Pizza at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

My husband and I like Pizza Hut, having found memories from Romania. We’ve also been in Pizza Hut in Liverpool, but I didn’t blog about it. So, imagine how excited I was to be asked if I want to review their new Epic pizza*. See more on their website. I got a gift voucher in […]

The White House, Bladon

The White House, Bladon

The White House, Bladon is the next pub I visited this year. It is a lovely 16th century pub in the Bladon village, near Woodstock in Oxfordshire. You can see a bit more on their website. The staff is friendly. The only thing I wasn’t very happy with is that there wasn’t a bit more about […]

The Black Prince Pub

The Black Prince Pub

The Black Prince is a lovely little pub located in Old Woodstock, Oxfordshire, in the same small town as the renowned Blenheim Palace. It is also the first post I’m making about the short holiday I took last month. We’ve stayed near Woodstock, so we went there for a few hours. During that time, we’ve […]

Elation Vionic Trainers

Elation Vionic Trainers

Back in February I blogged about Vionic, a company that makes different type of shoes with a special support. I was delighted to receive a new pair of shoes from them*, the Elation Vionic Trainers. Have a look on their website for more details. Elation Vionic Trainers, like all Vionic shoes, were designed for pregnant […]

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Straws

It’s Summer and the weather was fabulous these last few days. If you are like me, you might like spending more time in the garden, sometimes with a lovely drink. This can also mean you might add a couple more things on the shopping list, like straws. In an effort to reduce, I’ve bought these […]

Vitamin D BetterYou oral spray

Vitamin D BetterYou

Yesterday I’ve talked about Vitamin B12 BetterYou, and today I’m going to talk about another vitamin: Vitamin D BetterYou*. I mentioned yesterday details about BetterYou, the award winning company that makes these supplements. See more about them on their website. The current NHS guidelines recommend taking Vitamin D supplements during the Winter months, from between […]

Vitamin B12 BetterYou oral spray

Vitamin B12 BetterYou

Today and tomorrow I’m going to talk about vitamins. I’m going to start with Vitamin B12 BetterYou*. It was the first time I’ve tried an oral spray vitamin supplement. BetterYou is an award winning brand of vitamin supplements. They work with institutions in UK and Europe to create these supplements. The Vitamin B12 BetterYou is […]

Flower Lounge Bouquet

Flower Lounge

Yesterday my husband and I went to Didsbury, Manchester, for lunch. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary. After eating, we’ve decided to go for a walk, as the weather was amazing. I looked on the maps for a nearby park and went there. Just like this I’ve discovered a beautiful botanical garden that I can’t […]

Organic Shop Hair Products - Avocado And Honey Range

Organic Shop Hair Products

I love trying new products and I was eager to try this new Organic Shop Hair Products. There are 5 ranges to choose from: Coconut And Shea (moisturising), Argan And Amla (nourishing), Avocado & Honey (repairing), Raspberry & Acai (volumising), and Patchouli & Pomegranate (invigorating). I picked the avocado and honey range because they are […]

Method laundry detergent. Two bottles

Method laundry detergent

I picked a bottle of Method laundry detergent from the supermarket shelf a few months ago. I loved how great it was, cleaning the clothes nicely. Of course, I continued buying this product. Initially I had no intention of writing on my blog. But, then, I thought of why I tried this new detergent in […]