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Last Questions

These are the last questions from the 365 Provoking Questions challenge I took earlier this year. I saw this challenge on Danielle’s blog underlandtowonderland and I wanted to give it a try. All the questions can be seen on marcandangel’s website.
If you want to see the answers to the other questions, see: 28 Provoking Questions; Which is worse, failing or never trying?; 30 Questions about me; 100 Questions in 10 words or less; Let’s talk about money; Questions about the past and the future; Questions about me and others; 23 Questions. It was a fascinating thing to do.

Last Questions

1. What do you love to practice?

My hobbies, like blogging, my work, I love doing many things.

2. What questions do you often ask yourself?

Why have I done this in this way? Can I do it better next time?

3. What are you an expert at?

I’m not sure expert is the best way to describe what I’m good at. I think I’m a very good cook, but I’m not a Michelin star chef, so am I an expert? The same concept can be applied to other things too, like work and so on.

4. What is your favorite time of the year?

I think the winter, or the period from the start of October to Christmas. My husband and I met at the beginning of October many years ago and we celebrate that, we have our birthdays and other anniversaries. Before Christmas we’ve got Festus, another thing we are celebrating.

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My November

November is my favourite month, because it’s my birthday. This year we went to a day trip in a lovely English village, and we had a light lunch at The Bull Pub. As for the cake, it was the one made for the last 100 years for Royal birthdays, Tschumi’s Chocolate Cake; that was so special. Also, the cake is filled with a cream made with 450g chocolate, do I need to say more?

Tschumi's Chocolate Cake. Slice of cake

Blog wise, I’ve attended three fab blogger events: Very Christmas Party, Harry Potter Games Night, and yesterday we went to Sassoon Salon, I will blog about it soon (possibly tomorrow). I also went to the Cake and Bake Show, in Manchester.

Me, laughing

I also made a review for a lovely rose necklace, and I had fun doing it. This is what happens behind the scenes. I tell my husband to say something to make me smile and he makes me laugh.

100 places in UK in 6 years

If you haven’t seen my post on the 6th anniversary of my move to UK. I’ve visited 100 places in 6 these years, so it’s a very interesting post.

a picture for each day of november

Besides all the things I mentioned before, I’ve started a special Christmas related activity at the stately home I volunteer. So far, I had to dress up as a kitchen-maid, and I teach children how to make chocolate truffles and buttercream biscuits, and how to curtsy. It’s delightful, the children are so keen to learn things, and they are so cute too. I enjoy it a lot. There are other positions and, if I have how, I will try the other positions too.

On the 22nd I finished an online course with a fab grade: 92% (I needed at least 75% to pass). I loved learning on that subject. I still have a couple of online courses I’m doing now. One is for pleasure, another one for work.

In November I’ve read three more books, bringing the total to 58 this year. It’s been amazing, I had no idea I will have the time to read so much. I’ve also started a 30days30Bakes challenge, to bake something every day for 30 days.

What did you do last month?

100 places in UK in 6 years

Today marks the 6th anniversary of me arriving in UK. I thought how I’m going to celebrate this occasion, so I made a map with pins of where I’ve been to, hence 100 places in UK in 6 years.
100 is a round number, but his happened only by chance. I wanted to visit two things recently, but the weather and living room renovations made us skip them.

100 places in UK in 6 years

One pin means one location I’ve been to, regardless of how much time I’ve spent there. Some of the places are a museum or a village I saw for a couple of hours. Other pins are for places I’ve been to loads of times, like London, Manchester, Harrogate, Birmingham. I will continue to update the map, as it’s nice to add more pins after I discover new beautiful places.

From these 100 places I’ve been to, I picked my favourite 15. I wanted to pick 10, but it was too hard. The places aren’t in a particular order. Most of the places have an emotional connection too.


I’ve been to Stonehenge in 2015 and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I learned about Stonehenge at school when I’ve started learning English. I remember it because I found the idea of the standing stones very interesting and it was amazing to actually seeing them.

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November Books

This was a busy month, hence I only read 3 books. At the moment I’m reading a fascinating book, but is quite big and I will not finish it before the end of the month. It’s quite a controversial book and not very suitable for Christmas, but now I’ve started reading it, so that’s it.

Stack of three books

With these three books, the total of books read this year is 58. After reaching 52 earlier last month, I set up a new target, of 60. It looks like I will reach that target easily now.

