Blue Desert

I was invited for the screening of the Brazilian movie Deserto Azul or Blue Desert at Liverpool Small Cinema. Not only that I could see the movie, but it was followed by a Q&A. It sounded fascinating, so my husband and I went to see it. Blue Desert was screened as part of Liverpool Lift-Off […]

Kiqplan fitness app

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you noticed that I’m interested in working out and eating healthy. After loosing weight 5 years ago, I’ve tried to be as healthy and fit as possible. I never used an app before trying the Kiqplan* fitness app. I wasn’t sure what to expect and […]

Bed Head review

For Christmas I received a set of Bed Head Shampoo & Conditioner Urban Antidote #2 from my Secret Santa. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I had no expectations. I started using it in January and I’m delighted with the results. My hair felt better from the first time I used it. As the […]

Jamie’s Italian review

Hubby and I went a few days ago to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. I was invited to review the restaurant. I had to take the opportunity as I passed by the restaurant a few times when I was shopping in Liverpool, but never got in. The restaurant is in a very good location, close to […]

Nine to Five Heels

I mentioned that I wear only heels and trainers. I was delighted when I was asked to try the Nine to Five Heels insoles*. I can walk in heels, but if a pair of insoles can make them more comfortable, I would like to take advantage of it. This insoles are specially designed for making […]

Made .com review

I’ve been at the launch of Made .com new furniture showroom in Liverpool earlier this month. In the goodie bag I was surprise to see I received a £50 gift voucher. I was delighted to have a look on the website to see what I will get. There were so many nice things that I […]

Tune Hotels Liverpool review

When I was wondering what should I organize for our anniversary, I received an invitation from Tune Hotels to stay in their new hotel in Liverpool. My first thought was “this is so exciting” because I live in Liverpool, at only 20 minutes by car from the hotel. I told hubby we are going to […]