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Jewel Tower and my little piece of history

On our trip to London we’ve been to Jewel Tower, built 650 years ago to house the treasures and it was a part of the medieval Palace of Westminster. On the ground floor is the visitor centre and the tea rooms.


The Palace of Westminster looks so beautiful from the tower.

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Rufford Abbey

I’ve been to the beautiful Rufford Abbey a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t have the time to blog about it as my blogging schedule was so busy. The abbey is set in the heart of Robin Hood’s Country and it’s only a few minutes away from Sherwood Forest. It has free admission to the abbey, park and gardens.

01 Rufford Abbey
Rufford Abbey was founded in 1146 as a Cistercian monastery by monks from Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire. It was bought by the Earl of Shrewsbury after the Dissolution and used as a hunting lodge for 70 years. It was transformed into a house in the early 1600s and in the 1626 was passed to the Savile family through marriage. It remained in the family until 1938 when it was sold. It was used by the military in World War II and in 1956 was partly demolished. Luckily the medieval parts were preserved. In 1969 the County Council bought it and with help from English Heritage it was repaired and opened to the public.

02 Rufford Abbey
I loved this little figurine on the post. There are a few others in the abbey, but this is by far the cutest.

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Sherwood forest

On Monday I’ve been to the Sherwood forest, home of Robin Hood and the Major Oak. It was cold, but the walk through the forest was lovely. When we arrived we saw lots of birds near the car park. There are bird feeding stations on almost all the posts of the fence and in the nearby trees. The birds were singing and eating. It was heartwarming. Sadly they didn’t stand still long enough to take some non-blurry pictures.

We’ve started by seeing a very nicely made exhibition at the Visitor Centre. There are information about oaks and about Robin Hood too. Kids will definitely enjoy it and it’s interesting for adults too. They were building the Santa grotto and I can imagine how exciting must be for kids. There is also a Santa Paws for dogs, that is such a cool idea. We got some Whiskey fudge on our way out and eat it on the way to the Major Oak.

01 Sherwood forest

02 Sherwood forest
I saw pictures of the Major Oak, but it’s still impressive to see it. Major Oak is an 1,000 old tree with a lot of history. The Oak was used in cock fights a few hundred years ago. Then was left uncut as it is hollow and it becomes a tourist attraction during the Victorian age.

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Donington Park

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a wonderful time, a great meal and drinks in evening; my husband baked an amazing cake and he gave me a gift I really wanted. During the day, as I love F1, hubby and I went to see Donington Park, an F1 museum a couple of hours from us.

01 Donington Park
This is only one of the big halls full of F1 cars. As they are describing it, the museum has “the largest showcase of Grand Prix racing cars in the world”, obviously a F1 fan’s dream.

02 Donington Park

Donington has a long history in motor racing. It is the first permanent park circuit in Britain. The first motorcycle races took place in 1931 and after two years the track was widen to allow car races. In the WWII it was used as a military depot and it regained its original purpose in the 70s.

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Favourite place in UK, linky

In a few days I will celebrate the 4th anniversary of moving to UK. It’s a thing I do… I celebrate anything I can remember to celebrate. So, this year I want to talk about my favourite place in UK and to host a linky where bloggers can share their favourite places.

I like a lot of places in UK. I like going to London and discovering new things to see with each visit. The beauty of Wales is appealing too, with its imposing castles and beautiful coast. England is where I spend most of my time, there are special locations where I’ve been to, but I would still want to go to again, like Windsor, Ascot, Cambridge, Blackpool, Birmingham, Manchester, York and Liverpool, my city. In Scotland I’ve been to Glasgow and Gretna Green, is far, but I will get to see its amazing landscapes in the next few years.

Harrogate, my favourite place in UK

It is hard to choose only one favourite place from all this wonderful locations. I did it and my favourite place in UK is Harrogate. I’ve been there many times, with work or just for fun. It’s not only beautiful, but it has a lovely feel. Beside being a wonderful city, the events that take place there are fab too, like the Good Food Show, Harrogate Flower Show and the Small Animal Show.

You can add 1 single post, as it must be the favourite. Please visit others who are linking up and leave them a comment. The linky is open until 27th November, the day I arrived here. I will make a roundup and I will share the links that I liked the most.

favourite place in UK

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A couple of days in London

It seems that lately I’m blogging more about London, but this month I’ve spent another couple of days there. Should I mention I’m thinking of another short trip next month too?

This time we had some work to do as well and we didn’t have lots of time for sightseeing. Even so, I’m going to write about Museum of London, Hunterian Museum. The 3rd post will be about Tower Bridge and Tower of London seen from outside, as we got there too late to visit it.

01 A couple of days in London

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Stoney Middleton

Last weekend we’ve been to Stoney Middleton to attend the Well Dressing celebrations. The village is beautiful and picturesque, so I made a post about it. I took a map from the local pub with a circular walk around the village. On a sunny day it was a delight.

01 Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton is a village in the Peak District National Park. The first settlement was made 6,000 years ago due to presence of thermal waters. The Romans were settled here too and they were smelting lead. 600 years ago the Church was built, they were giving supplies to the self-quarantine people of Eyam during the plaque and in The Second World there was a camp for prisoners. The village has an impressive history considering how small it is.

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