Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Next post in my Travel Memories Series is about Kaliakra, Bulgaria. We’ve been to Kaliakra with Festus, so you’ll be able to see him in the pictures. The site is dog friendly and I loved that. Cape Kaliakra is located in northeastern Bulgaria. It is only 60 km of Varna and 80 km of Constanta, […]

The Oxfordshire Museum. Garden

The Oxfordshire Museum

The Oxfordshire Museum, also known as Oxfordshire County Museum is a small, free museum in the town of Woodstock. It was close to the camping site, so it was a perfect place to go to. We went there in the afternoon, on the day we’ve got to the camping site. It was too late in […]

International Slavery Museum Wall

International Slavery Museum

I’ve been to the International Slavery Museum on Albert Dock, when I moved to Liverpool. I wasn’t impressed, as I mentioned it in my post Museums. It was interesting to my thoughts from back then, when I said that “I think slavery deserves a better way to be presented, stronger and with more impact on […]



I picked Madurodam as the next post in the Travel Memories Series because it’s a special place for me. We’ve been in the Netherlands on our honeymoon and Madurodam was one of the places we’ve visited while we were there. I’ve enjoyed that museum so much and I’m happy I can share pictures from that […]

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop - Tea rooms

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop

Lydiate Hall Farm Shop is in the same location with The Hayloft tea shop. It’s about 25 minutes from Liverpool city centre, but it’s worth the trip. There is a lovely place to stroll, seeing the ruins of the Hall, two churches are nearby and they look lovely. I also noticed signs to public footpaths. […]

Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

Today I’m going to talk about Veliko Tarnovo, a fascinating place in Bulgaria. I was told about it by a friend. She loved the place so much that she and her husband were going there on weekends away a few times each year. After visiting it I had to agree with her and we went […]

Model Image. Fashion and photos from the 1950s - Dresses

Model Image Fashion and photos from the 1950s

The new special exhibition at Sudley House is Model Image Fashion and photos from the 1950s. Last year I’ve been to another exhibition at Sudley, on the 1930s fashion. In London I saw the 1920s exhibition at Fashion Museum. I find it fascinating to see how much fashion has changed in such a short period. […]

Old Docks Experience - Albert Docks

Old Docks Experience

I’ve been to the Old Docks Experience a few years ago, in 2013. I shared a few pictures, but not a lot of details. After 5 years, and a lot of history related TV shows and books, I was ready to go on the Old Docks Experience tour again. I took advantage of the last […]

Bramall Hall in Manchester

Bramall Hall, Manchester

I’ve been to Bramall Hall in Manchester last year and I loved it, even though it was a brief visit as we got there only one hour before closing time. I didn’t have my DSLR with me, so I went again this year, so I can have a better look and take pictures too. There […]

Vulcanii Noroiosi bubbling

Vulcanii Noroiosi, Romania

The first post in my Travel Memories Series is about Vulcanii Noroiosi, from Romania. Vulcanii Noroiosi or Mud Volcanoes are a fascinating natural phenomenon. The natural gases are erupting from depths of 3,000 m, through layers of mud and water, creating these bubbling volcanoes. It’s not something that can be seen in many places in […]