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Women’s Running Race Series – 5k

Last Sunday I’ve been on Women’s Running Race Series, the 5k run. I mentioned I’m going to race before, when I talked about How I prepare for 5k in collaboration with Roots Collective, the oficial sponsor of race series. In Liverpool, Women’s Running Race Series was held in Sefton Park. There are more races if you want to have a go.

I made a routine and I was able to stick to it in the first three weeks, but after 7th July I had some health issues, a cold paired with a headache, and I wasn’t able to run as planned. I did some pushups, but it’s not exactly helpful for running.

I wanted to have a good time as the first point in my 40 before 40 list was to run a 5k in under 40 minutes. I was motivated to do that, but I wasn’t sure I will be able to do it.

Women's Running Race Series 5k Liverpool

I usually workout or run in the mornings, after walking the dog, at around 8am, before breakfast. On Sunday, at the race, I was running later, as the race started a bit after 10am. So, I had a light breakfast, only a sandwich and some raw peppers, less than I usually have. I had two espressos 30-40 minutes before the race and a banana 15 minutes before. Now I think I should have had the coffee and the banana closer to the race. For the race I made my own energy drink with golden syrup and sea salt (it has more minerals than regular salt). I though it was a good idea, until I had a drink during running and it was yucky. I still drank it as it was a better option comparing to water, but I’m not going to make this energy drink again.

I managed to get to my objective. According to my app, I did 5k in 37 minutes. I crossed the finish line in 39 minutes (and 5.2 km according to my app) and either way I was under the 40 minutes. I think the difference is that I start my app before actually passing the start line, as I was further down the field. I will consider the 37 minutes as the result as I paced myself with the app. I was looking at the stats when I was running, I knew the time I wanted to achieve and I made sure I did it.

I’m a long way off the winners, I imagine they had under 30 minutes, but for me this was the best result I had and I’m proud of myself.

The official results are out and my Chip time is 39:01. I finished 39 from 73.

*I was invited. All opinions are my own.

My June

At the end of June we’ve celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, that was the most important thing that happened last month. Besides this, we had a packed month with 3 wonderful events and a short holiday. I will talk about them a bit further in the post.

01 Cake

For our anniversary, I’ve created the cake we wanted for our wedding, decorated with fondant rose petals. At our wedding there was a mix up and the decor wasn’t what we were looking for, still nice, but different. As for the flavour, I made it foret noire, a little different than the chocolate cake we actually had.

02 Cake

I like how the cake looked and it was delicious too. I think the roses are perfect considering it’s the first time I use this cutter for roses. Last time I made them free hand and now they look much better as my technique improved. I can’t wait to make more roses and more fondant shapes for cakes. I find it relaxing.

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Festus and the pigeon

On Father’s Day we spent some time in the garden with Festus. He had a couple of toys to play with. One of the pigeons who has his nest on our neighbour’s tree arrived for his breakfast. Of course, he wasn’t bothered by Festus. He is used to Festus and that makes me think he is the same pigeon that had the nest close to us a couple of years ago. I think they are more comfortable with Festus as there aren’t any cats in our garden. We make sure we chase any cats from the garden, as we don’t want them to come when Festus is in the garden. Unlike with the pigeons, Festus is very interested in cats.

01 Fandthep

Festus with the 3rd toy he played with that day.

View on youtube

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Why I love caravanning?

Last year we bought our first caravan without going on a caravanning holiday before. I wasn’t sure I would love it, but it was perfect for us and I do love it. So, considering most of us are thinking of holidays, I’ve decided to talk about my caravan and Why I love caravanning?

01 Why I love caravanning

Caravanning has an impressive history, that I found out by chance. Dr. William Gordon Stables started caravanning in late Victorian era. The first caravan ever built was called The Wanderer and it was made in 1884 by Bristol Wagon Works Company. It traveled tens of thousands of miles in its lifetime. Amazingly, that first caravan still exists and it’s displayed at a Caravan Club. The caravan was meant to be an land yacht and it was inspired by traditional horse-drawn Romany wagons, pulled by two horses named Captain Corn-flower and Polly Pea-blossom. The interior was made mahogany and maple wood, painted black and gold, in an Victorian fashion and it obviously had a bookcase.

