How to save a tired bee

My husband found a tired and dying bee in the garden and we saved it, so I decided to make a short guide: How to save a tired bee. We acted fast and we gave her some honey. After reading on RSPB’s website, that, although obvious is not the best option as most honey is […]

Garden update

A few days ago I discovered a beautiful butterfly on the dog’s bedding, my husband caught it and released it in the garden. Luckily for the butterfly, the dog was upstairs or he would have probably eaten it. There are some pictures with the butterfly at the end of this post. All the excitement of […]

My garden

I talked about the garden many times because it’s very important for me. I lived in a flat for most of my life, in a busy city centre. Only a few years ago, after moving to UK, I had the opportunity to live in a house and I loved it. Our last house had a […]

Lawn update

In the middle of September I sow grass seeds hoping it will be enough time for the grass to grow before moving in. It was tricky sowing so late and only a couple of days after removing the concrete slabs. The soil is not the best and it was another issue to worry about. We’ve […]

Soon-to-be lawn

We have grass! Only a few days ago I was posting a picture with our back garden, here. We’ve sowed the seeds on the 12th and yesterday our garden looked like this: So far I’m very happy with the lawn, looks very good. Hopefully the rest of the seeds will soon start to germinate. You […]

Herbs in the window sill

With the exception of the rosemary, which was bought from a National Trust garden, all of them are grown from seeds. The chillies are huge and they started to produce flowers and chilli. In the right pot I have hot chilli, sage and chilli. In the left one I have rosemary, dill and chives. Last […]


Update, 24/03. After 15 days, the herb garden looks like this: As I’ve already disclosed in an older post, I’m a serial plant killer. But now, I am so happy with my attempts on gardening. Last year we’ve bought the bushes, that already had ~50cm in height. They are doing great so far and I’m […]