Conference Slaves of Fashion Archives, Art and Ethics

Conference: Slaves of Fashion: Archives, Art and Ethics

Yesterday I’ve attended Conference: Slaves of Fashion: Archives, Art and Ethics. It was a one-day conference organized by the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, Liverpool University and National Museums Liverpool. The event was organized to accompany the special exhibition at Walker Art Gallery by The Singh Twins. I booked my ticket a couple of […]

Bloggers and Real Lives

Bloggers and Real Lives

I’ve started blogging many years ago. In these years I’ve read many other blogs and I’ve seen discussions about bloggers and real lives on and off. Sadly, some of them are rants from bloggers that accuse other bloggers of being fake or, at least, not real. I’m going to talk about some of the things […]

Peles Castle

Travel Memories Series

This month I’m starting Travel Memories Series. Recently I had a look on my old photos. I’ve realized I forgot a few of the places I’ve been to. Going on a holiday is wonderful, but remembering it after many years is even more wonderful. I love discovering new places, so it’s quite possible I’m never […]

John Lewis - Trafford Manchester

John Lewis – Home Design Service

Last evening I was invited to a blogger event at John Lewis to learn about their new Home Design Service. As a home owner, I know how important is to make the best decisions when it comes to furniture. For example, we’ve recently changed our big dinning table with a smaller one. It looks so […]

Coffee and Books Blog

New blog: Coffee and Books

Last year I’ve read 60 books! So, I’ve decided to start a new blog, called Coffee and Books. I’m very excited about my new blog. I mentioned Why I’ve started Coffee and Books. There are a few amazing book blogs out there and, hopefully, mine would be a pretty good one too. Because taking pictures […]

Tan Products

Tan Products

I know how many women love to have a tan. As it’s quite hard to get a sun tan in January, I will start this year with a giveaway, a bundle of Tan Products. The bundle is worth £44. This bundle consists of 4 products: St. Tropez Instant Tan Gloss – 100ml (on offer at […]

2018 Goals: blog, personal, travel

2018 Goals: blog, personal, travel

Instead of making 3 posts, like I did last year, I made only one. It’s easier to have a look during the year and see how it goes. Most of the goals are similar to the ones in 2017. Again, when it comes to blogging I’m not going to think of stats. With the personal […]