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My Christmas, 2017

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. We’ve celebrated Christmas at home, as we always do. These days my husband and I had a couple of discussions about what home means. Mainly because I was asked twice if I’m going home for Christmas. The Queen mentioned home and what it can mean in the Queen’s Speech. Anyway, let’s go back to the Christmas celebrations.

My Christmas, 2017, all of us

Can you see what is written on our Christmas jumpers? “Brussels Sprouts Fan”. I had no idea that my husband will agree to this, but he was the one mentioning the jumper. We had matching jumpers last year, and we’ve decided to buy matching jumpers this year too.

 My Christmas, 2017, all of us.

Festus was very keen on the newest gift under the tree: a bunch of carrots, all wrapped up with a bow. He loves carrots.

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My 2017

I love doing these posts. As is Boxing day today I don’t think a lot of people will see this post, but I love looking back and see what I did.


In January I’ve made my own perfume and I went to the Design Museum in London. Both experiences I enjoyed a lot.


In February we had a date night in Manchester. After that we’ve started going to see movies more often. It’s a nice thing to do, even if we can see plenty of movies at home, just as nice, with the surround system my husband made. We went to The Philharmonic Dining Rooms and I’ve enjoyed that. We’ve also been to Coventry.

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Merry Christmas

I’m pretty sure everybody is busy today. But, if, by chance, you are online and you see this, then it was worth posting it.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas, with amazing gifts, delicious foods, plenty of drinks, crackers, and all the loved ones around you.

8th Gotcha Day

I blogged about the day we’ve got Festus from the breeder. A few years ago I shared a collage of pictures with Festus through the years on 5th Gotcha Day. I also talked about The Best Christmas Gift.

8th Gotcha Day

From the first moment I saw him I knew I want to take him home with us. Now, after 8 years, I can’t be happier. He means so much for me. Enjoy the pictures with him.

8th Gotcha Day, Festus and my husband

I love this picture I took of my husband with Festus earlier today.

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2017 Goals, how I did

I’ve decided to make a roundup of all the goals I’ve made earlier this year. I joined together my blogging goals, my travel bucket list and my personal goals. For next year I’m going to make only one list, as it will be easier to remember it like that.

2017 Goals, how I did

Blogging goals

1. Pub of the month. Done. It was so great. I enjoyed discovering the pubs.
01 Cavern Club
02 The Philharmonic Dining Rooms
03 The Bingley Arms
04 Ye Olde Starre Inne
05 Lunch at The Inn On The Wharf
06 The Queen’s Head Frodsham
07 Wheatsheaf Inn
08 The Holly Bush
09 The White Cross Pub
10 The Alyn
11 The Bull
12 Peak View Tearooms

2. Fashion & Beauty. I planned to have a post each month and I had 12. I enjoyed blogging about fashion and beauty and I will continue to do so next year too.
01 No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment
02 Makeup organizer
03 The Konjac Sponge
04 British Style Collective: Catwalk and Alcatel Arena Show & Shopping and Designers
05 Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue The Body Shop
06 How I keep my hair healthy
07 Pyjama and Robe from UKLenjerie
08 Vitamin E Moisture Cream
09 Liverpool Fashion Week
10 Primark slippers
11 Barry M MakeUp
12 Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

3. Cake Club. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to start Cake Club with a blogging-friend. In the end I let go that idea. Instead I’ve started a personal challenge, besides Taste the World that I was already doing. This new challenge is called Royal Recipes, recipes that are related to the Royal family. It’s very exciting.

4. Reviews, monthly. I planned a review each month, but I did 14, even better.
01 Shoryu Ramen
02 Date night at Printworks, Manchester
03 Chalkboard bundle
04 Lapsang Souchong, my favourite tea
05 National Stationery Week
06 Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen
07 Cookies and Muffins by Paul Hollywood
08 The Luminarium
09 Varta Power Bank
10 Greener Cleaner Products
11 The Labyrinth Challenge
12 Staccups
13 Telescope Phone Lens
14 Best Luxury Mince Pies

5. What’s cooking (every other month).
01 How to make a realistic meal plan
02 10 a day for 1 week
03 1 year of daily smoothies
04 Weekly Shopping
05 Autumnal recipes
06 Vegetarian Christmas Ideas

6. Why series (every other month).
01 Why I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day
02 Why I’m Never going to say No to Cake
03 Why I use Photoshop
04 Why I love caravanning?
05 3 reasons why I love owning my home
06 Why I think that self care is important

7. Social media & Pinterest. Done, more or less (the less part being Pinterest).

8. Update the layout of my blog. Done.

9. Update the About me page 2 times. I did it once.

10. 1 Photo an hour. I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while after seeing them made by bloggers I love. I hope that by adding it to the list I will be more inclined to do it. I plan to do it in a few days, let’s see if I can. I have a cold right now and I’m not as excited to do it.

Personal goals

1. 365 Project. Yes, a few more days and it’s completed. I didn’t share all the pictures on Instagram or twitter though.

