Festus in the Camping site

Festus on Holiday

You might read “Festus on Holiday” and wonder if the family pet should have a holiday. I think he needs a holiday. At home Festus “has” to guard the house from all sorts of dangers, like the postman who keeps coming a few times each week. That is a job and a pretty demanding one, […]

My thoughts on The Apprentice

I imagine it would be interesting to talk about my thoughts on The Apprentice now, when three years ago I said it was my favourite TV show. A couple of years ago I went to the Bridge cafe, one of the cafes where the loosing team goes to talk. the picture is from three years […]

lizard point

Holiday Bucketlist

The next two months my husband and I are going on two holidays. So I thought it would be nice to make a Holiday Bucketlist. In October we’re going to Cornwall and in November in Bath and Bristol. It will be the first time we are going to these locations, so I’ve made a long […]

Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade Coffee

I’ve decided that I’m going to buy only fairtrade coffee a few months ago. It’s more expensive, but it’s not a necessity (despite being addicted to coffee and drinking coffee a few times a day). There is no justification, for me, not to buy fairtrade. Luckily there are plenty of options on the market, both […]

Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

Why you should NOT drive before these doing 3 things

With a lovely summer on the way, we are doing more and more trips. Last month we’ve been to Oxfordshire for a short holiday, now we are thinking of having some days out, especially during the weekends. Also, we’ve been kayaking and that involves an hour drive to the beach and back. So, taking care […]

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

I love reading. The question is now, do I prefer fiction or Non-fiction? For years I though I would rather read stories, novels, fiction. It seems is not quite true. Two years ago I was wondering if I failed in my reading challenge, or, better said, how much I failed in it. See the details […]

20 Years of F1

I talked about this before, I’ve been a F1 fan for 20 years. It all started when I saw half of race at Magny-Cours in France and I was intrigued. I watched the following race, it was at Silverstone, on 12 July, in 1998. So, this weekend I can say that I’ve been an F1 […]

My Plans For This Summer

My Plans For This Summer

My plans for this summer might involve more walking. So, I borrowed two more books from the library besides the book I already had at home to find out some really lovely locations where I can walk. I did some circular walks before and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, it’s a fun way to find […]

Housemaid for my volunterring position


Today I’m going to the stately home. I’m doing volunteer work for the first task this year. I’ve also signed up for a couple of Sundays each month for the next 2-3 months. You might be asking why I’m writing about volunteering. Well, the first reason is that it’s something important for me and my […]

Why I think that self care is important

Why I think that self care is important

Today I’m going to talk about Why I think that self care is important. I thought of this post for a while. I’ve seen many posts and comments where self-care was synonymous with SPA days, weekends away at expensive hotels, fancy meals in posh restaurants. I don’t think this is the case, I don’t think […]