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For me the end of the year means I can sit back and think for a while of the things that happened and what will happen next year. When I saw last year the Best 9 on Instagram I was very curious. I started using Instagram only for a few months, so it wasn’t very relevant. Anyway, more details about Best of 2015 at the end of the post. I didn’t blog about it last year, not sure why.

Best of 2016. Unsurprisingly, most of them are at the end of the year, as the number of followers I have grew. I am delighted with the pictures as some of them are very meaningful to me.

The first one (top left) is from my birthday, we were having a drink in the igloos before going to the Tower of London for a ceremony. It was a very special day. The second one is with a meal I made at home, with a mustard sauce I saw on MasterChef Professional. The 3rd one is from our walks in London, on Oxford Street.
The 4th one (middle left) is at a special event in Manchester, a secret launch of a new product. The next one is a cake I’ve made for my birthday, inspired by the cakes my grandmother used to make for me. It turned out lovely. The last cake was decorated with the first free-hand fondant flowers I’ve made. They are stunning (considering I got a lot of likes, it’s not only my opinion. :))
The 7th one (bottom left) is from DreamWorks Lights in Liverpool, it’s so much  fun. The next one is from a walk in the forest with Festus nearby London. The last one is Festus, I love that he is on the best 9 pictures.

Best of 2015. A little different, Festus appears 4 times. It’s true that this year I shared less pictures with him. A picture with me and Danny the horse; I’m happy as I shared some special moments with the horse. He was at a cottage we’ve stayed for a week and everyday I fed him treats and pet him. By the end of the week he was happy for me to hug him. Mince pies, Chester and a bar of Nakd I got from Asda and had on the way back home are the rest of the pictures.

Did you checked your best 9? Did they reveal something surprising?

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