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The Labyrinth Challenge

Last weekend my husband and I went to Haydock Park Racecourse for The Labyrinth Challenge*. There are 7 more events this year, from Edinburgh to Windsor, so make sure you have a look on the thelabyrinthchallenge website if you fancy taking the challenge.

The Labyrinth Challenge is the world’s longest, continuous inflatable obstacle course. There are five themed zones: Lava Zone, Jungle Zone, Toxic Zone, Combat Zone and Ocean Zone. You can choose the speed you go through the obstacles.

 The Labyrinth Challenge

This is us, after finishing the challenge. It was amazing, I had so much fun.

 The Labyrinth Challenge

It was very busy, but the start is a bit delayed, so it’s not very busy inside the labyrinth.

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Wheatsheaf Inn Wirral

I’ve been to the Wheatsheaf Inn, an old pub in Wirral for many years, but I never blogged about it, not even a small mention. The pub was recommended to me by the guy who sold us the car and I know how strange that sounds. Locally is known as the Thatch due to its thatched roof. My husband and I were both very excited about the pub and when we mentioned it to our friends, they told us Wheatsheaf Inn is one of their favourite pubs too. In celebration of this, we went there for drinks, obviously.

Wheatsheaf Inn Wirral

The pub celebrated its 400th birthday in 2011. In the next building is the Cowshed restaurant. The restaurant gets its name from a long history of dairy farming and because it’s a converted old cattle barn, 250 years old.

Wheatsheaf Inn Wirral

This time we went during the day for coffee and a light lunch and I was very pleased with everything. We did have to wait a bit for our lunch, but I wasn’t too bothered about it. We had the time and I like the place so much that I was happy to wait.

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Greener Cleaner Products review and giveaway

I like Eco-friendly products, it’s better for the environment and for us too, as it means we are living in a greener world. I was excited to receive this bundle from Greener Cleaner Products for review and to host a giveaway, so one of my readers would have the chance of winning a bundle.

For me, cutting down waste is important, regardless if it’s food waste or anything else. I am washing and removing the labels of glass and plastic jars, so I can reuse them again and again, prolonging their lives with a couple of years, even more when it comes to plastic. So, I’m obviously delighted to see that more things can be done with plastic stuff after they’re no longer needed.

Greener Cleaner Products review and giveaway

These products are 100% made with wood pulp and recycled plastic using Eco-Flex, a patented technology. I think it’s wonderful, a good way to use plastic which leads to a reduction in waste and in what goes into the landfill. By using ready made plastic, there isn’t the need to use fresh raw materials. Also, according to their website, less energy and water are needed, hence there is a reduction in pollution from incineration. The products are made with sustainable wood and recycled Polypropylene.

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The Queen’s Head Frodsham

We were planning to go to another pub, close by, but we stopped for lunch at The Queen’s Head Frodsham. It was a lovely day, so we were lucky to have the whole room for us as almost everybody was in the garden. I was delighted to be able to take as many pictures as I wanted without being worried that I will bother others.

 The Queen's Head Frodsham

The Queen’s Head was built in the 17th century and it’s a Grade II listed pub. It started as a coaching inn in Frodsham and it would have house 23 horses. The stables can be seen at the rear of the pub, but we didn’t go outside, so I missed that. It’s a reason to have another lunch at them.
The pub was called The King’s Head, changing the name to The Queen’s Head when Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837.

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Varta Power Bank 6000 and 2600 Review

I was excited to receive these two Varta Power Banks to try. I had a no-name Power Bank and I found it hard to use, it took such a long time to charge the phone. I had high expectations from Varta and the products turned out to be even better that I hoped it would be.

 Varta Power Bank Review

I received VARTA Power Bank 6000 and VARTA Power Bank 2600. I used both of them and my favourite is the 6000 model, as it has more power, exactly how much I need.

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Cookies and Muffins by Paul Hollywood

I spotted the mixes made by Paul Hollywood in shops the other day. I’ve wondered if I should get them. I don’t use mixes because I don’t see the point for them. When we are away with the caravan, I would make my own mix, basically I weight in the flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa and put it in a zip bag or in a jar. I love baking, my husband loves baking and between us, we manage to make some desserts each day.

Cookies and Muffins by Paul Hollywood

That being said, I’m a blogger and these are mixes from Paul Hollywood and my husband agreed with me that surely my readers want to know what are my thoughts about these mixes. With that in mind, I bought the Luxurious Belgian White Chocolate Cookie Mix and the Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Muffin Mix. I’ve decided to respect the recipe as much as possible on both, without any other additions.

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Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen

I like to decorate my home with vases. My living room is quite minimalist: white walls, grey carpet, white and black fireplace, white and black speakers, white furniture, grey dinning table and an ivory & dark grey sofa. I would have bought a white sofa, but the only light colour faux leather sofa that was available in their range was ivory.
I prefer adding colour with accessories and flowers. My favourite type of vases are handmade, as you might know from the post about Rose Dickenson’s vases (I bought a 3rd one from her this year). I like that they aren’t exactly the same, they have character and there was a lot of passion behind their creation.

Agnes Vase by Normann Copenhagen

I fell in love with this Agnes Vase at Normann Copenhagen* from the moment I saw it. I though it will be great with my decor. There are 7 sizes available and I picked the one that is 20 cm high as the other vases I have are slim and it can be tricky when I have a big bunch of flowers. I think the vase with the red Amaryllis flowers looks amazing.

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