 days push-ups challenge. I also did a smoothie challenge, started with 30 days, but it’s still going on after 90.

25. Try to learn to ride the bike.

26. Go to the Ferrari museum.

27. Buy a collectible with Michael Schumacher. – Hubby bought the 1998 car for me for Christmas. It was exactly the collectible I was thinking of, as it was the first year I watched the F1 races and became a Michael Schumacher fan.

28. Go to a F1 GP.

29. Make my own cheese (I have a kit for halloumi, but didn’t use it).

30. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.

31. Be vegan for a week.

32. Go to Northern Ireland for a Game of Thrones trail.

33. Do an unassisted pull up.

34. Do more than 200 push-ups in a workout (now I can do more than 100). On 1st June I did 200 push-ups in 11 minutes and 1 second.

35. Stay for a night in a castle.

36. Go on a road trip of at least a thousand miles (hubby drives, so it’s like cheating for this one).

37. Spend a new year celebration in Edinburgh at Hogmanay.

38. Kayak on the rivers.

39. Go horseback riding.

40. Buy a membership somewhere (beside the annual membership that I have with National Trust and English Heritage). I did. Now we are members of National Art Pass too.

Some of them I made them before, like volunteering and horseback riding. I wanted to make a 40 before 40 list that is reasonable and realistic.

Do you have a bucket list similar to my 40 before 40?

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9 thoughts on “40 before 40”

    1. You can make a 30 before 30 list. I think having a list and put it on the blog gives a little extra push to make those things happen. xx

  1. Good list! I haven’t made an official list although I did make a list of things to do before I’m 30 – it was unofficial and I don’t think I achieved it! Life got in the way! 😉 Which GP would you like to attend?
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