V Revolution, review

Last week we’ve been to Manchester for the Museums at Night. We arrived earlier as we had something do to. After we’ve finished, I looked online for a vegetarian bistro/cafe to have a quick meal before going to the museums. We were in the Northern Quarter and I found the V Revolution cafe. They were […]

The Cottage

This is the cottage where we’ve stayed last week. It had so many features and character, I loved it. The kitchen was small, but we had everything we needed. You might also like Lyndricks House B&B, Ascot, review Tune Hotels Liverpool review DreamWorks Lights Lantern Experience Nine to Five Heels Handmade vase by Rose Dickinson

Greens restaurant

Greens is a vegetarian restaurant in Manchester, opened in 1990 by Chef Simon Rimmer. The Chef is not vegetarian, I found that a little strange, but in a good way. I can only rejoice for his decision to open it like this. The cuisine is modern British and that’s always a winner in my book. […]

Lyndricks House B&B, Ascot, review

I don’t usually write reviews, but it’s pretty hard to find reviews outside tripadvisor on places that are not that well known. So, I can only hope that my review will give more info to an undecided tourist. I’ve stayed at Lyndricks B&B in Ascot for 4 nights a couple of weeks ago. The room […]

The Thatch, Nantwich

I learned about this pub from a friend. I had no idea we have a 500+ years old pub at an hour drive so we had to visit it. Although we don’t go often to pubs, we enjoy a lot the old ones. We have a very nice one in the Wirral, from the 17th […]


Yesterday we went to VOOO and we had a lovely Shiha, mix flavour, it was very nice. Hubby had the camera with him, so he took a few pictures. In Romania I use to have shisha and coffee with hell, but now I got used to shisha and mint tea. I must admit it’s better […]

Olive Grove

Yesterday we went in Heswall and I loved the place from the start. It’s very clean and the landscape is very beautiful. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures because there aren’t parking lots near the most beautiful places. After hubby finished a meeting, we had a great time at the Olive Grove. The weather was very […]