2. Sew more. I did transform an old dress into a long skirt, but nothing fancy, only so I have something suitable for my volunteer work.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list.
01 Run in a 5k race in under 40 min. (no1) I did at Women’s Running Race Series, 5k in 39 minutes.
02 Complete an yearly book challenge. (no2) I didn’t set it up from January, but in March. Anyway, I had the goal to read 52 books this year and I did it. I finished the 52nd book in early October.
03 Volunteer to an event or with a charity. (no6) – I started volunteering at a local stately home in August. I was involved in Victorian Christmas too.
04 Improve my Photoshop skills. (no13). I did learn a few things that I’m using now more and more.
05 Make my own cheese. (no29) I will make it this evening. It’s a very interesting recipe that I’m very keen on trying.

4. Craft. I did a Make Your Own Advent Calendar post and I enjoyed it a lot. I planned to do this for a while, a few months or even more. It’s something I will do again next year because it was great.

5. Good things jar. No. Maybe I will try again next year, it’s not as exciting as it was in the beginning.

Travel Bucket List

1. Bowes Museum. I visited it in August: Bowes Museum and the nearby Barnard Castle.

2. Scotland. No.

3. Wales. We went to Wrexham for the day and it was lovely. We had lunch at The Alyn, a welsh pub. I planned another trip to North Wales, but the weather wasn’t great when we wanted to go.

4. Design Museum. Done, in January: The Design Museum.

5. Merseyside. No. Amazingly, we didn’t visit anything in particular in Merseyside.

6. Hull. No.

7. Bath. No. I wanted to go for my birthday, but had to change our plans a few days before going.

8. Blists Hill Victorian Town. Yes. Blists Hill Victorian Town.

9. Peak District. We had a few days out planned with locations in Peak District, but on the day the weather was not good or something else happened and we’ve changed our minds. Until it snowed and, as we had almost no snow in Liverpool, we went to Peak District to enjoy it. It’s not what I had in mind at the beginning of the year, but it was fun. We’ve also stopped at the Peak View Tearooms.

10. London. I went there twice, not as often as the previous year. I saw the Design Museum, I stopped by at Osterley Park, but it was closed for the public that day.

I did quite good, most of them are done and I’m pleased with that.

5 Most popular posts this year

I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the most popular posts this year on both my blogs. First of all, I was amazed by what were the most popular, I wouldn’t have imagined this. Obviously, most of them are from Spring-Summer, as I get traffic from google and more time a post spends on the blog, more time it has to be searched for. Some of the most viewed posts were from last year and two years ago, but for this post I’ve chose only the firsts posts I wrote this year.

Collage of five pictures

These are the 5 Most popular posts this year on my blog.

1. Frodsham, see more details about the town.
I would have never guessed it would be so popular. This inspired me to add a goal on my list, to visit small towns or villages. I love doing that and, by the looks of it, my readers love to read and see them too. It’s a win-win situation.

2. ASDA Wonky Veg Box, wonky veggies in a box.
I’m happy this is one of the most popular. I care about reducing waste and I’m glad I was able to raise awareness about ASDA’s program.

3. Makeup organizer, see the pictures with both make-up organizers.
Another surprise, as I’m not a beauty blogger. I have two organizers that are amazing. One I have at home and the second one is at the caravan. It’s so much easier for me to have everything in one place instead of drawers.

4. Behind the scenes of blog photography: backgrounds, wooden and paper.
I shared my backgrounds because I thought other bloggers would like to see them, maybe they get inspired. I had no idea though it will be so popular. Next year I’m going to talk more about the unseen parts of blogging.

5. BlogOnXmas 2017, details about the conference, including the goodie bag.
It was a lovely conference and my readers seem to enjoy reading about it too. How nice is that. It’s good for me to know that my posts about different blogging events are interesting for the ones that are reading my blog.

As a bonus, next one is 6. Why I’m Never going to say No to Cake, one of my favourite posts to write, about a healthy relation with food.

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Volunteering at Victorian Christmas

I didn’t plan to blog about volunteering at Victorian Christmas, until the last day finished. I talked with my husband about it, being so excited about everything I’ve done, so I thought it’s a great idea to blog about it. Of course, I need to be quite vague about it to keep the magic alive for anybody that might read this post, but to share a lot of things, to make it exciting.

Volunteering at Victorian Christmas
Isn’t this outfit amazing? I love it.

Unlike other Victorian Christmas organized by other museums and trusts, the one I’ve been involved in, at Croxteth Hall, is very different. Volunteering at Victorian Christmas at Croxteth means playing a role, but, the children are involved too, it’s a hands on experience for them. Around 1,500 children enjoyed a special and magical experience at Croxteth this year and I’m happy to know that I’ve been a part of that.

Because it was my first year, I had to learn quite a lot, but all the other volunteers were so helpful that it proved to be something easy to do in the end. There are groups for outdoor staff, like Stable hands, Wood boys, and Gardeners. I’m yet to shadow those roles, but I will do it next year if I have the chance. Other children are grouped in Guests, Butlers, Housemaids, Kitchen maids, and Dairymaids.

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