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Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum

I’ve been to see the newly opened gallery on the Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum. The museum is free and so is the new gallery, so don’t miss it, it’s really interesting. The restoration finished earlier this year and now it’s UK’s second largest Ancient Egypt gallery after the British Museum.

 Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum

The Liverpool in hieroglyphs is hilarious, but quite accurate I would say.

There are a few videos that are really interesting. I enjoyed the most the one about what happened when an Egyptian died. The process was quite complex, there were 42 gods and the dead had to say to each one a bad thing he didn’t do. If they had money to pay for talismans, those would have protect them if they would say a lie. After talking with the 42 gods, their heart was weight in and if it was lighter than a feather, they would go into a sort of heaven, where they would meet their relatives and spend their time sowing cereals. If they had effigies of servants, those would do their work for them. If the heart was heavier, they would have been eaten by the Cerberus and they would be gone forever. It sounds like a very complicated afterlife and with a lot of work without the servants.

 Ancient Egypt at Liverpool World Museum

The mummy room is so interesting. The thing that I found the most interesting is that one of the mummies has a relative at British Museum. I think it’s amazing that both are in UK and it’s known that they were related by DNA testing. The mummy room has warnings on both entrances that there are human displays. I think that is respectful both towards the visitors and the mummies.

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The Luminarium

A few days ago I went to The Luminarium in Liverpool ONE after seeing an ad on L1’s facebook page. The Luminarium is (still is today, sorry if you missed it) in Chavasse Park. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ eighth album, there will be live performances. We went to see it before the live performances and we enjoyed it a lot. You might have seen a picture on Instagram.

 The Luminarium at Liverpool ONE

The Luminarium is an immersive and interactive sculpture created by Architects of Air and designed by Alan Parkinson. Amazingly it has a history that spans over 25 years and more than 600 exhibitions. Over 3 million visitors enjoyed the sculpture, in 43 countries, across 5 continents.

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As the title says, this post is about goslings. Yesterday my husband and I went to Sefton Park and we spotted two cute goslings. I had some bird food and I fed them, after that we’ve sat near them and had a lovely relaxing time watching them. The goslings were so sweet, had some nibbles, then a nap, again nibbled on a couple of seeds, then another nap.
People were stopping and taking pictures, give them food. Dogs passing by were stealing small pieces of bread and being shooed away by the very protective geese.

01 Goslings

Enjoy the pictures.

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LightNight Liverpool 2017

LightNight Liverpool 2017, the 6th LightNight I go to. We had a wonderful time. You can check their website next year, if you fancy spending the Friday night in a different way.

 LightNight Liverpool 2017

Our first stop was at the Liverpool Medical Institution, one of the oldest medical societies in the UK. It’s where we’ve extracted strawberry DNA last year on LightNight.

We went there to see Every Second of Every Day. It’s a trio of glass hearts made by artist Stephanie Kuebler-Preston. The human hearts are filled with electrified glowing noble gases, blue or red.

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Towneley Hall

Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum was the last place we’ve been to in Burnley. It might be a little too much to have 3 posts about one day trip, but I like to talk more about each place without having to cramp everything in a single post. It’s also an opportunity to look again at the pictures taken and read a bit more about the places we’ve been to. Towneley Hall lies within a beautiful parkland. In the parkland there are 3 or 4 car parks and plenty of fields to walk. I think there is a map at the Hall with different routes.

Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum

The hall was the family home of the Towneley’s for nearly five centuries. In 1901 it was sold to Burnley Corporation, and it was opened to the public the following year. There are so many interesting things on display.

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Lunch at The Inn On The Wharf

Last week we had lunch at The Inn On The Wharf, a lovely pub in Burnley. I mentioned in my previous post that the pub is housed in an old warehouse, just beside the canal. Cotton and other fibers would have been stored here, before being shipped to nearby mills. The warehouse was built in early 1800s. It was used as a building materials shop, until 25 years ago when it was transformed into this beautiful pub. In the same building as the pub it’s a small museum that should be very interesting, but it was closed on the day.

Lunch at The Inn On The Wharf

The pub looks beautiful on the outside too. There are a few more pictures at the end of the post. The interior is a mixture of old features along with some memorabilia hanged on walls. It’s very nice. The staff was friendly and another guest told us the history of the pub when we asked, as the staff was not sure about the details. It’s a nice atmosphere.

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This week we’ve been to Burnley and we had a wonderful time. Burnley is a very old market town north of Manchester. There are references to it from the 13th century. During the industrial revolution, Burnley was important in the weaving industry. Now we can enjoy lovely walks on the canal due to that industrial past. There is a small museum, but it was closed when we visited the town. I imagine it’s quite interesting, near a pub we’ve been to, more about the pub in tomorrow’s post.

Burnley also has two historical buildings that can be visited: Towneley Hall and Gawthorpe Hall. I’ve been to the first one and I will blog about it next week. It also has a beautiful countryside. I think there are a few walks to be done there, as there were a few signs with public footpath. We might go on one of those walks one day.

01 Burnley

Our first stop was at the Singing Ringing Tree. I just love that name, it’s so catchy. The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture, part of Panopticons, a series of 4 sculptures in East Lancashire. It was very windy so the sound wasn’t as expected. Completed in 2006, is a 3-metre tall construction comprising of steel pipes.

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