Organic Shop Hair Products - Avocado And Honey Range

Organic Shop Hair Products

I love trying new products and I was eager to try this new Organic Shop Hair Products. There are 5 ranges to choose from: Coconut And Shea (moisturising), Argan And Amla (nourishing), Avocado & Honey (repairing), Raspberry & Acai (volumising), and Patchouli & Pomegranate (invigorating). I picked the avocado and honey range because they are […]

Method laundry detergent. Two bottles

Method laundry detergent

I picked a bottle of Method laundry detergent from the supermarket shelf a few months ago. I loved how great it was, cleaning the clothes nicely. Of course, I continued buying this product. Initially I had no intention of writing on my blog. But, then, I thought of why I tried this new detergent in […]

Skin Doctors Vit C. Ampoules scattered around.

Skin Doctors Vit C

Last year I’ve been at an event organized by Very – Very Christmas Party (if you want to have a look). Skin Doctors were at the event, so we had a chat. I won a face cream at their stand, and I got this Skin Doctors Vit C Ampoules Face Cream in the goodie bag. […]

Vionic Shoes

Vionic Shoes

It’s wonderful when you know a brand and they ask you to review one of their products. This is what happened with my new Vionic Shoes. After looking on their website (again), I’ve picked a pair of trainers*. You might think, as I did, that well… they are trainers, how more comfortable can they be, […]

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

I had this Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends for some time (it was a PR sample). I kept postponing trying it without knowing how amazing it is. Read more about it on Wella’s website. Before it I used a couple of different hair masks and I thought is unnecessary to use this one too. […]

The Real Greek - Marylebone

The Real Greek

The Real Greek is a restaurant chain, with restaurants in London and a few in South. My husband loves Greek and Mediterranean food, so we’ve decided we are going to have lunch at the Real Greek when we were in London earlier this month. We picked the restaurant from Marylebone for lunch, as it was […]

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

On Sunday my husband and I went to see the Darkest Hour. I had no intention to blog about the movie, as I don’t usually do that. But I really loved the film. Hence, my review. I saw Dunkirk and I’ve enjoyed it, I thought it was a 8/10. So, I thought the Darkest Hour […]

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. Oldest pub in England

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. Oldest pub in England

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks is one of the oldest pub in England, according to them, the oldest, see their website for details. I’ve been wanting to go there since I’ve read about it a couple of years ago. Yesterday we went there for lunch, after we visited St. Albans, the cathedral, an antiquity shop from […]

Vegetarian lunch at Peak View Tearooms

Peak View Tearooms

I went to the Peak View Tearooms before, for my birthday a few years ago. I thought it will be nice to stop there again. There is a pub too, but I prefer the views at the tearooms, so instead of going to the monthly pub, we went to the tearooms. This means that I […]

Best Luxury Mince Pies, four pies on a plate

Best Luxury Mince Pies

This year I went on a quest to find the Best Luxury Mince Pies. To find them, I made a comparison of 4 supermarket own luxury brands. I’ve compared Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, and Co-Op. Basically, I found a way to justify eating 24 mince pies almost a month before Christmas, with the help of my […]