Organic Shop Hair Products - Avocado And Honey Range

Organic Shop Hair Products

I love trying new products and I was eager to try this new Organic Shop Hair Products. There are 5 ranges to choose from: Coconut And Shea (moisturising), Argan And Amla (nourishing), Avocado & Honey (repairing), Raspberry & Acai (volumising), and Patchouli & Pomegranate (invigorating). I picked the avocado and honey range because they are […]

Method laundry detergent. Two bottles

Method laundry detergent

I picked a bottle of Method laundry detergent from the supermarket shelf a few months ago. I loved how great it was, cleaning the clothes nicely. Of course, I continued buying this product. Initially I had no intention of writing on my blog. But, then, I thought of why I tried this new detergent in […]

Skin Doctors Vit C. Ampoules scattered around.

Skin Doctors Vit C

Last year I’ve been at an event organized by Very – Very Christmas Party (if you want to have a look). Skin Doctors were at the event, so we had a chat. I won a face cream at their stand, and I got this Skin Doctors Vit C Ampoules Face Cream in the goodie bag. […]

Vionic Shoes

Vionic Shoes

It’s wonderful when you know a brand and they ask you to review one of their products. This is what happened with my new Vionic Shoes. After looking on their website (again), I’ve picked a pair of trainers*. You might think, as I did, that well… they are trainers, how more comfortable can they be, […]

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

I had this Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends for some time (it was a PR sample). I kept postponing trying it without knowing how amazing it is. Read more about it on Wella’s website. Before it I used a couple of different hair masks and I thought is unnecessary to use this one too. […]

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

On Sunday my husband and I went to see the Darkest Hour. I had no intention to blog about the movie, as I don’t usually do that. But I really loved the film. Hence, my review. I saw Dunkirk and I’ve enjoyed it, I thought it was a 8/10. So, I thought the Darkest Hour […]

Best Luxury Mince Pies, four pies on a plate

Best Luxury Mince Pies

This year I went on a quest to find the Best Luxury Mince Pies. To find them, I made a comparison of 4 supermarket own luxury brands. I’ve compared Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, and Co-Op. Basically, I found a way to justify eating 24 mince pies almost a month before Christmas, with the help of my […]