Good things

Since the latest good things post, lots of nice things happened, some annoying things too, but what’s the point in talking about those. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to Harrogate to see the Small Animal Show, like last year. Let’s go back to the good things and happy moments. Tomorrow I’m going to London, so a new post about that will follow soon.


1. I lost 4 pounds and 6 cm. I started my diet on 28th December and in 1 month I managed to loose 4 pounds and a total of 6 cm (a little over 2 inches). I couldn’t be happier considering there were lots of celebrations this month.

2. New sofa. Hubby and I ordered a new sofa 5 weeks ago and it will take another 5 weeks (or even 7) to get it, but it’s exciting to know we are going to get it. It will be a little smaller than the one we have now and I hope I will be able to fit a house plant next to it.

3. TV. I try to see as many TV shows as I can, there are so many I love. I might have to make a special post about them. There is Britain’s Next Top Model and documentaries about Egypt and nature. I also like Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

4. I won a giveaway! I participated in a giveaway hosted by Lucy – BakingQueen74 and I won a lovely cookbook that is all about Olives. It’s the third giveaway I win and I’m so happy about it. I don’t participate in giveaways very often, but when I do, I really want the prize.

5. Halfords. The car needed some new brake discs and hubby decided to book with Halfords. We’ve changed the tyres with them last year and, again, they were great. The service was fast and I really can’t fault them. They had an offer with pads for life, so the next ones will be exchanged for free. I’m not sure how much it was, but hubby was happy with the fee.

6. Restaurant. I was invited to Jamie’s Italian, see my review here. I enjoyed the food and the service was great. I really enjoyed it.

7. Flowers. I planted some bulbs in pots in the garden and another two are on the window sill in the kitchen. I hope they will grow and bloom in the summer.

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What’s cooking

I had a couple of posts a few years ago on my cooking adventures and I gave up. Now I want to make it a monthly update because the way I cook changes in time. I also think that this might give my readers some ideas.


I tried a lot of new things this month, from top left, I cooked raw cauliflower cous-cous with vegan Linda Mccartney sausages. I saw the raw cauliflower cous-cous during a TV show, it was delicious. The sausages are delicious, I eat them regularly as I like them so much.

Bread is one of my absolute favourite bakes. With easy rising yeast I can bake bread fast… well, fast for making bread, it still takes a couple of hours. As mostly is waiting time, I can work and take 5 minutes breaks every 30-40 minutes.
This month I’ve made wholemeal bread and I also tried two different enriched dough recipes, egg or milk. Hubby and I had different opinions regarding the bread, I preferred the one with egg and he liked the one with milk.
After watching Victorian Bakers I talked with hubby about baking bread with steam and now we developed a procedure to make steam in the oven. It’s not very complicated, but it’s easier if two people are doing it. I’ll talk about it on my cooking blog.

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The Happiness Tag

The lovely Becster nomaninated me for The Happiness Tag. I wanted to answer to the questions from this tag for a couple of days now, but the work keeps me busy. I can’t complain as I love what I’m doing.

It’s hard to chose songs I like as some of them I would listen to depending on my mood. The song I love regardless of my mood or how I’m feeling is Imagine by John Lennon. I mentioned this on my post about The Beatles Story.

Books: I prefer historical fiction and my favourite author is Mary Balogh. At the moment I’m delighted with my reading challenge (or challenges as I think I will continue with them the following years). I am excited by the books I plan to read, if only I had more time to read.

Films: I wrote about the 3 movies I loved last year in another post. They were The theory of everything, The imitation game and The Scandalous Lady W. I usually prefer older movies, like Gone with the Wind, The Thorn Birds. I enjoy romantic movies like Titanic, but at the same time I love Star Wars too (didn’t go to see episode 7, I will have to do it).

01 Mousse au chocolat
Foods: I love food, I talk about food all the time, I love cooking, trying new things and watching cookery shows. I usually experiment with flavours and this is why I started the Taste the World adventure and baked along the Great British Bake Off. My favourite food was Frankfurter Kranz cake my grandmother used to bake for my birthday. Now the cake shares the spot with dark chocolate mousse.

