My new conservatory

In the last few months we’ve renovated the living room, the conservatory, and redone the garden. Today I’m sharing pictures from my new conservatory, which is actually old, as it was built before we bought the house, but with a new flooring, coats of paint, a couple of issues sorted, new hinges for the door […]

My new garden

I’m finally sharing pictures from my new garden. I’ve been using the garden, since it’s done, every single day. If is not raining or is not too hot, I would spend time in the garden reading for University. I even listen to lectures, with the headphones on, of course, as I imagine none of my […]


Bloggers Art Gallery

Kezzie had a great idea, to organize a Bloggers Art Gallery. Bloggers Art Gallery is a joint effort by a few bloggers, who showcase their artwork, in a time when many museums are closed. You can see in the next picture who is taking part and, if you click on this link to her blog, […]

Upcycled plant pots

Upcycled plant pots

This DIY project, for upcycled plant pots, was more a happy coincidence than something planned. I had these old plant pots for many years, here is a picture of them from four years ago, when they were still looking good. We replaced one of the garden fences and I painted some of the new fences […]

Eating healthy on a budget

Eating healthy on a budget

As a vegetarian, I heard many times that my food expenses must be high. I don’t agree, as eating healthy on a budget is possible. It’s only that people assume that being a veg*n means eating smashed avocado on toast, eventually topped with quinoa. Which, funnily enough, is not that expensive, only at posh bistros […]

Meal plan - Monday

Meal plan. Updated

I made a meal plan to mark National Vegetarian Week. This is an update on how well the plan worked. I respected the plan almost 100%, so I’m pretty pleased with this. As I took the pictures of the food at different times of the day, the light differs, which was also interesting to see. […]

Meal plan

Meal plan

I wanted to share something else today, but as tomorrow starts National Vegetarian Week here in the UK, I will share my Meal plan for next week instead. At the end of the week, I will update (maybe re-publish) this post with comments and pictures of the food I made. Before now I shared a […]

Things I ate as a child - starters

Things I ate as a child

Today I’m going to talk about Things I ate as a child. This might be interesting for my readers from UK and US, as none of these foods are either brands or packaged. This is because in the 80s Romania, under the communists, there were no Western brands. At most, we had some Pepsi, which […]

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor in package

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Last year in august we bought a Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. This exact model is not available on the market at the moment, but there are similar products if you need a new vacuum, like the Dyson Small Ball. The Small Ball looks the same and it is at the same price as the […]

9 Favourite Recipes

9 Favourite Recipes

In this post I will talk about 9 Favourite Recipes. Although, more precisely the post should have been entitled something like: Taste the World – 9 favourite recipes from the ones I tried for my Taste the World challenge, so far – but sounds like a mouthful. Of course, all recipes are shared on my […]