Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Last year I had an advent calendar for the first time. It was a fun thing we got with a different type of tea each day. So, this year, I’ve decided I wanted to make my advent calendar. As I loved the idea and how it turned out, I thought it’s best to share how I’ve made it, so you can make your own advent calendar too.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

I had a different idea to start with, but I had to change it, and made it easier too. I think even if you already have a calendar prepared, making another one, for the whole family will be worth the effort. You don’t even have to be very crafty to make your own advent calendar.

Sheets with foods, drinks, cards, clips, and string

This is what I used to make the calendar. As you can see, I made three sheets with different activities, foods, and drinks. There are 24 “tasks” on each sheet. I also used cute green paper clips and a shop bought bunting set. As I said, I planned to use some pouches, but the numbers I had would not stick to those. So, I made my life easier by getting a cheap bunting set from a local supermarket. The bunting can be made with colourful cardboard, cut in shapes, by hand or with a big puncher.

What you can’t see in the pictures are the numbers, scissors, cutting mat and cutter.

To make the tasks, I’ve used an excel worksheet. There are three types of tasks (I have no idea how to call them otherwise, so bear with me): food, drink, and activities.
For food, I picked: Chocolate, Mince pie, Biscuit, Truffles, and Cupcakes.
When it comes to drinks, I forgot mulled wine, so this might be a nudge to make when I fancy. On the sheet, I had: Christmas cocktail, Hot chocolate, and Winter tea. I made only 12 for drinks and the other 12 were Christmas music and Sing carols (more like listening, though).
The last are the activities. I picked games I had at home, like: Timeline, Staccups, Domino, Monopoly, Dobble, Scrabble, Poker, Rummy, and Jenga. I linked to the games I’ve blogged about before.

I’ve decorated the paper cards with royalty free Christmas clip art I found online. All three are reindeer because they look fun. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the paper cards by hand.

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Harry Potter Games Night

Last night my husband and I went to Harry Potter Games Night, organized by Paladone. I will talk about the games and I also have a surprise for my readers. As both I and my husband got a goodie bag, I’m going to make one of them the prize for a new giveaway. So, if you want to win my goodie bag, enter the giveaway at the end of this post.


First of all, this is my invitation, received by owl post, obviously.

When we’ve arrived, we were assigned to different teams, using the hat, naturally. While we were waiting for the games to start…

Wand making

we made our own wands. I think this is the best activity you can have at a party.

Wand making - painting

The wand needs painting, of course. I liked my husband’s wand a lot. He snapped the wood, so it was more realistic. As we all know, Harry broke  his wand because it was too powerful. So, my husband did the same, as he wanted to protect the world.

Wands left to dry

My wand is nearly painted. I coloured it black. It looks a bit menacing, but I love it. It was quite hard to make the pointy top.


There were many fun games. I had a lovely time playing with my husband and other bloggers. I played Cluedo for the first time I might buy one as it was so much fun.

Games 2

I wasn’t able to take lots of pictures as it was very busy and I forgot, as I was having so much fun.

Me, playing a game

Can you imagine that nobody asked about my costume (jeans&top)? I was sure it will be clear that I was Hermione, ready for a trip to London and mixing with the local muggles.


At the bar it was a hard choice between cocktails.

Red cocktail

But I finally decided on a Love Potion. With Tabasco sauce, tomato juice and chilli, it had a kick. I enjoyed it a lot.

Now it’s time for the giveaway.

giveaway prizes

These is the Harry Potter bundle you can win. In the goodie bags we had a travel mug and a mug each. So, I swapped a mug with a travel mug, because I have too many travel mugs and I also thought that the winner might want to share the mug with their OH.
Harry Potter Iron On Patches – £6.99
Harry Potter Light Up Keyring – £7.99
2 x Harry Potter Hogwarts Travel Mug – £11.99
Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Coasters – £8.99
Harry Potter Glasses, Keyring, and Bag.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The prize consists of a set of Harry Potter items: Harry Potter Iron On Patches; Harry Potter Light Up Keyring; 2 x Harry Potter Hogwarts Travel Mug; Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Coasters, Harry Potter glasses, Gift bag, keyring. The prize worth over £48
There is no purchase necessary. No cash alternative is available.
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100 places in UK in 6 years

Today marks the 6th anniversary of me arriving in UK. I thought how I’m going to celebrate this occasion, so I made a map with pins of where I’ve been to, hence 100 places in UK in 6 years.
100 is a round number, but his happened only by chance. I wanted to visit two things recently, but the weather and living room renovations made us skip them.

