Festus in the garden


In April I’ve attended a Jousting event for the first time and I loved it. On top of that, we went for a couple of days in Oxford. It was a busy month, mostly with decorating and tiding up everything. Besides, we had activities with Buckt this month as well and we enjoyed those a […]

Doing a bit of DIY


This month we didn’t have any holidays, but we’ve had fun using a new fab subscription box called Buckt. Don’t miss that post, especially if you are living close to Manchester. We’ve started going to the gym regularly. On top of that, my husband and I went to a vegan fair, LABL and it was […]

Urban Calm - Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day Celebrations

If you are wondering what to do for Mother’s Day or how to surprise her, then you might be inspired by my suggestions. Last evening, my friend Rebecca and I went to Metquarter* for a very special evening. We’ve met up about an hour and a half before our appointment. We went for a stroll […]

Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym

I’m sure that it will not come as surprise that “Going to the Gym” made its way into my Goals for 2019. Many of you might have set up the same goal. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, so back in January I went to see the gym that is the closest to […]

Things I'm looking forward to

Things I’m looking forward to

I thought it would be nice to make a little update with things I’m looking forward to this month and next month. These days I’m going to try out a new subscription box and I can’t wait to share my views on the blog. But, this post is about other things I’m looking forward to. […]


International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and I’ve decided to make a post on two things we women can do today to celebrate this day. Of course, there is also the third option: cake, nice meal, and/or a SPA day. That’s the way I’ve celebrated before and how I plan to celebrate today too. But I […]

Holiday up north - North Sea


February was a very busy month, starting with a short holiday up north, where we’ve had a wonderful time. I’ve already blogged about the places we’ve been to, see the links for most of them in the round-up picture & details. We’ve played pool and foosball in the game room at the camping site. It […]



January was a very busy month for me, with a trip to London, a day trip to Manchester, and a day trip to Doncaster. I’ve also read 10 books, see at the end of the post. On top of that, this month I’ve shared only vegan recipes on my food blog. So, let’s start with […]

9 Books I loved last year

Choosing only a few books to read was very difficult. I should mention that 9 Books I loved last year started out as 5 Books I loved last year. On top of that, luckily, I blogged last year about 3 Books You Should Read (Enlightenment now by Steven Pinker, The colour of time by Dan […]