30 days Smoothie Challenge

Last year, in June, I took the Colourful Smoothie Challenge. It was interesting and I want to do it again this year. Last year I didn’t finish the challenge, the last 2-3 days I wasn’t able to make smoothies, but this year I have a plan. I will be away for a few days, so when I can’t use my blender, I will buy smoothies from the supermarket. I’m also thinking of other alternatives, like taking the shaker with me and making a smoothie with natural juice and add things like Chia seeds, cocoa powder and shake it. I’m not sure it will work, but I think it should.

this is a chocolate and orange smoothie I made last year

I will take pictures of my smoothies and I will share them on twitter. If you want to join in for the whole smoothie challenge or just a few days, tag me on twitter and I’ll RT your picture. If you are looking for inspiration, I’ve made a Pinterest board for smoothies last year and I’m going to update it this year with new ideas for smoothies.

This year I will pair the smoothie challenge with a 30 days working out challenge. It will be an easy challenge, only 10 minutes a day. In those 10 minutes I can do push-ups (if you read my blog you know I love push ups), routines that I will find from youtube or apps, running, yoga or stretch. The hard part will be to do something every single day. As I said, I will be away and then it will get interesting to see what I can do to keep up with my working out routine.

Would you like to take part in this 30 days Smoothie challenge? Would you like to take both challenges? Let me know.

Think before you flush

I was asked by United Utilities if I want to take part in their campaign Think before you flush. It doesn’t sound too glamorous, but being a home owner comes with all sort of issues. I was interested to hear more and I was surprised by what I discovered.

First of all, the “flushable” wipes are well… only flushable, it means they will not remain in the toilet bowl, but they cause problems and clog the pipes. The clogging of the pipes can happen on the property and that leads to expensive repairs or they cause problems further along the pipelines. I think the wipes are misleading, I used them in the past and, unknowingly throw them in the toilet, thinking the water will break down quickly. They don’t break down as toilet paper does and the wipes will snag on pipe joints creating blockages, as they are mixed with fats that are poured down the drain. From now I’ll use the bin for them.


Research was made in North West and the results are staggering. 1 in 10 people has suffered from blocked toilets and drains by flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed, like baby wipes and other types of wipes and sanitary products.
Other things that can clog up the pipes are things like cotton buds, cotton wool and nappies. I never throw those in toilet as it’s obvious they are clogging the pipes. On United Utilities’s website they say only 3 things should end up in the toiled, the 3 P’s: pee, poo and (toilet) paper.
To solve the issues, a plumber has to be called and the home owners ended up paying an average of £99 for the repair. It’s a lot of money and hassle for something that can be so easily prevented by using a bathroom bin. The insurance companies will not cover the costs if the problem was caused by flushing something that shouldn’t be flushed.

At the same time, water companies have to spend a huge amount of money to unblock public pipes. United Utilities has to deal with around 25,000 blockages a year, costing around £10 million.

The flushable wipes have a great impact on environment too. Marine Conservation Society have made a report that suggest there was an increase of 50% last year in the number of wet wipes washed up on the beaches.

If, like me, you had no idea what wipes (any type of wipes) are doing to our pipes, have a look on the link I posted at the beginning of the post, lots of interesting facts and details. There is a downloadable pack for parents with details about the campaign and some craft activities.
It’s so easy to avoid expensive repairs, hassle and headache these flushable wipes are causing by using a bin. From the moment I learned about this I stopped throwing away the wipes in the toilet and I used the bin. It made absolutely no difference to me.

Were you aware about this issue? Are you using flushable wipes?

Post is in collaboration with United Utilities.

What’s cooking… in the caravan

This month I’ve decided to make a little twist to my What’s cooking post. I wanted to share what I cooked in the caravan. I love cooking, the hob has 2 burners and I have an oven too (didn’t try that one though, something to do next time), so there wasn’t any point in getting ready meals or takeaways (especially as I don’t particularly like them). I don’t have pictures of everything I cooked while we were on holiday, but pretty much this is it. We also had desserts from a local bakery and from the supermarket.

01 What's cooking in the caravan
In the morning we usually had grilled cheese with tomato salad. On that day I had a warm rocket salad that I made with some leftover salad from the evening before. Breakfast must be accompanied by a cup of black coffee for me, tea for hubby.

02 What's cooking in the caravan
For lunch, in one of the days, we had mushroom pasta with soft cheese sauce. The pasta took only 20 minutes to make. While the pasta was boiling, the mushrooms were frying on a frying pan. I mixed everything together and added some spices and that was it. I used light soft cheese, so it was a lower calories option.

