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Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I love nature inspired jewellery, I have lots of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. My husband gave me a couple of silver geckos and a frog as gifts in the last couple of years. So, I was delighted to be asked to review a gorgeous Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose. How amazing is to review jewellery?

Rose Necklace by The Eternity Rose

I knew the brand, but, even so, when I had a look on their website, I was enchanted by their products. Their range includes beautiful roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum. The roses come in a beautiful wooden box. Those roses look so precious and they are long lasting, hence the name eternity. I also liked the fact that the roses are available on many colours, so there is plenty of choice. I think these are amazing as a gift, or for a special occasion, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

For men there are a couple of gifts too, like a playable Golf Ball & Tee set dipped in gold and a 24 karat gold-dipped poker cards.

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Barry M MakeUp

I bought a Barry M MakeUp kit called Glam to Go Eye Kit from Argos. I never tried any Barry M Makeup before, but I knew they are a vegetarian brand. Some of their products contain beeswax, the rest are vegan. It’s exactly what I’m looking for in a makeup. The company started in 1982 and they were always cruelty-free, more details on their website.

Makeup, full face

I’m very happy with the eye shadows and the brow kit. I haven’t used the other two products in the kit.

 Barry M MakeUp Glam to Go Eye Kit. All products

Going back to the kit, it was just shy of £15 at Argos. I’m a big fan of Argos, their customer service is great. The kit contains Natural Glow 2 eye shadow palette, That’s How I Roll mascara, Kohl Pencil, Black & Brow kit (medium/dark) brow palette.

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Primark Slippers

Talking about Primark Slippers on a fashion post might be a bit crazy. I’m delighted with the new purchases and I want to share them. Maybe some of my readers want to buy some funny looking slippers and I might inspire them. Another reason for adding the “Style” tag is that it doesn’t fit in any other category.

Primark is know for the fast fashion, a trend I’m not particularly keen on. When it comes to clothes, I don’t see the point in buying something that looks nice but it will not last. This is one of the reasons Primark is not one of my to-go places. I haven’t been to the shop for a long time, like an year or maybe even more.

Recently, a colleague from the stately home I’m volunteering with, told me about a black shirt at Primark for £5.50. I had to get one as is perfect for my Edwardian maid outfit. It’s great, she told me about the shirt, as I got one. The shirt will be very helpful for the busy Christmas period at the Hall. We have children booked in for different activities. I’m very excited about this, it should be fun.

Primark Slippers

Before going, I looked on their website and saw some cute Primark slippers too. I was ready to buy a pair, but I had no idea I will have to stop myself from buying a few more slippers. I bought two and I stopped because I don’t actually need more than a couple of slippers.

Primark Slippers

The Harry Potter Owls Slipper Boots at £5. They are machine washable at 40C and that is very handy.
I watched recently all the Harry Potter movies and I love owls, so deciding on this pair of slipper boots was a no-brainer. I haven’t started to wear them.

Primark Slippers

The Cosy Footlets Bunnies at £3.50. They too are machine washable at 40C. Aren’t they just extremely cute? I had to have them. The slippers are comfy, with rubber gripper-dot soles. As a plus, the very cute tail, is placed on a side. This makes the slippers comfortable even when I’m touching the sofa with the back of them.

The ears are moving when I walk. They definitely made me smile more these days.

Do you like funny footwear? Tell me what kind of novelty Primark slippers you might buy. 🙂

Liverpool Fashion Week

I’ve been at Liverpool Fashion Week for the first time this week.* I had a great time and I enjoyed the catwalk shows. The venue, Fusion, is great, in the centre and looked lovely.

Each day had a different theme, the opening night: Haute Couture, Streetwear. The second night, the one I’ve been to was New Talent. The last day was High Street, independent boutiques. I like so much seeing new designers, that was obvious I would pick that day. Prepare for plenty of pictures from the shows. For more details about Liverpool Fashion Week, have a look at L.F.W. website.

