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Makeup organizer

This month’s review is less a review and more of an idea, just because the make up organizer I have sold out in shops. I got it from B&M. Similar one can be found online though, at Home Bargains for £5. I wasn’t sure if it will be of good quality as it has a low price. In the end, I was so happy with it and I end up buying two.

Makeup organizer

I got the first one a few months ago. It was a little bigger than I wanted but it fit in a cabinet and I had to rearrange a few things to make space for it. I have enough space for everything I need to store in it and there is still a little bit of space left for anything else I might decide to get and use.
I used to keep my nail polish in my bedside table. Some of the makeup was in the bathroom and the rest in a drawer. Now that I have everything in one location is great. I keep in the bathroom only the makeup remover and, of course, the cleansing products, like face wash, lotion, masks. Because I moved all the makeup in the bedroom, now I can see and use easily the things I have in the bathroom. The samples and new items are kept in my bedside table until I decide to use them.

After having it for a couple of months, I bought another one for the caravan.

Makeup organizer

In the caravan, the makeup organizer, was a life saver. I have a traveling makeup bag that I’m using, but it’s so much easier to have all the makeup and cosmetics within easy reach when I’m looking for them. Before having the makeup organizer I used some glasses for the toothbrushes. I found that in the caravan, the makeup organizer was even more important as I keep there all the cosmetics and stuff for my hair too. As you can see, the organizer has more things in it, as I have there the shower gels and so on.

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How to make a realistic meal plan

I wanted to make a weekly meal plan for ages, but I get ideas and this makes me want to cook something else and I can’t stick to a plan, until now. For our last week away (well, a little bit more than 1 week), I made a meal plan and this is how I discovered How to make a realistic meal plan.

I started by thinking how much time I will have to cook. Basically not a lot, as we were away with work. I also didn’t have a lot of space to cook, as we were caravanning. I have an oven and a hob with 2 burners, a small fridge, but the worktop space is limited. Considering all these, I chose the best options available. We eat shop-bought soup, so I got enough cans for each day, making sure we have 1 of 5 a day and we also have loads of different options. I’m going to talk about the meal plan I did when we were busy, most days include only the breakfast and dinner, as at lunch time we had different things, vegan healthy bars and sandwiches most days.

How to make a realistic meal plan

Because I wasn’t at home, I prepared the rice, cornmeal and pasta by weighting in how much I would need to cook once. I also made the mix for pancakes/cupcakes, dry ingredients, to which I got to add 2 eggs and some milk. It took only 10 minutes to prepare everything. I prepared a few cans of veggies too and I took some coconut milk from home for the risotto. I didn’t want to have to go shopping often.

Day 1.
B – Sandwich and soup We had sandwich, soup and cake.
L – Vegan coconut milk risotto with veggies I made coconut milk risotto with bamboo shoots.
D – Mash potatoes and halloumi Mash potatoes, pan-fried halloumi and red cabbage salad.
Day 2.
B – Pasta with veggies We had pasta with 1 can of peas and 1 can of tomatoes, herbs and sesame seeds.
D – Stir-fry Stir-fry with leeks, carrots, peppers, mushrooms and halloumi.
Day 3.
B – Baked beans on toast Baked beans on toast with soup.
D – Soup, omelette with salad Soup. Omelette with salad and 1 pancake.
Day 4.
B – Polenta with veggies Polenta with tomatoes and peas, 1 vegan sausage.
D – Soup and stir-fry Soup. Pan-fried potatoes with grated cheddar, 1 egg and red cabbage salad.
Day 5.
B – Risotto Risotto with soft cheese and mushrooms.
D – Soup, avocado on toast Avocado on toast with 1 fried egg and garlic mushrooms.
Day 6.
B – Baked beans on toast Baked beans on toast and 1 vegan sausage.
D – Soup and stir-fry Soup. Stir-fry of peppers, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes and onions.
Day 7.
B – Soup and pancakes Soup. Savoury pancakes with mushrooms and cheese.
D – Nachos Nachos with homemade tomato sauce.

As you can see, I did pretty good. We had at least 3 servings of veggies every day. We also had some fruits, so I don’t think there was a day with less than 4 from the 5-a-day.

So, these are my tips on How to make a realistic meal plan.

Make it flexible.
I think my meal plan was a success because I didn’t think of an exact recipe. I said, for example, “stir-fry” and this meant I could do it with each ever veggies I fancied. As you can see in my plan, we had quite a lot of mushrooms because we both wanted to have more mushrooms that week.

Make it simple.
Another thing that was very important is that I kept everything easy and simple. Not too fancy, so I didn’t have to spend too much time cooking because I didn’t have a lot of it. I made plans before, but it was too complicated for the time and resources I had.
Last time I made a plan, we were away, like this month, but we were staying in a self-catering cottage, I had the pans they provided us with and again, not a lot of worktop to do what I wanted.

