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Yesterday we were invited by one of hubby’s friends at VOOO to celebrate the nowruz. Nowruz, or the New Day, is an Iranian celebration marking the first day of spring; occurring on the astronomical Spring Equinox. This is the first day of the Persian new year, being celebrated for over 3,000 years.

The signification of nowruz:

“Nowruz is the Persians’ longest and most cherished festivity, on which all Iranians celebrate the New Year with the nature’s resurrection from withered winter. It is deeply rooted in Zoroastrianism and counts as the oldest Iranian festival. Nowruz ancientness, variety, colorfulness, and rich symbolism mark it off from its peers in other nations and countries.

Nowruz is the Celebration of Life; it is determined according to the spring equinox and coincides with March 21, or the previous/following day, marking the start of the spring in the northern hemisphere.”

source: irpedia

Laura & Mihai

This Saturday we attended Laura & Mihai wedding in St. Helens, a lovely town near Liverpool. Hubby took some pictures of me in front of the City Hall.w_01


I went to church weddings and civil weddings before, in Romania, but this was the first time I had tears in my eyes. It was a very emotional ceremony because it was about them, not about law or God or something else. The woman who performed the ceremony talked about love and the commitment they are making to each other in a warm way. I loved it. I’d like very much a similar ceremony for our vows renewal, something we’re thinking of pretty often lately, but this is another discussion.



I mentioned the food, so lets talk about the wild mushrooms fettuccini. A lovely pasta dish with warm rocket, red onions and goat cheese. I enjoy a dish with different aromas like this one. The bitterness of the rocket was increased by the warmth, the onions were sweet and the sour cheese gave a nice touch to the fettuccini. I likes all this flavors blended together. I’ll definitely try to make it at home. For desert I had a white chocolate tart, nice flavor, I would try it again.

I had to have a picture with the golfing carts.