 Liverpool Fashion Week

02 Liverpool Fashion Week

The first show was Essere Bella Boutique featuring Kiki Riki fashion collection, more details on their website. Kiki Riki is a brand based in New York, which manufactures the garments in Istanbul.

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Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Today I’m going to talk about the Vitamin E Moisture Cream by The Body Shop. I saw recently that The Body Shop was bought in June by Natura from L’Oreal. I was delighted to see this. I had reservations promoting products under the L’Oreal umbrella as they test on animals in order to be able to sell in China. Specifically, The Body Shop products aren’t sold in China and are cruelty-free. This means that I would have used them if gifted, but I wouldn’t buy them because of L’Oreal. Now everything changed and I can buy The Body Shop products without a second though. Natura is a cruelty-free brand from Brazil. They aren’t selling in China and they stopped animal testing in 2001, according to their website.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I mentioned it briefly last month when I reviewed their Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue cream. Now almost 2 months had passed since I started using it and I’m very happy with it.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream can be used for day or night time. I’ve used it mainly for night time as I have another day face cream. The texture of the Vitamin E is very nice, not oily at all and lightweight. The cream absorbs easily and it moisturizes the skin.
The colour of the cream is nice too and the smell is not too powerful. I use a bit more than I used before with other creams that were more oily. Even so, a 50ml cream is enough for 3 months for me, used once a day, in the evenings. I think it’s great value for money.

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Pyjama and Robe from UKLingerie

I was excited to be contacted by UKLingerie. Started in December 2015, UK Lingerie* is a family run business. The owners, Dawn and Jonathan, decided to offer a good online Lingerie reseller who sold quality products to women of all shapes and sizes, as they mention on the website. Besides the UKLingerie website, that is the newest, they also have UKTights and UKSwimwear.

While browsing on their website, I thought is really hard to pick what I want to try, as they all look lovely. Besides lingerie, they also offer shapewear, loungewear, nightwear and bodywear. I picked up two items. When they arrived I was very happy with both of them, the items are just as gorgeous as they look in the pictures. The parcel arrived very fast, much to my delight. The quality of the robe and the pyjama is great.

 Pyjama and Robe from UKLenjerie

The first item I picked is this La Marquise Love Charm Robe. Snuggled up in a fluffy robe with lemon tea, that is the perfect recipe for Hygge. I imagine I will use the robe a lot this winter.

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How I keep my hair healthy

I had long hair for all my life, as I love long hair. I’ve always been proud of it and I imagine most of us feel the same way. This means we should do everything we can to take care of it. So, I though I should talk about how I keep my hair healthy. There are options available if struggling with hair loss, like hair transplant. I would say that knowing all sorts of details, including Hair transplant cost* can be helpful.

How I keep my hair healthy

Some of the things we all can do to have a better looking, healthier hair like eating healthy (see my 10-a-day post), sleeping enough and having as low stress as possible aren’t specific to hair. Also, unfortunately, we don’t have always real options on these aspects of our life. Instead I’m going to talk about the things we can specifically do to our hair.

1. Use Good Hair products.

I’ve been using professional hair shampoo and conditioner for a couple of years now. The difference between them and non-professional products is visible from the first use. It’s true that they are more expensive, a bottle being up to 5 times more costly than a supermarket own brand. I’ve used Bed Head until recently, when I switched to another one. As I just made the switch to try a new one, I don’t want to say the name of the new brand before I try it for a couple of months. I think the extra money is worth it, as the hair looks better and feels better.

Besides shampoo, I will use conditioner or, at the moment, a hair mask. I don’t wash my hair daily, so I would use a hair mask. When I had to wash my hair every day as I was training every day, I used conditioner and the mask only a couple of times weekly. As a rule, I don’t wash my hair if it’s not necessary.

I avoid other hair products, like foam. If I would use them for an evening, I would wash my hair the following day.

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