Make it convenient.
Use the things you know it will make your life easier and it will also make it more likely you will stick to your meal plan. I used canned soup, canned veggies along fresh veggies and some frozen mushrooms too. At home I have more time and I would cut down on the number of canned foods I would have. So, instead of asking myself to cook from scratch with fresh veggies that I bought that day from the supermarket, I chose convenience for myself. Leaving the caravan at 8.45 and getting back at 6 meant I was able to cook in the mornings and in the evening too. A few years ago I would have left the cottage at 8 and got back at 8 after going to the supermarket to get fresh food. Do I have to point out that we had pizza and pasta almost every evening? I was too tired and had other things to do too.

These are my tips. I will make another meal plan for next week, to see how well I will stick to it while at home.
Do you make meal plans?

ASDA Wonky Veg Box

After trying unsuccessfully last time it was in shops, now I managed to get my first ASDA Wonky Veg Box. They sold out in a few hours, so it’s not an easy thing to get your hands on. I wanted to get this box because I want to support the local farmers, I believe that local, in season, fresh produce is better and, of course, it’s great value for money at only £3.50 for more than 5kg of veggies. It is at least 30% cheaper than buying the same vegetables from the standard range.

01 ASDA Wonky Veg Box

If you don’t know, thousands and thousands of vegetables, perfectly good to eat, are thrown away each day because they are wonky. It’s nothing wrong with them, beside their look. The rejected veggies, that the farmers worked hard to produce, might end up on the field as fertilizer. I think that is absurd. Wonky veg, among straight and “pretty” veg, look natural and are just as tasty.
ASDA started this program as a pilot, last year and it proved very popular. As I said earlier, it was sold out when I tried to buy it last year. As my husband and I arrived early in the shop, the boxes were still in the warehouse and someone got this for us. I imagine the rest sold out in a few hours. The cashier commented on the box, that it’s a funny idea and the price is so good.

02 ASDA Wonky Veg Box

On the box it says what vegetables are inside and there is a great selection, as you can see.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas. I have so many happy memories from my childhood regarding Christmas, the bakes, the tree, the gifts, us enjoying a wonderful time together. When I moved away from my childhood home I wanted to recreate this with my family and Christmas is important for us. Because we don’t have snow here and the temperatures are quite high for winter (today we’ll have around 10 degrees), I need something else to put me in the Christmas mood. I’ve joined 2 Secret Santa for bloggers and that was delightful. I got gifts I think my bloggers will love and I received gifts that now are sitting underneath the tree, gifts I can’t wait to open on Christmas day. I bought gifts and I sent a lot of cards and we’ve decorated the home together while listening to carols. Now I can say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We have the same tree from the last few years. I talked about my thoughts on the Christmas tree last month. We also have the same baubles and white lights. I like them too much to change them. We both want to keep the tree as minimalist decorated as possible, so we don’t get new baubles every year.

This year I got this Merry Christmas sign from a discount shop. I can’t remember which one, as I looked at the Christmas range from a few shops. It’s easy to get it onto the wall. I placed it too high and, after moving it, there wasn’t any marks on the wall. I’m really happy with it. I think I can use it next year too, depends on how well the glue on its back will be.

I like how it looks in the evening too.

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15 Recipes for Christmas

Last year I’ve wrote Vegetarian Christmas, a post with 10 recipes for Christmas, some of them were mine and some were from other bloggers that I follow. This year I’ve decided to make a similar post, with 10 recipes, 5 mine and 5 from other bloggers.

I will start with one of my own recipes for vegan Brussels sprouts and Chestnuts. I used frozen sprouts because I had those in the freezer and cooked chestnuts, so prep time wasn’t an issue and cooking took only 10-15 minutes.

A photo posted by Green Evi (@green_evi) on

I sometimes make soup for Christmas and this Creamy Asparagus and Pea Soup with Coconut is exactly what I have in mind. After quite a heavy starter with cheese and hearty dips and maybe a little bit of salads with mayo, I feel the need for something refreshing and light. A vegan soup packed with green veggies and some healthy fats must be on my menu for this Christmas. Angela made this delicious looking Christmas Stuffed Butternut Squash. I like the idea a lot and it’s something I might try. The best part is that it can be prepared in advance and only baked on the day. It saves a lot of time.

  A photo posted by Angela (@onlycrumbsremain) on

She also made these cute fondant decorations for mini-Christmas cakes. Here is the recipe for the Christmas cakes. She mentioned she saw tutorials on youtube on how to make the decorations and I agree, youtube is amazing for this sort of thing. It’s how I’ve made my fondant flowers a couple of months ago. I will try to make other figurines for Christmas, as those also can be made in advance.

gingerbread biscuits
Last year I made a huge snowflake cinnamonbread (instead of gingerbread) biscuits, but this year I was a little more traditional with The Gingerbreads.