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins

It’s the first book I read written by Richard Dawkins and I enjoyed it a lot. My husband read another one of his books, The God Delusion and we talked a lot about things mentioned in that book. I have another one of his books borrowed from the library, ready to be read.
Climbing Mount Improbable is about evolution. He talks a lot about spiders and they are fascinating. He also talks about the evolution of the eye, that part was fascinating too. I like this style of writing and I would definitely recommend this book.
One of the fun facts I learned from the book is about Swift birds. They live most of their lives flying. They sleep while flying (with a part of their brain, then they switch, I wish I could do that), they eat and mate in the air.

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My birthday

A few days ago I’ve celebrated my birthday. I received an amazing gift from my husband, and we had a lovely day out.

Cake with drinks, a bunch of flowers and candle

First of all, I’m going to start talking about the cake. I made Tschumi’s Chocolate Cake. It’s a cake made by a Swiss chef to the Royal Household, called Gabriel Tschumi. He made this cake 100 years ago for Queen Mary’s birthday and from that day, this is the Royal birthday cake. I love its story and, after trying the cake, I loved it too. Have a look at the recipe if you fancy trying it.

Gifts, a book and a chocolate birthday card

My husband bought a book for me, something that is always appreciated, but this book is a very special book. I’ve read it when I was a teenager. I think saying that it changed my life sounds a bit much, but this is what happened. I knew I wanted to study Psychology before that, but, after reading the book, I realized that I enjoyed learning about concepts too. The book also made me question things I thought before. I can’t wait to read this book again. My husband said he is eager to read it too.

Besides the book, my husband gave me a lovely chocolate birthday card. I’m yet to try it, as we had a very chocolatey cake, but I will try it soon.

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23 Questions

I have 46 questions left on the 365 Provoking Questions Challenge. I’ve decided to split them in two, therefore to 23 I’m going to answer today and the rest next month. Let’s start.

1. What good comes from suffering?
Maybe a few lessons, if the person suffering has the ability and the willingness to learn.

2. What are you uncertain about?
Well, things that most people are uncertain I would think. For example the future, what can happen with North Korea, what opportunities I will find (work related), if the neighbours will still be here next year and not very noisy new ones.

3. How would you spend your ideal day?
Playing with the dog, going somewhere with my husband to visit something we haven’t seen before, having a lovely meal and some drinks.

4. What do you admire most about your mother and father?
I admire my monther’s strength.

5. What is your most striking physical attribute?
I would say my eyes.

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My October

October was a fun month. We’ve had lots of celebrations. On 2nd October it was the anniversary of the day we’ve met, many years ago. I went to Liverpool Fashion Week.

Another fun thing I did this month was to see the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary. I bough funny slippers and a new iPhone. When it comes to blogging, I took part in a lovely campaign about the things we feel free to talk with our family and friends – TENATalk. I blogged about all of these.

I also enjoyed a fab meal at intu Trafford Centre in Manchester and I’m going to blog about it this month. I visited Football Museum and that is another thing I’m going to blog about later this month.

Yesterday Bake Off had ended. Last year and the year before I baked along at least one of the challenges each week, this year I didn’t because I don’t like the new line-up. I don’t think the new presenters are a team like Sue and Mel, not keen on a few of their jokes either. I was a bit annoyed of the constant compares with Bake Off and “this is the most amazing cake in the whole Bake Off series”. I feel it is not as it was before and I miss the old Bake Off and Mary and the challenges and the excitement I had before.
Besides the Bake Off, F1 was a bit annoying too. Lewis Hamilton was crowned 4th times world champion with 2 races to go. I’m not a fan of Lewis, but I think he fully deserved the championship. He was a better driver, more mature and confident. Vettel acted inappropriately a few times and made stupid mistakes, his actions made him lose the championship. Verstappen was amazing, I hope the Red Bull will have better cars next year to have a chance for the championship. Some annoying things happened too, like Verstappen getting a penalty when others did the same thing and didn’t get anything, in US, then in Mexico, Grojean got a penalty while Vettel didn’t.

Last month was very busy work-related, my volunteer work and with blogging too. I have many plans for this month too. I have some interesting books I’m keen in reading. I have a new volunteer position for a special project. I’m very excited about that project too.