Words: I don’t think there are words that make me happy. I like quotes, but that is pretty much it.

Scents: There are plenty of scents that make me happy. The smell of fresh bread taken out of the oven makes me happy. Smelling a perfume I’ve enjoyed since I was a teenager makes me happy. I love the smell after the rain.

Random Things: A random thing that makes me really happy is my(our) home. Not only because it’s ours, but because it ticked so many boxes when we bought it and I feel so comfy here with all the things that I wanted (like a build-in wardrobe). My dog and my husband make me happy, my job.
It might sound like I’m living in a a fairytale, but the things that make me happy can be annoying too (the dog, the husband and the job), not too much though.

Bloggers: I will not nominate specific bloggers, so please join in if you fancy the tag and leave me a link so I can have a look.

Jamie’s Italian review

Hubby and I went a few days ago to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. I was invited to review the restaurant. I had to take the opportunity as I passed by the restaurant a few times when I was shopping in Liverpool, but never got in.

Jamie's Italian review
The restaurant is in a very good location, close to the L1 shopping centre. I had a look on the menu before going and I wanted to try all the vegetarian dishes as all of them sounded fab. So, after pondering, I decided to get a starter, a small main and a dessert. It turned out to be the best option and hubby made the same choice. The staff was helpful and the service was fast. We received our drink and starters in a few minutes.

Jamie's Italian review
My starter was Baked chestnut mushrooms with music bread, smoked mozzarella & thyme. I loved it. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, the bread was crispy. The dish was a delight, I enjoyed it a lot.

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Vegan leather jacket

Hubby surprised me when he phoned and said he bought something for me. I had no idea what he bought, I assumed it was something to eat. I wouldn’t have imagined he went to TKMaxx and discovered this amazing vegan leather jacket there. He obviously knew that I don’t wear real leather as I haven’t done so in years, even before becoming vegetarian.

01 Vegan leather jacket

I was delighted when I saw it. I tried it on and it looked fab. So I took a picture to share it on Instagram and told him that I want a photo shoot.

This wall is close to home and I think it makes a perfect background for photo shoots. While the location is good for taking pictures, it’s so crowded. It was funny that so many cars drove past and it seems that everybody wanted to see what we were doing. This is the reason I’m laughing in almost all the pictures. I might do other photoshoots here as it’s close and I like the wall too as a background.

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What I ate Wednesday #WIAW

This is my first post from the monthly series: What I Ate Wednesday. This Wednesday hubby and I are going to eat out and the whole idea behind this kind of posts is to show what I would eat in a regular day. So I took pictures yesterday.


In the morning I started with 2 slices of wholemeal bread, different types of cheese, kalamata and green olives marinated at home. For dessert some grapes and the second cup of coffee (2 of 3 yesterday). I can have sandwiches with soup or salads, but in the morning I usually pick something that is filling.


For lunch I’ve made spicy rice with aubergine filled with tomato sauce and roughly chopped parsley. The aubergine took only a few minutes to prepare, as my lunches usually do. I cut it half, scoop part of its flesh, pricked it with a fork and bake it with skin facing up for 20 minutes at 200C. While it was baking, I chopped the aubergine flesh and salt it slightly. After the timer went off, I took the aubergines out of the oven and flipped them. I mixed the aubergine flesh with some tomato sauce with mushrooms and a chopped spring onion and I tipped the sauce into the aubergines. There is no oil or any kind of fat.
I placed them back in oven with the timer for another 20-25 minutes. I had the rice already cooked, but it takes only 10-12 minutes on the hob. The dish was ready to be served and I didn’t have to do lots of things. The dish is vegan.

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3 movies I loved last year

I don’t talk a lot about the movies I’m watching as it’s not my favourite passtime. But I want to talk about 3 movies I loved last year: The theory of everything, The imitation game and The Scandalous Lady W.

The theory of everything
I watched a TV series with the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and I’m a huge fan. So I was excited to see The theory of everything, a movie about his life, his years in Cambridge, how he met and married his wife. It was a fascinating movie to watch. The lead actor, Eddie Redmayne, won an Oscar that I think was very well deserved. I didn’t know anything about Hawking’s life and it was an emotional movie.

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