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New me, thanks to Sassoon Salon

If you’ve read my blog in the last month, you might have seen I attended a blogger event at Sassoon Salon, held at their Liverpool location, in Metquarter.

After the event I had consultations for cut, colour and Wella hair care products. During the consultations it was suggested that I get a fringe and a lush dark brown hair colour. It was interesting to hear that because I was considering a fringe, but I wasn’t sure I would like it and after you cut the hair… it’s pretty hard to do something about it. As for the colour, I’ve never thought of a dark brown, I was thinking of black. After the event I asked my husband for his opinion and, obviously, he avoided to say something definitive. It’s not a good idea for a husband to get involved in matters such as these.

before and after Sassoon Salon Liverpool
Yesterday I arrived at my appointment sure I’m going to go for the changes they suggested. I was ecstatic when I saw the transformation. I love it.

01 sassoon salon

First of all I had the new colour done and a luxury colour protecting treatment applied. I’m very happy with the new colour. I have to agree that black would have been too much for me, as it’s a strong colour. I will keep the colour, I think it suits me better than black, it’s softer.
It’s strange that I love the colour so much and before this I didn’t consider it at all.

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Holy Island, Anglesey

In our holiday to Anglesey, we’ve been to Holy Island. We’ve been there before, at South Stack Cliffs and it’s a beautiful place. This time we’ve explored the island a little bit more. The main city is Holyhead, located halfway up on Anglesey’s west coast. The Island was a landing point between Ireland and Britain for almost 4,000 years. The name Holy Island comes from the incredible amount of standing stones and burial chambers found on the island.

01 Holy Island, Anglesey

My favourite location on Holy Island was Porth Dafarch Beach, owned by The National Trust. It opens out to the Irish Sea. We found it by chance, while we were driving around the island. The sand is beautiful, the water was warm, it was a wonderful surprise.

02 Holy Island, Anglesey

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Timeline and Dobble review

What can be better in a caravanning trip than to play some board games while outside is raining? Luckily, I’ve been sent these 3 fab games to review. When I received them I was eager to try them out, but I kept them especially for this trip, as we were leaving in a few days.

Timeline and Dobble review

I like the boxes, they are sturdy and good quality, so I think they could be a great gift. My husband opened the box and set up the game, in the meantime I made hot chocolate.

Timeline General Interest review
The first game we played was Timeline General Interest (RRP £12.99). The game is very easy to play, we had 4 cards each, I placed the first card from the stack with the date up. Taking turns, we had to place our cards to create a timeline. If a player places their card in the wrong place, he has to take a new card from the stack. The player who finishes the cards first is the winner.
It was hard to place the cards in a timeline, especially as the difference between the years can be as short as 1 year. There were also events happening on the same year. The game is fun and we played it a few times. Even if I used a card, I didn’t remember the year from that card next time we played because it’s all about comparing events. Examples of cards: the invention of the traffic light, the invention of the pocket book or the invention of the washing machine.

This game has 110 cards, there are quite a lot. This means the game can be played many times without it getting boring and remembering all the details. Even so, this game can be played along the last one in my review, Timeline Science and Discoveries and that one too has 110 cards.

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Caravanning for the first time

This week my husband and I took the dog caravanning for the first time. It was like a trial-holiday, to see if we have everything we need, as we have an old, used caravan. Well, it went very good, even better than expected. For example, I realized I need lots of other things to make the caravanning trip even smoother, like clips for opened snack bags. I could have taken a few from home, but I didn’t think I would need them.
As we bought an old caravan, we were expecting it to have some issues, but it’s pretty good. We discovered that the full awning has a couple of poles missing. It’s not a big thing, as we can order them from the manufacturer’s website. Now we know how to put up the awning and that is helpful too.

After this post, I will make a few more posts about what I cooked in the caravan, about the games we played and the things we visited. It was only a 4-day trip, but we managed to visit quite a few places and I’ll blog about them in the following month.

01 Caravanning for the first time
We went to Anglesey, found a lovely and quiet caravan site a few minutes off the motorway and we set up the caravan. The caravan site was in a lovely location and there were lots and lots of bunnies running around and having a snack near the caravans. Festus wanted to chase them, but he wasn’t as keen as he is on cats. We obviously took him out with the lead on, so it’s easier to distract him.

02 Caravanning for the first time
Festus loved the caravan, he felt at home as soon as he got in. I was expecting him to sniff everywhere and get a little excited, but he didn’t. He was relaxed from the beginning. We’ve discovered that the caravan feels spacious when we are relaxing, but doing the bed is quite a struggle. So hubby was so helpful and was taking the dog out for a play while I was making the bed…

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