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30 Questions about me

Another batch of questions about me, the ones from the 365 Provoking questions I’m answering to this year.

01. What is your most beloved childhood memory?
I have a few, I don’t know which is the most beloved. I remember when I went to a BBQ with a lot of friends and parents when I was 7, we played and it was a great day out. I remember a trip to the capital that I took with my mother when I was 6, we had interesting desserts and we walked a lot. There are many other memories.


02. Is it more important to love or be loved?
I don’t think it matters, one without the other is just as bad.

03. If it all came back around to you, would it help you or hurt you?
I imagine a bit of both. I did my best, but I’m not perfect.

04. If you had the chance to go back in time and change one thing would you do it?
Nothing. It would mean that my life would be different right now.

05. If a doctor gave you five years to live, what would you try to accomplish?
I can die tomorrow or right now. If I don’t live my life at the fullest now, does it really matter if I have another 5 years or another 50?

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Viking Arty Party

Today starts the National Stationery Week. To celebrate, I was invited to Viking Arty Party, organized by Viking. I was so excited to try new things, as there were planned three very interesting activities on the day. It was a really fab event, I had the chance to chat to lovely bloggers I haven’t seen for a while and everything we tried was fun.

 Viking Arty Party

The day was lovely, beautiful and sunny, so it was fab that we could relax, to have a chat and a drink on the terrace of King Street Townhouse in Manchester. Look at the views, it is just stunning.
We were divided into three groups and #VikingArtyParty has started.

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The Bingley Arms

My quest for finding old and beautiful pubs brought me to The Bingley Arms in Yorkshire. It’s near Leeds and it’s officially the oldest in Britain, set in the Guinness Book of Records. It dates back over 1000 years, when the Vikings were still conquering parts of the country and even before England had its first King. The pub is big and it was very busy, so I don’t have a lot of pictures with the whole room, but only with details.

The Bingley Arms

The Bingley Arms was known as The Priests Inn a few hundreds of years ago. Its history dates back to 953AD when Samson Ellis brewed in the central part of the building. There is evidence that it might have been even older, as it was built before a nearby church that dates from 950.

The Priests Inn was a popular spot for travelling monks to rest. Later it was used by stagecoach passengers for a meal and the adjoining buildings were used as stables for weary horses. In the chimney there are two priest holes after the Dissolution in 1539.

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My March

March is always an exciting month. It was Women’s Day, a day quite important for me. I went to Volair SPA for a massage, it was a great way to celebrate the day. On 1st it was martisor, a Romanian tradition that involves women getting presents (amazing, right?) and I received a wonderful gecko necklace from my husband. I’ve read 5 more books, very interesting all of them. I watched Crufts and that is always fun, I enjoyed it, even though I have different ideas when it comes to some of the things mentioned in their discussions.
In March I’ve tried to eat 10 portions of fruit and veggies each day for a week and I managed it. I also have an amazing giveaway, so don’t miss it: Chalkboard bundle.

The weather starts to get nicer and manor houses are opened for the new season. We went to Turton Tower. I can’t wait to start crossing things from my bucket list. I already went to Design Museum in London, but I have many more beautiful places to see. It’s really exciting. Now I’m away, as you might have seen on Instagram.

Tried Malaysian Food at Fred’s Ale House by Malay Street Food. I enjoyed the food a lot, all vegan. It was the first time I tried Seitan, that sounds strange considering I’ve been vegetarian for so many years. I loved it so much that I’m going to make it at home.
The first dish was a fish-type made with Seitan and seaweed. It really had a fishy taste, as much as I can remember it. The second dish had peanuts and I loved it. The third dish was a ramen with Chinese sauces. It was very interesting. I had only Japanese ramen before and it’s quite different. For dessert I had fruit sorbet, so good and a perfect way to finish the meal.

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Behind the scenes of blog photography: backgrounds

I wanted to do a Behind–the–scenes post for a while. Now I’m thinking of two posts for blog photography, one dedicated to backgrounds and another one dedicated to props. I’m not sure if I will continue with something else, but if you have any ideas, leave me a comment, I would love that.

Behind–the–scenes of blog photography: backgrounds

As a food blogger, I need a lot of backgrounds for my pictures. I can’t have the same background of my solid wood worktop in every single recipe, it would be strange. I obviously don’t have 4 more wooden tables with different colours lying around in the house, nobody does. Hence the need for backgrounds.
I would use the same backgrounds for this blog too, as you can see in my post about the Chalkboard bundle, The Konjac Sponge and ASDA Wonky Veg Box.

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iTunes giveaway

I’m so close to reaching a milestone on Twitter, so I thought a little giveaway will help me with this. The mandatory option is to follow me on twitter and there are a few other options, if you want more chances to win a £10 gift card.
The giveaway will end on 23/01/2017. Please read the terms and conditions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions
This giveaway is opened to UK residents only and closes on 23/01/2017.
The prize is worth of £10 and there is no purchase necessary. No cash alternative is available.
The winner will be contacted on the email address provided, so please make sure I have your email address. If the winner will not respond in 28 days, a new winner will be picked up.
I will dispatch the items myself with Royal Mail, recorded, and get proof of postage. I will not be responsible for items lost in the post.
All entries will be checked.