Vegan Food Shop

Vegan Food Shop

In a few days Veganuary ends and lots of people will stop eating veggies and will go back to dairy and meat. So I thought this is the perfect time to share my Vegan Food Shop. I’m not keeping Veganuary, but I’m making a daily effort to incorporate as many veggies in my diet. This […]

Collage of the bakes I made for GBBO bake along

Baking Along the Bake Off 2019

Another year of Baking Along the Bake Off. I wasn’t sure if I would have the time, but I did. Two weeks I prepared my desserts in the caravan, as I was away on holiday and in Oxford. I was delighted that David won, as he seems so lovely and his bakes were so great. […]

Collage with the bakes from 2018

Baking the Bake Off

For the last four years I’ve baked along the Bake Off (if you consider 2017 baking along though). I made round-ups for 2016 and 2015 (links to the posts, pictures are at the end of this post). I didn’t share a round-up for the last year and neither for 2017 (after they moved to Channel […]

Caravan Renovations. Before and After - Kitchen

Caravan Renovations

We’ve had our caravan for a while now, more than three years. We’ve changed a couple of things, but we wanted to do more. When the reading lights started to act out and needed replacement, we’ve decided that’s a good time to make all the caravan renovations we were planning. When we bought the caravan […]

Passiflora, from a side

Passiflora update

I’ve made a Passiflora update last year, showing its development in the last years. It is grown from seed, a gift from my mother, sent by post from Romania. Comparing to this time last year (the pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago), it is amazingly huge. This is how big it is this year. […]

My bedroom

My Bedroom

I mentioned before that we were in the process of renovating the bedrooms. So, now I’m sharing pictures with my bedroom, the latest newly decorated room in our house, after the home office. Unlike the home office, where we’ve made a lot of changes, the bedroom is pretty much the same as it was before. […]

Organizing the Wardrobe

Organizing the Wardrobe

We’ve just renovated the bedroom, after we’ve finished with our home office. So, I thought it would be interesting to share how I’m organizing the wardrobe. Even before we bought the house we knew we want a build-in wardrobe, as we like having all the clothes in order, easy to see. I would go as […]

Ethnic Foods

Ethnic Foods

I love trying all sort of different foods, so today I will blog about ethnic foods. If you’ve just started following me, you might not be aware that I’m doing a food challenge called Taste the World. That means I’m cooking a dish (or a few) from each part of the world. As the cuisines […]

My Home Office - My desk

My Home Office

If you’ve been following my blog in the last couple of months, you might have seen that my husband and I were in the process of renovating the spare bedroom and turn it into our new home office. We’ve discussed a lot about how our home office should look like, even before we’ve started clearing […]

Choosing Plant Pots

Choosing Plant Pots

Choosing Plant Pots might sound like a strange topic for a post, but these days, with the home office renovations, it was something that I thought long about. It also involved lots of long discussions with my husband about the pots we are going to buy. I know that this is one of those First […]