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40th anniversary of Williams at Silverstone

Last Friday, my husband and I went to the 40th anniversary of Williams at Silverstone and it was amazing. I was one of the 30,000 fans who joined them on the day. Rebecca (from was there too and we went on the pit walk together. Prepare for lot of pictures, I was so excited that I pestered my husband to take lots of pictures.

11 40th anniversary of Williams at Silverstone

I saw that Williams was organizing a special event at Silverstone to mark their 40th anniversary and we’ve decided we should apply for tickets. We got them and we also bought the Pit Walk tickets for the 5pm session, the earlier ones were sold out. We got there just in time to hear the interviews with Claire Williams, to see Sir Frank.

I was a bit emotional when I arrived at Silverstone and I saw the start line. 19 years ago I’ve started watching F1 and Silverstone was the first whole race I saw. In 1998 Schumacher won the race on the pit lane, after a controversial decision. I forgot about it, until I saw a re-run on youtube. I think I should get the old races on DVDs and watch them. It was so exciting back then.

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BlogOn MSI May

A few days ago I’ve attended BlogOn MSI May Conference, the 3rd conference I’ve been to. It was held at the Science Museum in Manchester. If you want to have a look at the other two I’ve been to: BlogOn Conference and BlogOn Conference, September. I had a wonderful time and I already bought my ticket for September. Before BlogOn MSI, I went to Paladone Party, it was fab.

 BlogOn MSI May 2017

BlogON MSI started with the Introduction and Keynotes – Getting organised.

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Paladone Party

I was invited to the Paladone Party in Manchester before the BlogOn MSI last weekend. I was so excited to get to the Village Hotel Ashton Moss, where the party was held. Paladone is a company I worked with before, they send me this cute chalkboard bundle a couple of months ago. I like their products a lot, they are really fun.

01 Paladone Party

When I arrived we had all sort of drinks to choose from and I had a glass of prosecco with one of those funny straws.

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LightNight Liverpool 2017

LightNight Liverpool 2017, the 6th LightNight I go to. We had a wonderful time. You can check their website next year, if you fancy spending the Friday night in a different way.

 LightNight Liverpool 2017

Our first stop was at the Liverpool Medical Institution, one of the oldest medical societies in the UK. It’s where we’ve extracted strawberry DNA last year on LightNight.

We went there to see Every Second of Every Day. It’s a trio of glass hearts made by artist Stephanie Kuebler-Preston. The human hearts are filled with electrified glowing noble gases, blue or red.

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Donington Historic Festival

Last weekend I went to Donington Historic Festival. As you might know if you’ve been following my blog for while, I love F1 and racing cars and I went to Donington Park Museum a couple of years ago. I loved it, so I was delighted to be invited, along with my husband and a friend to attend the Donington Historic Festival. We’ve decided to visit it on Sunday, that meant we watched the F1 race when we got back home, so the whole day was dedicated to motorsports.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Donington Park. Its history started in 1931 when a local motor bike racer convinced the owners of Donington Hall to allow for the first race. It was the 2nd race track, after Brooklands. The circuit was closed in 1939 with the start of the WWII and used as a military depot. In May 1977 Donington Park was opened again for races. This was the 7th Donington Historic Festival and it was superb.

Donington Historic Festival

We arrived just as the GT & Sports Car Cup for pre-66 GT & pre-63 sportscars was finishing. It was so exciting to hear the cars. We had a stroll through the Paddock and headed up to the racetrack.

I made a short clip, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Viking Arty Party

Today starts the National Stationery Week. To celebrate, I was invited to Viking Arty Party, organized by Viking. I was so excited to try new things, as there were planned three very interesting activities on the day. It was a really fab event, I had the chance to chat to lovely bloggers I haven’t seen for a while and everything we tried was fun.

 Viking Arty Party

The day was lovely, beautiful and sunny, so it was fab that we could relax, to have a chat and a drink on the terrace of King Street Townhouse in Manchester. Look at the views, it is just stunning.
We were divided into three groups and #VikingArtyParty has started.

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Making my own perfume

I made my own perfume! Last weekend I’ve been to London to a blogger event organized by LightsbyTENA. I went to London by train, as it’s so much faster than driving and it was a great idea, as there were Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square and roads were closed. I will share a couple of imagines from London in another post.

01 Making my own perfume

I arrived at Haymarket Hotel with only a couple of seconds to spare. The event started with a glass of Champagne, talking with bloggers I already know and follow and I also got to meet new bloggers too, like Hannah, Natalie, Jessica, Toni and Laura. We had some nibbles and more chat.

02 Making my own perfume

We had a presentation of the products and talked about a subject that is not talked about a lot, despite the fact that 1 in 3 women in the UK will experience this, at some point in their lives. LightsbyTENA are trying to raise awareness for women between 30 and 45, pregnant women and new mums, where 1 in 10 will experience light bladder weakness. They received 2 awards last year and the products have had big changes in 2016. One of the changes is that was introduced the feel fresh technology.

LightsbyTENA have decided that the best way to make women who are experiencing this to try the products is to offer money back guarantee, so this is how the Feel Fresh or it’s Free campaign has started. If anyone who tries the product is not happy, they can claim their money back online. It’s quite easy and the offer is available until 30th June this year. So, if you think you might need one of their products, do try, it’s risk free. The prices start at £1.99 per pack.

We were told about my PFF app, that is free. Having pelvic floor exercises will help with light bladder weakness. I think a reminder is great and I, for one, always forget to do them.

I think we should be able to talk openly about this, if it’s something we want to do. There is a stigma around some health problems and it shouldn’t be like this. Light bladder weakness is more common than hayfever, but most people have no issues discussing the latter while avoiding the former.

03 Making my own perfume

Black coffee and a strawberry coated in dark chocolate, a real delight.

04 Making my own perfume

After that, we had a short break while the perfume masterclass was set up. I got the chance to look again at that beautiful swimming pool and chat a little more.

05 Making my own perfume

The perfume masterclass was held by Emmanuelle from Experimental Perfume Club. She was lovely and she told us a lot about perfumes, how they are made and why. We got to sniff 15 raw materials without knowing what they are. It was really interesting.

06 Making my own perfume

One of the things I found most intriguing was that I don’t like the leather smell at all. I’ve been vegetarian for 9 years and, in time, I started rejecting the smell of meat. It was fascinating to see that the smell of leather was something I’ve rejected too without even knowing what it is.

07 Making my own perfume

After we sniffed all these raw materials, we had to chose the ones we want to incorporate in our perfume. I picked 8, the minimum amount of materials. If there aren’t enough, the perfume will smell like a raw material and not a complex perfume. I picked one top note, 5 heart notes and 2 for base. As I wanted a more intense perfume, my percentages were a little different from the ones used in general. I calculated how much I should use from each raw material. After consulting with Emmanuelle, I’ve adjusted the grams and I’ve started making the perfume.

08 Making my own perfume

When I finished, I tried the perfume and I loved it. After waiting for 5 minutes, I thought that it might be heavy. So, I’ve adjusted the perfume as Emmanuelle said. Well, it turned out that I loved the first version. So I had to do 2 more adjustments to get back to that smell, hence the: 1st version, final, FINAL and very final smelling strips.
We also had to chose a name for our perfume and I come up with “Just ME”, because I loved it. The great part is that I can order my perfume from them when I finish the bottle I have.