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Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Last year I had an advent calendar for the first time. It was a fun thing we got with a different type of tea each day. So, this year, I’ve decided I wanted to make my advent calendar. As I loved the idea and how it turned out, I thought it’s best to share how I’ve made it, so you can make your own advent calendar too.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

I had a different idea to start with, but I had to change it, and made it easier too. I think even if you already have a calendar prepared, making another one, for the whole family will be worth the effort. You don’t even have to be very crafty to make your own advent calendar.

Sheets with foods, drinks, cards, clips, and string

This is what I used to make the calendar. As you can see, I made three sheets with different activities, foods, and drinks. There are 24 “tasks” on each sheet. I also used cute green paper clips and a shop bought bunting set. As I said, I planned to use some pouches, but the numbers I had would not stick to those. So, I made my life easier by getting a cheap bunting set from a local supermarket. The bunting can be made with colourful cardboard, cut in shapes, by hand or with a big puncher.

What you can’t see in the pictures are the numbers, scissors, cutting mat and cutter.

To make the tasks, I’ve used an excel worksheet. There are three types of tasks (I have no idea how to call them otherwise, so bear with me): food, drink, and activities.
For food, I picked: Chocolate, Mince pie, Biscuit, Truffles, and Cupcakes.
When it comes to drinks, I forgot mulled wine, so this might be a nudge to make when I fancy. On the sheet, I had: Christmas cocktail, Hot chocolate, and Winter tea. I made only 12 for drinks and the other 12 were Christmas music and Sing carols (more like listening, though).
The last are the activities. I picked games I had at home, like: Timeline, Staccups, Domino, Monopoly, Dobble, Scrabble, Poker, Rummy, and Jenga. I linked to the games I’ve blogged about before.

I’ve decorated the paper cards with royalty free Christmas clip art I found online. All three are reindeer because they look fun. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the paper cards by hand.

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Greener Cleaner Products review and giveaway

I like Eco-friendly products, it’s better for the environment and for us too, as it means we are living in a greener world. I was excited to receive this bundle from Greener Cleaner Products for review and to host a giveaway, so one of my readers would have the chance of winning a bundle.

For me, cutting down waste is important, regardless if it’s food waste or anything else. I am washing and removing the labels of glass and plastic jars, so I can reuse them again and again, prolonging their lives with a couple of years, even more when it comes to plastic. So, I’m obviously delighted to see that more things can be done with plastic stuff after they’re no longer needed.

Greener Cleaner Products review and giveaway

These products are 100% made with wood pulp and recycled plastic using Eco-Flex, a patented technology. I think it’s wonderful, a good way to use plastic which leads to a reduction in waste and in what goes into the landfill. By using ready made plastic, there isn’t the need to use fresh raw materials. Also, according to their website, less energy and water are needed, hence there is a reduction in pollution from incineration. The products are made with sustainable wood and recycled Polypropylene.

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Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen

I like to decorate my home with vases. My living room is quite minimalist: white walls, grey carpet, white and black fireplace, white and black speakers, white furniture, grey dinning table and an ivory & dark grey sofa. I would have bought a white sofa, but the only light colour faux leather sofa that was available in their range was ivory.
I prefer adding colour with accessories and flowers. My favourite type of vases are handmade, as you might know from the post about Rose Dickenson’s vases (I bought a 3rd one from her this year). I like that they aren’t exactly the same, they have character and there was a lot of passion behind their creation.

Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen

I fell in love with this Agnes Vase at Normann Copenhagen* from the moment I saw it. I though it will be great with my decor. There are 7 sizes available and I picked the one that is 20 cm high as the other vases I have are slim and it can be tricky when I have a big bunch of flowers. I think the vase with the red Amaryllis flowers looks amazing.

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Makeup organizer

This month’s review is less a review and more of an idea, just because the make up organizer I have sold out in shops. I got it from B&M. Similar one can be found online though, at Home Bargains for £5. I wasn’t sure if it will be of good quality as it has a low price. In the end, I was so happy with it and I end up buying two.

Makeup organizer

I got the first one a few months ago. It was a little bigger than I wanted but it fit in a cabinet and I had to rearrange a few things to make space for it. I have enough space for everything I need to store in it and there is still a little bit of space left for anything else I might decide to get and use.
I used to keep my nail polish in my bedside table. Some of the makeup was in the bathroom and the rest in a drawer. Now that I have everything in one location is great. I keep in the bathroom only the makeup remover and, of course, the cleansing products, like face wash, lotion, masks. Because I moved all the makeup in the bedroom, now I can see and use easily the things I have in the bathroom. The samples and new items are kept in my bedside table until I decide to use them.

After having it for a couple of months, I bought another one for the caravan.

