Slaves of Fashion Exhibition - Indigo

Slaves of Fashion Exhibition

I’ve been to the Slaves of Fashion Exhibition at Walker Art Gallery last month. It was very interesting and it did made me consider my buying choices. The exhibition is still on display until the second part of May, details on Walker’s gallery website. If you’ve followed my blog, you might have seen the post […]

Liverpool Central Library

Liverpool Central Library

I love reading books, in fact I have a whole new blog to talk about them: Coffee & Books. As I’m reading a lot of books, most of them are borrowed from the library, not only is much cheaper, but I don’t have to think where to store all the books. The bookshelves are not […]

Peles Castle

Travel Memories Series

This month I’m starting Travel Memories Series. Recently I had a look on my old photos. I’ve realized I forgot a few of the places I’ve been to. Going on a holiday is wonderful, but remembering it after many years is even more wonderful. I love discovering new places, so it’s quite possible I’m never […]

The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors

Two years ago I saw that World Museum will organize a special exhibition in February 2018: China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors. I was so excited to see the terracotta warriors. I left buying the tickets a bit late, so I’ve ended up getting ones after three weeks. All previous days were fully booked. […]

Visit My Mosque - Abdullah Quilliam

Visit My Mosque – Abdullah Quilliam

Last week I saw that there is a new annual event taking place, called Visit My Mosque. It’s been a long while since I visited a mosque and never in the UK. So, we went last Sunday to Abdullah Quilliam mosque. I heard about it. It’s the oldest mosque in England. See their website for […]

Painting with horses in the hall at Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection

The post about The Wallace Collection is the last one I’m writing from my trip to London last month. It’s been wonderful to see so many amazing exhibits on display. Read about them on their website. 2018 marks the 200 anniversary of Sir Richard Wallace’s birth. In the Hall, I’ve noticed this amazing painting. It’s […]

Tate Britain

Tate Britain

Last month I’ve visited Tate Britain. It was on my list of museums to visit for a while now. I’ve been to Tate Modern in London and it was interesting, same as Tate Liverpool. But Tate Britain has the style of art I love, as, on their website they mention that Tate is the home […]