If it wasn’t for him, for me, our holidays wouldn’t be as exciting as they are. I blogged last year about the Things I learned about caravanning, have a look if you fancy to read that post too. Let’s go back to why I love caravanning.

Freedom. We can take Festus with us without any problems and he feels at home in the caravan. We also have the freedom of going where we want. Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s London, Edinburgh or Anglesey, the prices are pretty similar.

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My May

May was a lovely month for us. My husband and I had some celebrations and it was wonderful. I finished 7 books, we had a great time at LightNight, like every year. At the end of the month I tried Sherry (picture on Instagram) and it’s one of my favourite drinks, so good.
I rearranged the spices and I like them even more. Now I have to decide on a new decal for my kitchen, to replace the “Life is short, eat dessert first”. I might keep the motto, because I love it. It’s been on the wall for 2 years, but I didn’t get tired of it. My husband did a bit of DIY with Festus and now we have a new table in the garden. It’s beautiful.

In May I went to a blog event and to BlogOn, preceded by a party in Manchester. It was great as last year, I bought my ticket for September, just in time, as now is sold out. There are a few other blog related things that happened in May, like winning a prize for my photo following the photo styling seminar at BlogOn. I can’t wait to receive my prize, it’s likely I will mention it on my blog. I also received an unexpected Thank you card from a company I worked with on a project. It was so nice from them.
I also managed to make the post about Photoshop, I was thinking about it, but didn’t get the chance to actually write it. I enjoy sharing what I’m doing with you.

01 My May

I met two lovely horses. They were eager to have a snack picked by us and loved the cuddles. I saw them when we were driving past their field. We stopped and we went to see them closer. We had no idea they are so friendly, so it was a beautiful surprise.

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My April

April was my best month so far. My husband and I had a trip to north Yorkshire and we visited so many wonderful places: The Bingley Arms, Helmsley Castle, Rievaulx Abbey, Ye Olde Starre Inne, York Cold War Bunker, Mount Grace Priory, Royal Armouries Leeds and Middleham Castle.
In April was Easter and we had a lovely time, on Easter Monday we went to Hebden Bridge to see the duck race.  We ended up didn’t seeing it, but, even so, we enjoyed our day anyway, we got some treats, I bought 2 books and we walked around that beautiful town.
At the end of April is National Stationery Week and I attended Viking Arty Party in Manchester, a fab blogger event, where I got to try lovely activities like Calligraphy. I enjoyed myself a lot and now I’m using more stationery.

01 April

The month finished with my husband, I and Rebecca @ Becster going to Donington Historic Festival. We all had a wonderful time, I will blog about the Historic Festival in a couple of days.

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My March

March is always an exciting month. It was Women’s Day, a day quite important for me. I went to Volair SPA for a massage, it was a great way to celebrate the day. On 1st it was martisor, a Romanian tradition that involves women getting presents (amazing, right?) and I received a wonderful gecko necklace from my husband. I’ve read 5 more books, very interesting all of them. I watched Crufts and that is always fun, I enjoyed it, even though I have different ideas when it comes to some of the things mentioned in their discussions.
In March I’ve tried to eat 10 portions of fruit and veggies each day for a week and I managed it. I also have an amazing giveaway, so don’t miss it: Chalkboard bundle.

The weather starts to get nicer and manor houses are opened for the new season. We went to Turton Tower. I can’t wait to start crossing things from my bucket list. I already went to Design Museum in London, but I have many more beautiful places to see. It’s really exciting. Now I’m away, as you might have seen on Instagram.

Tried Malaysian Food at Fred’s Ale House by Malay Street Food. I enjoyed the food a lot, all vegan. It was the first time I tried Seitan, that sounds strange considering I’ve been vegetarian for so many years. I loved it so much that I’m going to make it at home.
The first dish was a fish-type made with Seitan and seaweed. It really had a fishy taste, as much as I can remember it. The second dish had peanuts and I loved it. The third dish was a ramen with Chinese sauces. It was very interesting. I had only Japanese ramen before and it’s quite different. For dessert I had fruit sorbet, so good and a perfect way to finish the meal.

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