Makeup organizer

In the caravan, the makeup organizer, was a life saver. I have a traveling makeup bag that I’m using, but it’s so much easier to have all the makeup and cosmetics within easy reach when I’m looking for them. Before having the makeup organizer I used some glasses for the toothbrushes. I found that in the caravan, the makeup organizer was even more important as I keep there all the cosmetics and stuff for my hair too. As you can see, the organizer has more things in it, as I have there the shower gels and so on.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas. I have so many happy memories from my childhood regarding Christmas, the bakes, the tree, the gifts, us enjoying a wonderful time together. When I moved away from my childhood home I wanted to recreate this with my family and Christmas is important for us. Because we don’t have snow here and the temperatures are quite high for winter (today we’ll have around 10 degrees), I need something else to put me in the Christmas mood. I’ve joined 2 Secret Santa for bloggers and that was delightful. I got gifts I think my bloggers will love and I received gifts that now are sitting underneath the tree, gifts I can’t wait to open on Christmas day. I bought gifts and I sent a lot of cards and we’ve decorated the home together while listening to carols. Now I can say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We have the same tree from the last few years. I talked about my thoughts on the Christmas tree last month. We also have the same baubles and white lights. I like them too much to change them. We both want to keep the tree as minimalist decorated as possible, so we don’t get new baubles every year.

This year I got this Merry Christmas sign from a discount shop. I can’t remember which one, as I looked at the Christmas range from a few shops. It’s easy to get it onto the wall. I placed it too high and, after moving it, there wasn’t any marks on the wall. I’m really happy with it. I think I can use it next year too, depends on how well the glue on its back will be.

I like how it looks in the evening too.

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Think before you flush

I was asked by United Utilities if I want to take part in their campaign Think before you flush. It doesn’t sound too glamorous, but being a home owner comes with all sort of issues. I was interested to hear more and I was surprised by what I discovered.

First of all, the “flushable” wipes are well… only flushable, it means they will not remain in the toilet bowl, but they cause problems and clog the pipes. The clogging of the pipes can happen on the property and that leads to expensive repairs or they cause problems further along the pipelines. I think the wipes are misleading, I used them in the past and, unknowingly throw them in the toilet, thinking the water will break down quickly. They don’t break down as toilet paper does and the wipes will snag on pipe joints creating blockages, as they are mixed with fats that are poured down the drain. From now I’ll use the bin for them.


Research was made in North West and the results are staggering. 1 in 10 people has suffered from blocked toilets and drains by flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed, like baby wipes and other types of wipes and sanitary products.
Other things that can clog up the pipes are things like cotton buds, cotton wool and nappies. I never throw those in toilet as it’s obvious they are clogging the pipes. On United Utilities’s website they say only 3 things should end up in the toiled, the 3 P’s: pee, poo and (toilet) paper.
To solve the issues, a plumber has to be called and the home owners ended up paying an average of £99 for the repair. It’s a lot of money and hassle for something that can be so easily prevented by using a bathroom bin. The insurance companies will not cover the costs if the problem was caused by flushing something that shouldn’t be flushed.

At the same time, water companies have to spend a huge amount of money to unblock public pipes. United Utilities has to deal with around 25,000 blockages a year, costing around £10 million.

The flushable wipes have a great impact on environment too. Marine Conservation Society have made a report that suggest there was an increase of 50% last year in the number of wet wipes washed up on the beaches.

If, like me, you had no idea what wipes (any type of wipes) are doing to our pipes, have a look on the link I posted at the beginning of the post, lots of interesting facts and details. There is a downloadable pack for parents with details about the campaign and some craft activities.
It’s so easy to avoid expensive repairs, hassle and headache these flushable wipes are causing by using a bin. From the moment I learned about this I stopped throwing away the wipes in the toilet and I used the bin. It made absolutely no difference to me.

Were you aware about this issue? Are you using flushable wipes?

Post is in collaboration with United Utilities.

Handmade vase by Rose Dickinson

A couple of years ago I bought a handmade vase by Rose Dickinson and I love it. The first vase is from her slimline collection. I wanted to buy another one for a while and I finally decided on a similar design, but a bigger one. I needed a bigger one for the flowers my husband buys me. I had a glass one, but I think it was chipped when we moved. I wanted something that was suitable with the decor, elegant and white as my husband prefers, but with a nature theme if it’s possible, as I prefer. So buying a similar vase from Rose Dickinson was obvious.

The thing that attracts me the most at her designs is the natural look and the herbal decor. For the new one, I chose a mat glaze finish as it was similar to the small one that I had and I also feel it looks better. Being made by hand in UK was an important aspect for me as well. I prefer buying local and handcrafted means it’s a little extra special.

01 Handmade vase by Rose Dickinson

I’ve decided to use both of them as they are so cute together. I think they compliment each other. I can also use them separately, the large one on the table or on the fireplace and the small one on the bookshelves. I’m delighted with them.

02 Handmade vase by Rose Dickinson

If you want to see Rose Dickinson collections, you can have a look on her website. She has different collections of vases, nature inspired. She also makes beautiful bowls and mugs.