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Blue Desert

I was invited for the screening of the Brazilian movie Deserto Azul or Blue Desert at Liverpool Small Cinema. Not only that I could see the movie, but it was followed by a Q&A. It sounded fascinating, so my husband and I went to see it. Blue Desert was screened as part of Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival.

Blue Desert

The movie is Science Fiction and it’s not a common genre of Brazilian productions. The movie was filmed in Brazil and in the Chilean desert, Atacama. The director, Eder Santos told us about the arts installations that were used in the movie. I found that detail fascinating. The movie took 4 years to finish and 10 years to create. The director was asked if he had a scene in mind that had to be included in the film and he said the silence scene. I thought when I was watching the movie that the scene was incredible. In an age where every second of a movie “has” to be covered in sound, a few moments of complete silence was so unexpected. I’m not going to say anything more about the movie to avoid giving any spoilers.

Blue Desert

The plot is about a man who is trying to encounter his soulmate. Blue Desert is a journey of revelations, while he is trying to understand the purpose of life. The plot contains texts taken from the first art book by Yoko Ono, Grapefruit. The same book that inspired John Lennon to write “Imagine”. I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Blue Desert

The actors were Odilon Esteves, Chico Diaz, Angelo Antonio, Maria Luisa Mendonca and Michelle Castro. The artists which created the installations used in the movie were Adriana Varejao, Nygia Negromente, Rita Myers and Fernando Rabelo. The script was written by Eder Santos and Monica Cerqueira.

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