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Eat&Drink and Ideal Home

This weekend, my husband and I went to three fairs at Event City, I already blogged about the Cake and Bake Show on my food blog, now I’m blogging about the Eat&Drink and Ideal Home shows. We were invited to the Eat&Drink and Ideal Home Shows. I thought it will be a fun way to spend our weekend. Details on their website.

Ideal Home Show Manchester

It was busy, very busy. But we found a good parking space at Trafford Centre. I was so eager to get there. I’ve been to an Ideal Home Show before, but not to the Eat&Drink one. You could go from a show to another with the same ticket. So I will share pictures from both of them, alternatively.

Handmade Christmas Puddings at Eat&Drink

These are Handmade Christmas Puddings, how nice they look?

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Liverpool Fashion Week

I’ve been at Liverpool Fashion Week for the first time this week.* I had a great time and I enjoyed the catwalk shows. The venue, Fusion, is great, in the centre and looked lovely.

Each day had a different theme, the opening night: Haute Couture, Streetwear. The second night, the one I’ve been to was New Talent. The last day was High Street, independent boutiques. I like so much seeing new designers, that was obvious I would pick that day. Prepare for plenty of pictures from the shows. For more details about Liverpool Fashion Week, have a look at L.F.W. website.

 Liverpool Fashion Week

02 Liverpool Fashion Week

The first show was Essere Bella Boutique featuring Kiki Riki fashion collection, more details on their website. Kiki Riki is a brand based in New York, which manufactures the garments in Istanbul.

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Blackpool Illuminations

On 1st September was the big switch on of the Blackpool Illuminations. It’s their 11th year, only the second time for us, as we’ve been there a couple of years ago. The lights can be seen on the promenade daily from 1st September to 5th November. More details about this year’s show on their website.

The pictures aren’t fantastic as it was dark, but I managed to get a few. Enjoy!

01 Blackpool Illuminations

02 Blackpool Illuminations

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The Clipper Race

The Clipper Race 2017-2018, started from Liverpool and we went to see the start, the 11th race.

 The Clipper Race

The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges. Even though no previous sailing experience is necessary, the race is 40,000 nautical miles long, on a 70-foot ocean racing yacht. The race was envisaged by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world in 1968-69.

The race is divided into 8 legs and the crew can choose to complete the full race or individual legs. The organizers supply the fleet and all the yachts are the same. Each yacht has its own fully qualified skipper. The teams are made up of ordinary people. They have to go through a training regime to get prepared for the race. This means that the members can be taxi drivers, engineers, bartenders, students, housewives and all are equal.

If you want to read additional details, check the clipperroundtheworld website.

 The Clipper Race

Interesting stats:
– 14 Host ports
– 712 Crew
– 198 Women on board and 514 Men
– 41 Nationalities
– 227 Days racing
– 18 years old the youngest and 76 years old the oldest member
– 337 professions represented in the race
– 361 Brits
– A single member from: Romania, Portugal, Peru, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Greece, Chile, Bulgaria and Austria
– 83 crew members work in Building and Engineering
– Other fields: medical care, science and tech, teaching, hospitality, aviation, agriculture and farming
– 40% of the crew never sailed before

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La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

Imagine my delight when I was invited at the party of La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia in Manchester, a Summer Festival until the 3rd September. Read more details about the Pink Festival on their website.

La Notte Rosa (Italian for pink night) is celebrated every summer along the Northern Italian coast, started in 2006. It’s a festival  celebrating food and friendship, and having a good time. At Bella Italia, restaurants across the country have been decked out in pink for the duration of the festival, including the three ones from Manchester.

Decorating is not enough, obviously, so special pink dishes and pink cocktails have been developed for the festival. These include ‘Antipasti Rosa’, Watermelon Rosa Salad and Pizza Rosa Coppa. The dishes were created by Vittorio Lettieri, Executive Chef at Bella Italia.

02 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

As for cocktails, they include Cipriani Bellini, a classic cocktail invented in Italy in 1948 and an watermelon cocktail, like the one in picture. I loved it. There are two options, a mocktail and a cocktail with Vodka, both fab. I hope they will keep it in the menu, because I would order it.

01 La Notte Rosa at Bella Italia

The restaurant is lovely decorated, with plenty of wonderful pictures on the walls. It has a nice and cozy atmosphere, it’s warm and informal.

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The Labyrinth Challenge

Last weekend my husband and I went to Haydock Park Racecourse for The Labyrinth Challenge*. There are 7 more events this year, from Edinburgh to Windsor, so make sure you have a look on the thelabyrinthchallenge website if you fancy taking the challenge.

The Labyrinth Challenge is the world’s longest, continuous inflatable obstacle course. There are five themed zones: Lava Zone, Jungle Zone, Toxic Zone, Combat Zone and Ocean Zone. You can choose the speed you go through the obstacles.

 The Labyrinth Challenge

This is us, after finishing the challenge. It was amazing, I had so much fun.

 The Labyrinth Challenge

It was very busy, but the start is a bit delayed, so it’s not very busy inside the labyrinth.

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Paladone Disney Quiz Night

Last week I’ve been invited to a Paladone Disney Quiz Night in Manchester. My husband and I managed to get there a bit late, as it happens so often, but just in time for the quiz. We’ve team up with Codie (from and we were ready for the challenge. While we were in the car driving to the event, my husband and I were talking about how little we know about Disney and that we should have watched Disney movies instead of the ones we saw (including 12 years a slave, amazing film, but not very helpful at the time).

01 Paladone Quiz Night

These pictures were taken at the end, it’s the three of us with our prize. It’s huge because we’ve won the quiz. 😀

Now let’s go back to the beginning. Codie had a name for the team: Quizney Princesses, but as hubby was in the team, we said we should add & King as well. Then we had a bit of delicious food and a cocktail.

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