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Disney Giveaway

Today I’m doing a new giveaway, this time all Disney. I have the Mickey Mouse Luminart that is now sitting pretty on my kitchen wall, see here. I also have the Ariel Travel Mug and the Grumpy socks and mug. I like them a lot.


The giveaway, worth of £81.93, consists of:
Toy Box Mickey Mouse Luminart
Toy Box Grumpy Gift Set
Toy Box Nemo Bath Plug
Disney Princess Gadget Decals
Disney Princess Ariel Travel Mug
Disney Key ring
Disney Princess Belle A6 Notebook
All the products with the exception of the key ring are available on Paladone‘s website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To win these products enter the giveaway. By entering the competition you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Good luck!
This giveaway is opened to UK residents only and closes on 06/10/2017.
The prize consists of a set of Disney items: Toy Box Mickey Mouse Luminart, Toy Box Grumpy Gift Set, Toy Box Nemo Bath Plug, Disney Princess Gadget Decals, Disney Princess Ariel Travel Mug, Disney Key ring and Princess Belle A6 Notebook. The prize’s worth is £81.93.
There is no purchase necessary. No cash alternative is available.
Comments should be at least 8 words, shorter comments will be deleted.
The winner will be contacted on the email address provided, so please make sure I have your email address. If the winner will not respond in 28 days, a new winner will be picked up.
I will dispatch the items myself. I cannot be held responsible for items lost in the post. The shipment of the prizes will be tracked and, if lost, an inquiry should be made with Royal Mail.
All entries will be checked.

*All the prices are accurate today. They might change, please check their website for details.

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La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

Imagine my delight when I was invited at the party of La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia in Manchester, a Summer Festival until the 3rd September. Read more details about the Pink Festival on their website.

La Notte Rosa (Italian for pink night) is celebrated every summer along the Northern Italian coast, started in 2006. It’s a festival  celebrating food and friendship, and having a good time. At Bella Italia, restaurants across the country have been decked out in pink for the duration of the festival, including the three ones from Manchester.

Decorating is not enough, obviously, so special pink dishes and pink cocktails have been developed for the festival. These include ‘Antipasti Rosa’, Watermelon Rosa Salad and Pizza Rosa Coppa. The dishes were created by Vittorio Lettieri, Executive Chef at Bella Italia.

02 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

As for cocktails, they include Cipriani Bellini, a classic cocktail invented in Italy in 1948 and an watermelon cocktail, like the one in picture. I loved it. There are two options, a mocktail and a cocktail with Vodka, both fab. I hope they will keep it in the menu, because I would order it.

01 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

The restaurant is lovely decorated, with plenty of wonderful pictures on the walls. It has a nice and cozy atmosphere, it’s warm and informal.

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How to improve the SEO for your blog

This week Moz updated again and I thought, as both my blogs, this one and CookStyle, have a Domain Authority of over 30 for a few months now, that I should make a post with 8 tips on How to improve the SEO for your blog.
First of all, let’s start with Domain Authority (DA). It’s a score from 1 to 100 given to an website by MOZ. Even if it’s not related to Google, I think it’s a good indicator if a website is likely to appear up in google searches or not. In my case, when I got to high 20 and over 30, I saw a significant increase in traffic coming from google. This means that a post I wrote last year or two years ago still brings me traffic.

No matter how much you want to optimize SEO, don’t forget that you are writing for people, so their experience on the blog should be paramount. I read posts on my blog that I wrote years ago, as my blog is like a dairy for me and I wouldn’t want to read something that’s filled with keywords. It’s also why I don’t have pop-ups on my blog.

How to improve the SEO for your blog

1. Internal links

I think every SEO guide mentions the internal links. For us bloggers this should be something natural. When I write a post about a topic that is related to another post on my blog , I would add a link. Using internal links helps readers, it adds value for them. For example, they can have an idea what can be visited in that area if I link to museums and castles or, on my food blog, what other similar recipe is there. It’s something that helps me too, as I can remember when I’m going to see the post again in 3-4 years (when it’s unlikely I will remember which castle was near which museum).

This month I used internal links in three posts so far: on The Bowes Museum post to Barnard Castle that was nearby, in Marvel Giveaway to the Paladone Quiz Night when I won the items and in My July to the books I’ve read that month.

If you don’t use them, please reconsider, it’s not only about SEO. The blog will have a nice flow and it’s more user friendly.

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Marvel Giveaway

I mentioned in Paladone Disney Quiz Night that I will make a couple of giveaways with the amazing prizes I won. The first giveaway has a Marvel theme. I hope you’ll like the items as much as I do. All items are available on paladoneshop.


These are the four prizes in my giveaway: Marvel Comics Luminart, Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters, Marvel Comics Spiderman Egg Cup and Marvel Comics Spiderman Glass. To enter, use the rafflecopter below. Good luck!


Marvel Comics Luminart (worth £24.99). The Luminarts are very nice. I got two designs in the quiz and I’ve decided to put a Disney one on the wall in the kitchen, I like the retro feel of it (there is a picture in the post about the quiz). It can stand on its own too, so I think it’s versatile. It can be charged with batteries or with the USB. I didn’t use the light feature so far, can’t comment on that. The Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters (worth £8.99) are so cute. I have a Star Wars set of coasters that I’m going to use. The 3D effect is really nice.

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Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Last week I’ve been invited to a Paladone Disney Quiz Night in Manchester. My husband and I managed to get there a bit late, as it happens so often, but just in time for the quiz. We’ve team up with Codie (from and we were ready for the challenge. While we were in the car driving to the event, my husband and I were talking about how little we know about Disney and that we should have watched Disney movies instead of the ones we saw (including 12 years a slave, amazing film, but not very helpful at the time).

01 Paladone Quiz Night

These pictures were taken at the end, it’s the three of us with our prize. It’s huge because we’ve won the quiz. 😀

Now let’s go back to the beginning. Codie had a name for the team: Quizney Princesses, but as hubby was in the team, we said we should add & King as well. Then we had a bit of delicious food and a cocktail.

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Bridgestone Event

Last week I’ve been to a blogging event organized by Bridgestone at Chateau Impney, a stunning hotel, as you can see in the picture below. The gardens are so beautiful, I had to take a couple of pictures there.

10 Bridgestone Event

Bridgestone is a brand I know from F1 when they were supplying Ferrari. I was a Schumacher fan for a long time, since I’ve started watching the races a few years ago (19 to be more precise, gosh, that sounds like a lot). Bridgestone is the largest company of tyres and rubber products worldwide. It was established in 1931 in Japan. Today it has 13 manufacturing plants and offices in 35 countries; that is impressive.

01 Bridgestone Event

The event was focused on a run flat tyre called DriveGuard. This tyre will allow you to drive for at least another 50 miles at 50mph, while giving the same comfort and performance in wet conditions as any other premium tyre. I think that is fantastic. It doesn’t matter where the damage is done, even if it’s on the sidewalls. It can be fitted on most cars with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system). The tyre is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

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BlogOn MSI May

A few days ago I’ve attended BlogOn MSI May Conference, the 3rd conference I’ve been to. It was held at the Science Museum in Manchester. If you want to have a look at the other two I’ve been to: BlogOn Conference and BlogOn Conference, September. I had a wonderful time and I already bought my ticket for September. Before BlogOn MSI, I went to Paladone Party, it was fab.

 BlogOn MSI May 2017

BlogON MSI started with the Introduction and Keynotes – Getting organised.

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