Michael Schumacher

When I saw yesterday, on FB, that Schumacher had another accident, this time skying I was shocked and I hope he will recover as always. I remember when he had the accident in 1999, I was watching the race and I told my mother it was Schumacher’s car before it was announced. He had a […]

Home for 2 years

I’ve moved many times until now. Before my 6th birthday I moved 3 times, but I was so little it didn’t actually matter. At 22 I moved with my boyfriend (now hubby) in a small town near Bucharest… at 23 we moved in Bucharest… at 24 we moved again in another small town near Bucharest, […]

My boy

Usually I post pictures of Festus on his blog, but I really love this one, he was looking at me. You might also like 7 Good things Good things Sea Kayaking for the first time 365 Project – February 365 Project – March

Home & Gift, Harrogate, 2013

This week, hubby and I went to Home&Gift trade show in Harrogate. It was a nice drive to there, even if I felt we had to spend too much time passing thru Leeds. The trade show was as I’ve expected, different than the Jewellery Show in London, but nice. I wasn’t impressed with some exhibitors […]

Renting with dog

As you probably know, we have an amazing dog – Festus. In Romania we didn’t have to rent with him, as we had our own apartment. When Festus and I moved here it was easy because hubby was already here and the landlady said it’s fine if he wants to bring his rottie. After a […]

Mother’s Day

I am a rottweiler mum, so hubby surprised me with the greatest gift: A close-up with the writing, so you can see it better. I really love this T-shirt. On the back of the T-shirt there is a picture of my boy. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. The cupcakes aren’t very red, but […]


In Romania I was a manager and hubby had his own company, so we had the “pleasure” of handling both personal and business bank accounts in different banks. I always had to have a big handbag when I was going to the bank, because I had to carry with me the stamps, a letter of […]