For starters I am making dips and salads and this Broad Bean, Pea and Mint Hummus made by Lucy sounds delicious. It takes very little time to make and it’s something different to have on the table for Christmas.

The Kefir Einkorn Scones with Cranberries and Hazelnuts made by Angie are inviting too. I didn’t make scones for Christmas before and I’m not sure why, as it’s a lovely dessert. Cranberries and hazelnuts are two flavours easily associated with Christmas.

Cozonac is a sweet loaf made out of enriched dough with cocoa, raisins, walnuts and Turkish delight. This recipe was passed down from my grand-grandmother on my mother’s side. The recipe is not difficult to make if you have experience with breads. If it’s the first time you are attempting bread, make it with strong white flour instead of the mixture I say in the recipe. It’s easier to work with white flour as it doesn’t have as many fibres as the other one.

A photo posted by anu (@anu.mggk) on

Another dessert I love the look of is this KESAR ELAICHI SHRIKHAND. Anupama posted a video recipe of this dessert that is made with strained yogurt and flavoured with cardamom and saffron. It looks lush and indulgent.

Mince pies, of course I had to mention a recipe of mince pies. This is my recipe and it’s made with apple and cranberries. I love making mincemeat for mince pies and it’s so easy to modify it so it’s more to your taste.

I should mention drinks too and Christmas Pudding Vodka must be one of the best ideas. It’s also lovely as a gift. I recently made Visinata, it’s a Romanian drink made with sour cherries and alcohol, very similar to the Chistmas pudding vodka. Both my husband and I liked it a lot and we talked about different flavours that work with Vodka, to make more infused alcoholic drinks.

As side dishes I suggest two made by Adina, the Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Wedges and the Honey-Glazed Carrots With Tahini Dip. Both look amazing, do have a look at her recipes.

Festive wreath dougnuts for Christmas
The last recipe is one I made recently, Festive wreath doughnuts. I love how well they turned out and the baked doughnuts are so easy to make. While doughnuts aren’t usually on the Christmas menu, they might be a good option for Christmas Eve, easy to make and really really cute.

Baking the bake off

This year I’ve been baking along the Great British Bake Off. It was the second year in a row, you can have a look at my bakes from last year. I used the recipes I tried last year to created new recipes and I also made some of them again, like the Victorian fruit cake for Christmas.


This year had some amazing recipes as well. Because of the challenges and my intention to bake each week, I baked things I’ve wanted but kept postponing, like the Yorkshire puddings, roulade and citrus meringue pie. This year it was harder because they didn’t mention the challenges and I had to wait until the show was on TV before baking. I’m not sure what will happen next year and with the move to the Channel 4 and rumours of a celebrity Bake Off, I might decide not to bake along.
In the last 10 weeks I’ve been Star Baker once, at bread week and I’ve worked with Tesco for a couple of bakes.


I’ve started before seeing the show with a Victoria Sandwich, but it wasn’t a challenge in the first week as I assumed, but in the last one. It’s quite funny it happened this way. All the recipes are on my food blog: CookStyle, if you want to try any of them.

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What’s cooking #5

In July I had two posts about food, the traditional What’s cooking and How to prepare a fancy Afternoon tea at home, so I’ve decided to skip August.

01 What's cooking
Baked waffles with fresh raspberries and date nectar. I don’t like honey, so I usually swap it for date nectar, it has the same consistency, but a different taste.

02 What's cooking
Another breakfast, baked waffles again with homemade strawberry and blueberry jam and a summer fruits smoothie.

03 What's cooking
Courgette chilli with fried halloumi. I liked the combination.

04 What's cooking
Pavlova with shop-bought meringue, lots of whipped cream and summer fruits on top. It’s so easy to make. I put hardly any sugar in the cream as the meringue is sweet. I wash and cut the fruits and then left them on a kitchen towel for half an hour to remove the excess water. It was delicious. I wanted to bake my own meringue, but I’m not sure I will, as it’s so much easier to get a shop-bough and making at home doesn’t make any difference.

Jacket potato with baked beans and a little bit of cheese on top.

I also tried Konjac pasta. It has a funny texture, I don’t like it. I still have a pack of pasta to try, but I don’t think I can do something that I would like as the texture is the problem.
Konjac is a low calorie pasta that should help in a diet. I don’t avoid carbs and never did, even when I was loosing weight. But, I wanted to try this pasta. I don’t think it’s a good alternative as it’s chewy. I think the pasta made out of veggies is a much better way to cut out the calories. I had courgette and sweet potato pasta and I loved both of them, they add their flavour, but it’s subtle.

What did you cook lately?