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Knowsley Safari Park in December

I’ve been to Knowsley Safari Park a few times in 2013 and 2014. The park is only 15 minutes away from home and it’s a wonderful place. I had to chose only a few pictures from more than 300 we took at the park.

01 Knowsley Safari Park in December

02 Knowsley Safari Park in December

I thought it will not be very exciting this time of year as it’s winter (well, there are 14-15 degrees, but it’s still considered winter). I was wrong, the place is wonderful. I love the camels, they look so pretty with their winter coat on. During summer they shed and they don’t look as nice as this time of year (they look scruffy).

Of course I have to show the lions. Hubby loves big cats and I love them too.

03 Knowsley Safari Park in December
A mother and her cub. It’s true the cub is pretty much the same size as her mother, but that didn’t bother them. It was moving to see them interact with each other, being so close and seeing the bond between them.

04 Knowsley Safari Park in December

05 Knowsley Safari Park in December
She was near our car after an incident with someone who took the wrong path and got them excited thinking they will get some food. Nothing happened as the keepers acted fast and they were very professional.

07 Knowsley Safari Park in December
After the lion enclosure we saw the wolfs. We laughed that Festus, our dog, is like a wolf because he sleeps as this one.

06 Knowsley Safari Park in December
In the park there are plenty of deer and other herbivores. They were fed near the path and it was lovely to be able to see them so close. The deer are interested in the cars, but not afraid and that is wonderful.

The monkey jungle is, beside the lion enclosure, one of the most sought after attractions in the park. We never took the car friendly route even after the monkeys managed to remove the weatherstrip and hubby recovered it and managed to put it back on the windscreen in the car park.

08 Knowsley Safari Park in December
They had lunch and they weren’t too keen to get close.

09 Knowsley Safari Park in December
But finally they did and we had a monkey on the car.

10 Knowsley Safari Park in December
He was having a snack while riding with the car. He looked at me and resumed his snacking.

11 Knowsley Safari Park in December
I just love their tiny hands.

12 Knowsley Safari Park in December

13 Knowsley Safari Park in December
The rhino had a squabble with the pheasant. It sounds strange and it was, the rhino was trying to impress the pheasant with his long horn and slightly aggressive moves while the pheasant was making himself bigger and he was showing off this tail. I can’t imagine what they were disagreeing about but it was interesting to watch.

We arrived at the walking area and we went to see the other animals. We went to the bat house. Hubby is starting to like them, although he is not as keen as I am.

14 Knowsley Safari Park in December
The sea lions were excited; their show was about to start in less than half an hour. They were swimming and jumping in front of the crowd who was cheering, it was lovely to see them so happy to perform.

15 Knowsley Safari Park in December
Santa was at the show and it was fun, it reminded me of meeting Santa when I was just a small kid. It was great.

After the show we went to see the birds of prey.

16 Knowsley Safari Park in December
The meerkats were in their house where they had heating, but they went outside too. In the house they were climbing up to the window and they were looking at the visitors.

17 Knowsley Safari Park in December
The giraffes were indoors, having a snack.

18 Knowsley Safari Park in December

It was a lovely day out and during the winter weekend they have a special offer, only £10 for a car. It’s a fab price and it is worth, as we were able to see all the animals. The walking area is free, where are the sea lion show, the bat house, the birds of pray section, the giraffes and elephants and a few small animals. Don’t miss this offer if you are in Liverpool, I only seen it by chance when I was looking on their website a couple of days ago.

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  1. What a lovely day out. Such a big selection of animals. I love the fact the pheasant and rhino were showing off to each other. Thanks for linking to out and about

  2. Safari parks are okay as long as the animals are well cared for and treated well. The deer and the camels are totally beautiful 🙂 x

  3. I’ve not been here for years! I remember last time some of the monkeys were stealing the reg plates off some of the cars in front! Thankfully mine was safe 🙂

    Corinne x

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