July Roundup

We’ve had a few weeks of intense heat, so I definitely must mention them in this July Roundup. I’m not too keen on hot weather and tanning, so I’ve used huge amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen these days. The heat made us look for alternative activities and we’ve been kayaking a lot. Besides this, I’ve […]

Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

With a lovely summer on the way, we are doing more and more trips. Last month we’ve been to Oxfordshire for a short holiday, now we are thinking of having some days out, especially during the weekends. Also, we’ve been kayaking and that involves an hour drive to the beach and back. So, taking care […]

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

I love reading. The question is now, do I prefer fiction or Non-fiction? For years I though I would rather read stories, novels, fiction. It seems is not quite true. Two years ago I was wondering if I failed in my reading challenge, or, better said, how much I failed in it. See the details […]

First World Nightmares

First World Nightmares

My husband and I have nightmares sometimes, although they are more like bad dreams, and not actually nightmares where we end up screaming. Because they are so mundane, I had to call them First World Nightmares. As both have something in common, I though it will be fun to share them on my blog. I […]

11 Things I Learned In 11 Years of Marriage

11 Things I Learned In 11 Years of Marriage

Recently we’ve celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, as is obvious from the name of the post. Some of the things I mentioned in my post, 11 Things I Learned In 11 Years of Marriage, I knew before. But only after a long time, you can fully understand the impact these things have on the marriage. […]

20 Years of F1

I talked about this before, I’ve been a F1 fan for 20 years. It all started when I saw half of race at Magny-Cours in France and I was intrigued. I watched the following race, it was at Silverstone, on 12 July, in 1998. So, this weekend I can say that I’ve been an F1 […]

Kayaking. The inflatable kayak


I’ve been kayaking in the Irish Sea for a few times this year, as I mentioned in the post 30 Days Wild. I thought it would be nice to write a quick update and share the amazing pictures I have from those trips. How amazing is this picture? My husband took it and he was […]


June Roundup

This month was fantastic and I do enjoy writing this June roundup. The month started with a fun event, the Bed Race. It had plenty of hot days, perfect for the 30 Days Wild challenge I took on this year. It ended with a short holiday in Oxfordshire, from which I’ve returned yesterday evening, and […]

Flower Lounge Bouquet - Anniversary

May Roundup

As last month, this month I didn’t blog every other day. Even so, I did manage to write and share 12 posts (this one is the 12th). I say it’s pretty good. I think next month I will post more as I already have some posts planned, including one with a special exhibition that took […]

My Plans For This Summer

My Plans For This Summer

My plans for this summer might involve more walking. So, I borrowed two more books from the library besides the book I already had at home to find out some really lovely locations where I can walk. I did some circular walks before and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, it’s a fun way to find […]