Real Handful snacks review

I tried the Real Handful snacks at BlogOn and I was delighted with them. I love dried fruits and I found them delicious. To my delight, they got in touch and asked me if I want to try more flavours. Obviously, I was eager to try more. I arranged them so hubby and I can […]

Handmade vase by Rose Dickinson

A couple of years ago I bought a handmade vase by Rose Dickinson and I love it. The first vase is from her slimline collection. I wanted to buy another one for a while and I finally decided on a similar design, but a bigger one. I needed a bigger one for the flowers my […]

New cocktail menu at The Pen and Pencil

This week I’ve been invited to sample the new cocktail menu at The Pen and Pencil in Northern Quarter, Manchester. It was the first time I’ve been to The Pen and Pencil and the place looks great. I liked the decor and it was busy on a weekday. Hubby and I had no issues finding […]

Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom

I was invited to Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom in Manchester. The Black Dog Ballroom group is launching new cocktail masterclasses with different themes. It sounded great and I was eager to attend the event. It took place on the rooftop terrace bar at Black Dog Ballroom NWS. Black Dog Ballroom NWS is their […]

Blue Desert

I was invited for the screening of the Brazilian movie Deserto Azul or Blue Desert at Liverpool Small Cinema. Not only that I could see the movie, but it was followed by a Q&A. It sounded fascinating, so my husband and I went to see it. Blue Desert was screened as part of Liverpool Lift-Off […]

Kiqplan fitness app

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you noticed that I’m interested in working out and eating healthy. After loosing weight 5 years ago, I’ve tried to be as healthy and fit as possible. I never used an app before trying the Kiqplan* fitness app. I wasn’t sure what to expect and […]

Bed Head review

For Christmas I received a set of Bed Head Shampoo & Conditioner Urban Antidote #2 from my Secret Santa. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I had no expectations. I started using it in January and I’m delighted with the results. My hair felt better from the first time I used it. As the […]