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Las Iguanas

My husband and I tried the vegetarian burritos at Las Iguanas recently. I though I should share my experience because I was very pleased with the food and the staff. We went to Trafford Centre for lunch. I think I mentioned Trafford Centre 10 times in the last month, but we are really happy with it. It’s not far from us (a bit further than Liverpool city centre), but it comes with free parking, in addition to lots and lots of shops and restaurants.

Las Iguanas Trafford Centre

One of the most beautiful things at Trafford Centre is the food court. The decor is beautiful, exotic and over the top, but it works.

Las Iguanas vegetarian burritos

I like Mexican food a lot. Their vegetarian burrito is made with Sweet potato, butternut squash & chickpea chilli. It came with guacamole, roasted tomato sauce, sour cream, and salad. The salad had lovely unusual types of pepper, called schinus if I remember correctly. The waitress told us about the pepper when we asked, a round pink pepper I’ve never seen before. The staff was friendly and the food and the drinks arrived quickly.

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National Football Museum

After a long chat with my husband, we’ve decided to go to Manchester for the day, a couple of weekends ago. We’ve chose National Football Museum as the destination.

National Football Museum seen from outside

The museum is free, donations welcome, but not mandatory, details on their website.

National Football Museum the entrance

The museum starts with the history of the football. It was really interesting. In 1863, Ebenezer Cobb Morley, an Englishman, wrote the laws of football. Today, 250 million people around the world play by following the same rules. Billions more watch the game. A replica of his notebook is on display at the museum. The British football is older than that. There were football quotes on the walls, some from Shakespeare.

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Café Rouge at intu Trafford Centre

My husband and I had a lovely vegetarian meal at Café Rouge at intu Trafford Centre. It was one of our anniversaries, so it was a very special day for us. Luckily almost everything was perfect. More details about them on their website.

The only thing that bothered us was a lady at a table nearby that was clapping her hands every time her child was eating a spoon of food. It was really strange, the child was so cute and had a big appetite, why was she so loud I don’t understand. We asked to be moved to another table and we were told we can pick any table we want. We moved and everything was fine. Funnily enough, after we moved, two more couples with children picked tables near us. Both children were so well behaved and the parents respectful of the others in the restaurant.

Café Rouge at intu Trafford Centre

We’ve ordered and then waited for our mains.

Two Glasses of Prosecco and a bottle on ice

A celebration has to involve Prosecco. The waiter was friendly and helpful. Actually all the staff was helpful and friendly.

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The Donkey Sanctuary

A few days ago, my husband and I went to the Donkey Sanctuary in Manchester. I shared a few pictures on Instagram. The Donkey Sanctuary is a charity, more details, that houses rescued donkeys. They have a few sanctuaries around UK, like Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and a few others. There are a few sanctuaries outside UK too, in Spain, Ireland, and Italy.

The Donkey Sanctuary

The entry is free, but they do accept donations. They also accept treats for the donkeys, but the staff and volunteers are the ones giving the treats. It’s just a matter of health and safety, so the donkeys don’t bite the visitors in their eagerness to get the carrot.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Besides having these amazing animals and taking good care of them, the sanctuary does other things too. One of those things is donkey assisted therapy for children. I think is wonderful and I’m sure the children are benefiting a lot from this. There are some stories on their website, so you can have a look if you are interested.

The staff at the sanctuary is great, friendly and so helpful. We had a lovely time and I would want to visit the centre again.

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The White Cross Pub

Yesterday my husband and I went to Lancaster and we stopped for coffee at The White Cross Pub. The pub is near the canal, more info on their website. It is in an 130 years old cotton mill.

The name of the pub comes from the original stone white cross, that was just 200 meters away. It was a place were people travelling would stop and give thanks. It’s possible they would stop for food and drinks in the area too.

Storey’s Mill was finished in 1880. The building where the pub is now, used to be a storage place for raw materials. In the mill oil cloth and linoleum was made. In 1987 the area was transformed from a former industrial boundary to a lovely place with pub and offices, a short walk from the city centre.
The pub is independent and, on their website, they mention that they use local produce as much as possible. We will go there for a meal soon, as I really loved the feel of the pub.

 The White Cross Pub

It was raining, so I didn’t get any pictures from outside. I looked on their Instagram account and I saw this one. The pub is really lovely.

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Lion Salt Works

Lion Salt Works is a museum, voted the UK’s Best Heritage Project, and it can be found in Cheshire.

We’ve visited it as part of Heritage Open Days (it was free) and, unfortunately, we booked a volunteer led tour. It was the most boring thing I’ve been to. In a room, she stopped and said “have a look around, as we’ll spend 5 minutes here”. Lion Salt Works is a fascinating museum though and I would recommend visiting it. Maybe other tours are more engaging, but for us was a waste of time in a busy day.

 Lion Salt Works

The Lion Salt Works is a restored historic open-pan salt making site. Three types of salt were produced there, from table salt to salt used for agricultural purposes.

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St. Mary’s Church Weaverham

I’ve visited St. Mary’s Church Weaverham on Heritage Open Days last week. It was a guided tour and I enjoyed it a lot, as the guide told us so many interesting facts about the church. In Weaverham people have worshipped in a church on the spot where is St. Mary’s Church for over 1,000 years.

St. Mary’s Church Weaverham

The site is mentioned in Domesday survey, 1086. Before that, it was a Saxon church that stood there until 1277. In its place a new church was built from the 13th to the 14th century. The new church was long and narrow. The Tower that we can see today, the one where we saw the bells (more about this later in the post), is from that church. In the 16th century, during the reign of Elizabeth I, the church was extended to, approximately, the size that is today. In 2000 an addition was made to the church to include facilities.

02 St. Mary’s Church Weaverham

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