My name day

Yesterday was my name day, we celebrated with a chocolate cheesecake, a special dinner and a lovely walk. We visited Wirral Transport Museum as well. We had the opportunity to take a ride in the tram 20, from 1901. Pretty high, isn’t it? The Ferry to Liverpool. Back to the museum. There are some interesting […]


Today we finished insanity!!! I am so happy with the results! I let the numbers & pictures to speak for themselves. My results in resistance and power: Fit test – day 1 Fit test – last day Switch Kicks 52 98 Power Jacks 40 61 Power Knees 60 81 Power Jumps 16 41 Globe Jumps […]

Loosing weight – my journey

I hope you’ll like my journey so far. 3 years ago I went to see a cardiologist because I was tired all the time, my pulse would go up if I climbed 10 stairs and there is a history of heart problems in my family. The doctor said my heart is fine and she said […]

5 year anniversary

Saturday was a very important day for us, our 5 year anniversary from our 2nd wedding (the religious one). So we decided to go see the seals from Hilbre Islands, within the Dee Estuary. The starting point was West Kirby beach, as you can see, the last time we went there the tide was high […]

Election, anniversary

This week I was very busy, I had a new appointment for the NIN application. This is the 2nd time I apply and hopefully, the last. Considering the current situation, getting the NIN should not be a problem. On 3rd it was election day and hubby and I exercised our right to vote. After carefully […]

P90X graduate

I’m happy to announce I’m a P90X graduate! This was my last day and the results are better than I hoped! I started 3 times so far, but the computer broke down twice so I had to stop. This time my laptop survived and I was able to finish it…and now I’m a size 8! […]

Body fat caliper

We women tend to care how much we weight and we tend to ignore the most important thing of all: what does that number mean. We all know two persons with the same height and weight can look very different and we usually “blame” the bone structure, but a different body fat percentage makes a […]