100 places in UK in 6 years

One pin means one location I’ve been to, regardless of how much time I’ve spent there. Some of the places are a museum or a village I saw for a couple of hours. Other pins are for places I’ve been to loads of times, like London, Manchester, Harrogate, Birmingham. I will continue to update the map, as it’s nice to add more pins after I discover new beautiful places.

From these 100 places I’ve been to, I picked my favourite 15. I wanted to pick 10, but it was too hard. The places aren’t in a particular order. Most of the places have an emotional connection too.


I’ve been to Stonehenge in 2015 and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I learned about Stonehenge at school when I’ve started learning English. I remember it because I found the idea of the standing stones very interesting and it was amazing to actually seeing them.

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November Books

This was a busy month, hence I only read 3 books. At the moment I’m reading a fascinating book, but is quite big and I will not finish it before the end of the month. It’s quite a controversial book and not very suitable for Christmas, but now I’ve started reading it, so that’s it.

Stack of three books

With these three books, the total of books read this year is 58. After reaching 52 earlier last month, I set up a new target, of 60. It looks like I will reach that target easily now.

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

It’s the first book I read written by Richard Dawkins and I enjoyed it a lot. My husband read another one of his books, The God Delusion and we talked a lot about things mentioned in that book. I have another one of his books borrowed from the library, ready to be read.
Climbing Mount Improbable is about evolution. He talks a lot about spiders and they are fascinating. He also talks about the evolution of the eye, that part was fascinating too. I like this style of writing and I would definitely recommend this book.
One of the fun facts I learned from the book is about Swift birds. They live most of their lives flying. They sleep while flying (with a part of their brain, then they switch, I wish I could do that), they eat and mate in the air.

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Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I love nature inspired jewellery, I have lots of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. My husband gave me a couple of silver geckos and a frog as gifts in the last couple of years. So, I was delighted to be asked to review a gorgeous Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose. How amazing is to review jewellery?

Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I knew the brand, but, even so, when I had a look on their website, I was enchanted by their products. Their range includes beautiful roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum. The roses come in a beautiful wooden box. Those roses look so precious and they are long lasting, hence the name eternity. I also liked the fact that the roses are available on many colours, so there is plenty of choice. I think these are amazing as a gift, or for a special occasion, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

For men there are a couple of gifts too, like a playable Golf Ball & Tee set dipped in gold and a 24 karat gold-dipped poker cards. Quirky and fun gifts, aren’t they?

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Very Christmas Party

I’ve been invited to the Very Christmas Party last weekend. I will talk about the event and, after that, about the amazing goodie bag I received. All the brands in the goodie bag are available on their website, and, of course, all the party dresses that you see in the pictures.

Very Christmas Party. Mixed clothes and accessories

How lovely is their product showcase display? I love it. It feels glamours, perfect for a Christmas blogging event.

Bloggers at Very Party

I saw some bloggers I already knew and that is always fab, I also met a couple of new bloggers. It’s very nice to have a chat. A couple of lovely ladies from Very asked me for tips for the party season. I had no idea what to say. All the things that went through my mind were more suitable for a talk about fashion for over 80s, like make sure the clothes are the right size. Nobody can see the label, but everybody can see how the clothes look like on you. I still don’t know what party season tips I would give. My approach when it comes to clothes is: feel amazing, feel comfortable. For me, comfortable means wearing high heels, but that is only a plus when it comes to fashion.

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Malpas is a small village in Cheshire, close to the Welsh border. I blogged about The Bull Pub, a lovely Victorian pub nearby. I would definitely recommend it.

Malpas village

I wanted to visit Malpas because is one of those cute villages with stunning old houses, a cross in the middle and a beautiful church. I find walking around these kind of villages very relaxing. Malpas is French for “bad road”, a reference to the wildness of the territory, vulnerable to Welsh raids. There was a castle, but not anymore.

The village doesn’t appear in the Domesday Book, but a reference of it is made in 1121. So the village appeared between that dates as a “planned town” after the Norman Conquest. A bailey castle with a motte was made. Under a Royal charter of 1281 annual fairs were allowed and a weekly market was held near the Cross. The nearby properties began in the medieval period as burgage plots for the local people to rent.

Feature on an old building

Sir William Brereton, one of the sons of Sir Randolph Brereton of Shocklach and Malpas, was groom of the chamber to Henry VIII. He was beheaded on 17 May 1536 for a suspected romantic affair with Anne Boleyn.

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