November Roundup

November always means Bonfire night, a fantastic fireworks display in the city centre. Festus is not bothered at all by all the noises. Even on the 4th, on the evening walk he couldn’t be bothered despite all the fireworks around him, he didn’t flinch. The neighbours though have a German Shepherd who spent the night […]

Visiting UK

Visiting UK

Last year I’ve made a post about 100 places I’ve been to, in the 6 years since I moved to UK. I thought I should make this a annually post, to see how many new places I’ve been to. This year I have 22 new flags on the map, most of these new flags are […]

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Last year I talked about my advent calendar, in Make Your Own advent calendar. My husband and I enjoyed it so much that this year we are going to make it again. The experience of last year means that this year will be better, more in line with what works for us. This is the […]

Halloween 2018

As usual on the 1st of November, I’m sharing what we did yesterday for Halloween. Also, as usual, we stayed at home, waiting for children to come treat or tricking. It did rain a bit, 10 minutes or so around 7 and that might have put off people from coming out. That was a shame, […]


October Roundup

October was a really amazing month, with a holiday in Cornwall, a lot of baking, as I’ve continued baking along the Bake Off. Do check the posts about the holiday in Cornwall if you are curious, there are a few more posts about it to come next month. As always, our holiday was fast-pace, packed […]

Festus in the Camping site

Festus on Holiday

You might read “Festus on Holiday” and wonder if the family pet should have a holiday. I think he needs a holiday. At home Festus “has” to guard the house from all sorts of dangers, like the postman who keeps coming a few times each week. That is a job and a pretty demanding one, […]

My thoughts on The Apprentice

I imagine it would be interesting to talk about my thoughts on The Apprentice now, when three years ago I said it was my favourite TV show. A couple of years ago I went to the Bridge cafe, one of the cafes where the loosing team goes to talk. the picture is from three years […]

A Lab of One's Own by Patricia Fara

3 Books You Should Read

I thought I should make a post with 3 Books You Should Read, because I’ve read two very interesting books recently and I bought a new one last week. All three books sound very interesting and were published this year. If you’ve read my post about the kind of books I prefer from a few […]

Recipes for Halloween - Black bread

Recipes for Halloween

Every year I’m thinking of new recipes for Halloween, and I start by looking at what I’ve done before. The first three recipes are from my cook blog: CookStyle. I’m going to share a fun recipe from a fellow blogger and a few I saw on Instagram. I also have a Pinterest board filled with […]


September Roundup

In September I’ve been a few times in the city centre, and most of those times the weather was amazing. I took pictures and shared a couple of Instagram, but I think I should share one of them on the blog too. I’m really lucky to be able to live here, it is a wonderful […]